Carnivores Can Court Vegetarians.

By, Tia Cristy

Carnivores Can Court Vegetarians. steak

Is it truly possible for these opposites to last? If you’re anything like me, social outings are surrounded by food. Dating a person that has a pallet that is the other end of the spectrum from your own can be challenging. But, it’s not a deal breaker.

You must first realize there are four different types of vegetarian’s out there.
-Semi-vegetarian: The vegetarian that still gets their steak on once in a while.
– Lacto ovo vegetarian: These types eat dairy and eggs.
-Lacto vegetarian: No eggs for this group, but dairy is still acceptable.
-Vegan: Nothing animal based.

Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer's market
Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer’s market

When dating one of these types of eaters the first challenge is agreeing on a place to eat. Checking with a restaurant on their offered menu before making a reservation is significant. Plenty of steakhouses now offer vegetarian dishes.

The next obstacle is the most important for both parties, have reverence for the other’s decision. Don’t belittle your date for his/her choice on eating a soy burger. And vegetarians don’t make comments of your date eating Bambi. Respect the choices that one another make. Choosing to resent your date’s decision on the food they put in their bodies will grow into resentment with other issues, non-related.
I had the pleasure to attend dinner the other night with a food-split couple. The interaction between this husband and wife on the consideration of substance was incredible. There were a few light jokes that were passed back and forth as we discussed the obstacles they face as a couple, as the husband pointed out the cracker plate as her vegetarian main course. She lightly pecked at the sight of the rare prime rib he was eyeing up, “Did they cook that for you or just warm it up?” Chuckles followed their slight digs, but she was sincerely happy for him when the chef kindly gave him two slices of prime rib.

If you have health related concerns about what your date is eating, then decide is it valid? One could argue the worry of a carnivore’s cholesterol, but then on the other side of the coin, a meat eater could counter with the worry of a vegetarian not getting enough iron or B vitamins. The time when health related concerns should take place is when they are presented. Example, if you are allergic to what your partner is eating, you see a drastic weight gain or loss by their existing diet, it’s affecting your relationship in more ways than just your meat/veggie loving principals, or you notice other health concerns like shortness of breath.

The wife in this case, gets ill from ingesting meats. She has on occasion had issues with soups made with meat stock. The husband told me, “It was more challenging in the beginning, but now we go to restaurants where we trust the chefs are aware of all ingredients in their food.” I asked them if it has caused issues in their relationship. The husband laughed and said, “Relationships have challenges, liking meat or not, shouldn’t be one of them.”

So if you find yourself pining over that person who does or doesn’t like steak, but you are not sure it could work or not, according to my dining companions, there’s plenty of hope out there for a wonderful future. Like all relationships, respect, understanding, truth, and kindness seem to still be key.

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