Hair Turned Green from Swimming.

By Tia Cristy

Hair Turned Green from Swimming.


Young Girl Swimming Underwater
Young Girl Swimming Underwater

My hair turned greenish from the swimming pool, I thought that was just a myth. How do I fix it? K.

Tip from Tia:
It is not a myth, sorry to say. It is a chemical reaction from the chlorine in the pool, with the process of recently colored or lightened hair.

The quickest, safest way to remove the green tint is with ketchup. The red will neutralize the green hue. Tomato juice can work too, but the ketchup is thicker and will stay in the hair for a period of time.

Cover all your hair with ketchup and let it set for 30-45 minutes. Wash out with shampoo and condition. Let hair dry, and if there is still a green tint, repeat process.

I usually recommend waiting a couple hours in between treatments, because washing your hair and blow drying too frequent, can be damaging on the strands.

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