Trigger Spring with Clean. Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Trigger Spring with Clean.
Young woman loaded with cleaning supplies --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
Young woman loaded with cleaning supplies — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

You’ve heard the term “Spring Cleaning”, well that is because it’s a great way to trigger the feeling of Spring. Deep cleaning your place is good to do twice a year, but most importantly around Spring time, to remove the dust and dirt that has piled up over the winter.

Open the blinds, wash the curtains and let that sun shine in even if it’s still a bit chilly out there. Wiping your place from top to bottom will make that stagnate air, fresh.

Don’t forget to clean the ceiling fans, you’ll be using them soon enough when the heat finally kicks in. It is so unsettling, when you turn on the fan and dust bunnies fly across the room. The easiest way to clean your ceiling fan is to take the dirty sock pile, put your hand in a sock, apply the dust cleaner and use your hand to wipe the blade. Pull off your hand inside out if the dust is really thick and get another sock for the other blades. When done, shake the socks out over the trash can while turning them right side in, and throw them in the wash. And wash your hands, of course.

Using steam to clean fabrics that are unable to go into the washer is a great wash to disinfect and deep clean.

Adding Spring colors as accent colors to a room will give a Spring time feel and lighting floral scented candles or getting air fresheners will give you the sense that Spring is in full bloom.

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