How to release stress before it takes over your body.


I have been so stressed out lately from work, what is a good tip for stress relief at home? I hear of so many approaches, how do I know what’s best for me? Dale, 26

 Stressed Businesswoman

Tip from Tia:

Don’t worry stress hits us all too some degree. The goal is to make sure you release stress before it takes over your body. And, there are so many approaches out there now, just don’t stress trying to find the right one.

A good start for you is, you actually know where your stressor is coming from. That’s always the first step. What is causing this stress? Then, how to process the stress. And finally, having a positive outlet; a stress reliever. Now, good stress relievers that can be done at home are: exercise, meditation/yoga, stretching, switching your brain gears from work by stopping to watch a movie when you feel anxiety coming on, turn on some favorite music, soft or heavy which ever you prefer and works towards eliminating the anxiety, or go in silence, while enjoying a cup of hot tea or cocoa.

A good diet is important to keep your neurotransmitters firing properly. Adding amino acids or vitamins may work as well. Be sure to do research and discuss with your doctor what’s going on and determine if further medical attention is necessary.

The point is, there is no secret remedy to become stress-free, and it all depends on yourself and what you will enjoy and what helps you find relief.

Exercise of course, is the number one important way to relieve the stress. But to move the furniture, and break out the yoga pad everyday, could put more stress on an individual. An individual that never tried it before, may find it to be the greatest thing they could ever do for themselves.

Either way, some form of activity is key to help with the stresses of life. Whether the exercise you choose is physical, mental or even emotional/spiritual. The stress-relievers that work the best are, things that you find yourself enjoying while you do them.

Most calm individuals find when you continue and look forward to participating in your stress relief method to exhale the day away, you will finally understand that “Zen” thing you’ve heard others talk about.

Being stress-free does help you feel more exciting about yourself and your surroundings. Meditation is proven to help build self-esteem. Remember your beauty comes from the inside and shines out.

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