The Perfect Shade.

By Tia Cristy


The Perfect Shade.


While j. Christian were discussing a new topic for our readers, Ashley who works in the back end of the studio approached me. She gave me insight to what her profession is. She’s a make-up chemist.

What exactly is that? She makes cosmetics from the scratch ingredients and personalizes it for her clients. Sounds expensive? It’s affordable! I set up an appointment for a personal mix.

When I got into the chair she wrapped a cape around me and started to find my base tone. It turns out I’m a mix between Ivory and porcelain. She then added in  reds, blue, and purple tones to get my absolute color.

After the color was the perfect shade, she then added other ingredients that those price make-ups claim to have. A dash of a glow, a few drops of anti-aging, and a smidge of a highlighter. Other things she could have added included sunblock or oil absorbents.

I don’t wear much makeup on the daily. I leave that stuff for the photo shoots. But after she applied it to my whole face, I was feeling light, not heavy.

Makeup artist, Mary stepped in to do some basic contouring ideas, while Ashley whipped up some glamorous eye shadow from scratch. It was really cool to watch the process unfold. I have used it as an everyday for a week and my skin actually felt better. Her ingredients have healing properties. And the neatest thing, the cosmetics look better the longer they are on. So by the evening, you look amazing to go out, instead of needing to refresh the makeup. What a bonus!

TipsfromTia.com_customized_cosmetics_31Ashley has her own full line that she is mixing on a personal level. From foundations, liquid, powders and mouses to eyes, cheeks, and lips.

You can make an appointment for a consultation with Ashley at J. Christian Studio.

Tia, and  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me!