Keep Ants Off the Picnic Table. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: Keep Ants Off the Picnic Table.

Having a party or barbeque outside during the summer season is a joy, but dealing with the pests, can put a serious irk in your party. Especially, the ants that come marching around your food table.

If you’re on a patio, here’s a tip to remember, to keep the little buggers away. Ant’s can not cross chalk lines. So take a piece of chalk, and put a circle around each leg of the table. Ants won’t be able to climb the legs of the table, to get to the food. Don’t forget to circle around the umbrella base if the table has one.

If your table is in the grass, putting a couple sheets of paper, like newspaper sections under each leg, will allow you to circle the paper. A few sheets is needed, since the grass can make the paper damp, and in that case, the chalk won’t stick as thick.

Chairs and other objects can be use as a bypass ramp for ants, so watch if something is leaning against the table.

Another great thing to circle is the cooler, if you have juices, sodas or any sweet treat.

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