Setting the Mood. Tips On Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Setting the Mood.

Young multi-racial couple. Young lovers who are sexualTrying to set a sexy mood can be easy, but some feel they have no clue where to start. The 5 senses are the things to trigger when creating this moment of love.

Sense of sound- Playing a background music that your partner likes is a good way to set a mood. Remember keep it low, only as a background noise so you have no interruptions of communicating.

Sense of smell- Picking scents that appeal to your partner is always a good start. Try to stay away from food smells if you are trying to skip a meal because that can wake up a stomach instead of the libido. (SideNote: Vanilla is known to be a good aphrodisiac for men. Women usually react better with a floral scent like lily or jasmine)

Sense of sight- Looking like you’ve gone a little extra on your appearance is a good way to trigger a complement from your partner. olive oil condiment vegeterian foodSense of touch- Exfoliate your skin, shave and add a natural oil like almond or olive oil to get an extra soft touch.

Sense of taste- Making sure you have a clean taste with maybe a touch of sweet to the skin is always a treat. (SideNote: Sweet doesn’t mean sticky, stay away from flavored lubes until your partner is involved with your plan. Some folks are sensitive to flavored lubes and condoms.)

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