Benefits of Lavender Oil for Your Skin. By Guest Blogger, Amy G.

By Guest Blogger, Amy G.


Benefits of Lavender Oil for Your Skin

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

Organic cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. Lavender and lavender oil can help you in many ways, not only freshening up your home, but help your skin as well. Oily skin, problematic, dry, red, or irritated skin can all feel better after applying this pure oil, or a mixture of oil and another ingredient.

Helps Treat Acne

If you have problematic skin that gets oily and is prone to acne, you can ask yourself what’s the point of adding more oil to it? Actually, lavender oil stimulates blood circulation and had anti-inflammatory properties. You will notice the redness of your face reduced, and improved circulation will bring more oxygen to your skin leaving it radiant and glowing. In addition, lavender oil has antibacterial traits too, so not only will your face breathe easily, but your skin will be bacteria-free as well.

Beneficially Aids in the Treatment of Eczema

You have probably thought about those skin lesions that might be troubling you (having itching, red, and scaly skin can really drive you crazy), luckily, this can be treated. We mentioned antibacterial and anti-inflammatory traits, but lavender oil has anti-fungal properties as well. It speeds up the healing process and reduces scarring of the skin, while it can also relieve pain and itching which inflammation can cause. You can make homemade spray by simply mixing a cup of distilled tap water and ten drops of essential oil.

Can Help Heal Insect Bites

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you cannot keeps bugs at bay and be fully protected from their bites. However, you can do something about the bites after they happen, and find remedies to help heal them quite quickly. Mosquitoes, spiders, ants, flies, and bedbugs are all common insects who bug people, and whose bites are very painful and annoying. A few drops of pure lavender essential oil applied to the bitten area will reduce swelling and pain. If you do get bitten and the pain does not recede after a while, make sure you visit your doctor and check it out.

Is a Redness Reducer

Asides from helping treat eczema, lavender oil can also help with symptoms of psoriasis, burns, and skin redness. Lavender oil gives you a possibility to use natural products for completely organic skin care which will reduce inflammation. Not just that, but also stress-induced redness can aggravate the skin, but (luckily) it can be calmed by lavender. Speaking of stress, lavender oil’s wonderful scent will help you relax and fall asleep easily. It can also help with itchy scalp: mix seven drops of oil with a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil, and gently massage it into the scalp. Also, try the amazing organic skin care products from 100 percent pure that contain lavender and lavender oil.

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

Has anti-ageing powers

Lavender oil will also keep your skin looking young and fresh, slowing down the aging process along the way. Skin care nutrition at its best, shea butter is moisturizing and makes skin softer while also helping to reduce visible wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. You can even make your own wrinkle-reducing face cream in no time. Mix a quarter of a cup of Shea butter with a quarter of a cup of organic coconut oil, add eight drops of Frankincense essential oil, and seven drops of lavender essential oil, and you’ll have all-natural anti-ageing cream.
People passionately love lavender because of its beautiful smell, and all the other additional traits that can make your life easier and your health better. It can cleanse cuts, and ease up bruise pain, so if you choose to carry a small bottle of lavender oil with you when you go somewhere, it’s like having your own perfume and first aid kit at the same time.

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