How to Choose the Most Flattering Swimsuit for your Body. By Guest Blogger, Diana S.

By Guest Blogger, Diana S.

How to Choose the Most Flattering Swimsuit for your Body
Straight 1No matter which side of the equator you live in, it never fails. When preparing to get that beach body ready, before you know it yet another summer has come a knocking too soon, and makes us wondering about our beach attire. It’s tough enough to throw away some ill-fitting ones, but there’s the rub, what to replace it with. Shopping for new swimsuit can be a true nuisance, but if you’re equipped with the right tips and tricks, the process can be astoundingly easy, and with satisfactory results. We present you this comprehensive guide to assist you in getting the best fit for your body.

Apple Shape 1Body type

You really can’t pass this step if you want your bikini to fit like a charm. Knowing your weight distribution is essential, so measure up carefully. Check it out to find your body structure:

Pears have noticeably wider hips compared to chest and waist

Apples shaped have hips narrower than their waistline, and a bust a tad wider

Hourglass type have equal width of hips and chest or shoulders, but a rather narrow waistline

Straight shaped are generally thinner at all spots, with even width of all three key points (bust, waist, hips)


creativecommons images
creativecommons images

Colours and patterns

The impact of perfect tint for your skin and shape is undeniable. It enhances your strengths and hides the less flattering spots. The key is knowing how to use it.

Popping hues or bold patterns can accentuate the desired feature, while solids will keep it low-profile.
Fair skinned women stand out in deeper tones such as maroon, navy or black. On the other hand, vibrant colours are a wonderful match for dark skin.

Voluminous effect can be achieved with ruffles and frills for the necessary areas (hips or bust). However, shirrs and ruchings create the opposite result, covering the weak spots.

Feel free to shop for separate tops and bottoms and mix and match the tactics. For example, to draw focus on the chest area and cover the hips, you’d buy flashy patterned top, but go for simple, matching solids for the bottom.

The ultimate cut

Curvy 1

The right form can truly make a world of difference for your beach look. It’s good to know what we should emphasize and what to refrain from:

1. To shift the attention from waist, opt for one piece kind, or a high waisted vintage model in darker neutrals, with shirrs in the stomach area.

2. Contrary to the above, tankini aids in waist highlighting, intelligently focusing the attention to this body part you may favour.

3. Bottoms with high cut can make your legs appear longer than ever, especially if your torso is elongated or your stature petite.

4. Triangle and halter tops make your bust look more pronounced. Another way to obtain the voluptuous impression is to go for front-tying model that basically pulls the breast closer, resulting in magnified form. All the women with the modest bust can benefit greatly from this model.

5. The ladies blessed with the bigger cleavage should look out for wide straps (for support and proportion) and straight front cut. The support underwire and thick band provide is going to help you avoid the droopy or saggy look. Also, it will make it entirely motion and jiggle proof.

Shop wisely

Hourglass Figure 1

If you’re one of the persistent ones with the nerves of steel, and the discomfort of changing rooms or crowds don’t trouble you, we’d love to know your secret (is it the same as Victoria’s?). For the rest of the ladies that struggle with the frantic shopping conditions and have no time to hit the physical stores, you may run into some really good swimwear sale if you roam around the interwebs a little bit. Once you find your favourites, you may order some extras to tide you over for the season.

The endless sunny days of the summer should be a joyous invitation, and not something scary to panic about. Use our tips and become a veritable beach babe.

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