What Does Craving Sweets Have To Do with your Health?

By Tia Cristy


What Does Craving Sweets Have To Do with your Health?

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I keep craving candy and other sweets! I just can’t help myself. During my workday, I hit the vending machine at least once a day, for a candy bar. At night, I want cookies! Why can’t I stop? It’s like I need to have it! Why?  Sam, 41


Tip From Tia:

Around this time of year till year’s end; sweets are going to be inevitable. As we finish the summer’s ice cream sunday’s and carnival treats, we roll on, where the cold weather will be coming in soon enough and upcoming holidays, will surround us with tasty treats. But that is no reason to splurge on the cane, sugar that is.

There are many reasons other than the time of year, you body wants the sweets. For example, after you eliminate the reason of boredom or just part of a scheduled routine, you must than appreciate, the human body is super smart and it will crave what it needs. We, ourselves are not as smart at understanding our bodies! Instead of us
eating spinach for calcium, we’ll grab the ice cream from the freezer.

Ask yourself; is it a certain kind of candy or sweet you’re craving?
Perhaps, if you keep craving peanut butter cups, it could be several
different things; your body may need protein, which the peanut butter would give you.

Chocolate itself has many benefits, for instance, it can soothe a person. A depressed individual will feel relief after ingesting chocolate. A woman eats chocolate close to her cycle because, it actually does elevate her symptoms. Chocolate also helps with digestion. Think if you need candy or desert after you’ve eaten a heavy meal.

If it’s just any sort of sugar rush, than, sugar could be what your body is craving. If that’s the case, more than likely you are not producing enough natural sugars because of your diet.

Or, a bad thing, could be you have yeast in your gut and it’s feasting off the sugar, which can cause cravings. That is not good, because once is feeds off large doses of sugar it allows bad yeast to multiply, quickly.

So you need to be proactive and rule out any stomach issues or other recent body complaints, if you can’t rule out feeling crappy, call your
doctor! It’s better to be safe than sorry. You may need a blood test to make sure your yeast (ask for this test specifically, routine blood tests don’t test for it) and sugar aren’t off balance.

Now, if you were able to rule out that you don’t have any issues,
except you want sweets, well then, ask yourself are you getting enough grains or fruits in your diet? Most dieters remove breads from their daily menu, but you need to be sure you are replacing those natural sugars with something else, like oatmeal or whole-meal breads.

Try using healthy foods to reduce that incorrigible sweet tooth. Substitute cupcakes with cornbread muffins. Carrot sticks are actually high in sugar so eating them can fulfill a sugar craving, but give you organic nutrition.

And if it’s a mind soother your body is trying to achieve, eating
better will be a positive start to a more positive attitude. Candy and deserts are a fine intake when taken in small doses. So use your judgement and be sure to always keep your doctor in the loop about any changes you make including diet.

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