Finding a New Stylist.

By Tia Cristy

Finding a New Stylist.

J. Christian  Photo provided by JChristian
J. Christian
Photo provided by JChristian

J. Christian says it’s important to find your perfect hair stylist. It’s not an impossible task to find the person that meshes well with you and your hair desires. Just because you go to a salon and get a haircut, you’re not thrilled with, isn’t a reason to discard the other stylist in the salon. Also, just because your best friend or sibling loves one stylist, doesn’t mean that’s the one for you either.

J. Christian says, “Be bold! Interview your potential stylist.”

Why not? They are working for you, to make you feel happy and gorgeous, right? The worst feeling for a stylist is having a client unhappy with the results of their hard work. So make sure you are on the same page.

Some ideas on interview questions to ask…

If showing a photo of what you want, ask “Will this work for my hair type?”

“What kind of hair do you prefer working on… long or short?”

“What kind of maintenance should I expect with my hair?”

I think the question I would recommend most is asking, “Do you love what you do?”

We all know we do much better at something when we love to do it. Ask questions and take the initiative on your hair. Most stylist take pride in the fact that you are a walking billboard for their craft.

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