Tips In Action: Look your Best on Photo Day

By Tia Cristy

Tips In Action: Look your Best on Photo Day makeup tips

Photo Day at work or school can be a bit unnerving. From making sure your hair is perfect, your skin is clear and let alone the right color outfit; you just want to make sure all your best features are highlighted.

Eyes, cheeks or lips are easy to make outstanding in you picture. But if you need definition in certain areas don’t be afraid to grab your shadow brush and dark eyeshadow to define those tricky areas. For example, under the jawline is a great place to enhance for photos. You can also strengthen your cheeks under the apples or the definition of your nose.

You don’t have to be a professional to do this, but I do recommend practicing a few times before photo day so you see what complements you best. Take your own photo to make sure it works.

Add more shadow if needed or wipe away the heaviness. Once you’ve got the feel for it, you’re ready to say “cheese”. After the photo day shot, no need to wash your augmentation off, just blend in with a tissue or hand. Toning it down will give a natural everyday wear appearance.

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