Winter Heating Drying Out Sinuses?

By Tia Cristy

Quickies: Is winter heating drying out your sinuses?
Tips from Tia heater

Here’s a quick tip that can change the air you breathe. Depending upon the air/heating system you have in your home, is how to do this quick tip. All you need is a clean disposable pan you get at the store or from takeout, and fill it half way with water.

Forced Air: Put the pan of water as close to the vent without covering the plate

Baseboard Heat:

Choose an open corner that won’t have heavy traffic and slide as close under as you can get. (SIDE NOTE: do not put directly under an outlet)

Radiators: Place pan under radiator.

The heat will evaporate the water into the air to give it some moisture. The water will evaporate over a couple days. Rinse pan and refill with fresh water to keep the air fresh. You can use any pan that will fit in the area, I just suggest the disposable since it will leave a crystallization behind on the pan.

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