Organic Champagne Detox Face Mask. By Guest Blogger Kathleen C.

By Guest Blogger Kathleen C.


Organic Champagne Detox Face Mask

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Kathleen C.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Kathleen C.

If you want to refresh the skin of your face with an organic mask here you will learn how to make it by yourself. The ingredients from which the masks are made are high-quality and will improve the condition of your skin. The fresh and organic products in the masks will make your skin smooth, refreshed and rid of toxins. They will soothe, nourish and made it shiny. These mask are easy to be made and need very little time for preparing. Apply them on cleansed face.

You can make an organic pink face mask. For preparing it you will need the following ready products, ingredients and items:
• 1 ounce of champagne made of organic grapes like Korbel Brut Champagne

• 1 ounce of organic cream, half and half or milk

• 2 ounces of facial mask of strawberry dessert which is sold in the market or some clay mask as a substitute

• a small spoon for mixing the ingredients or mini spatula

• a tiny mixing bowl with the size of at least 16 ounces

To make the mask you should mix the champagne with the milk or organic cream. Then start adding slowly a little of the the clay mask or the facial strawberry dessert mask that you have decided to use. Add the necessary quantity of the mask and mix well until the substance becomes perfectly smooth. Your organic facial mask is ready.

Apply this mask instantly on just cleansed face. Use a thick layer of it spreading it on your face. Leave the mask to work for 15 to 20 minutes. Then you can rinse and remove well. After using this mask you should apply some organic moisturizer on your face.

When you prepare masks for you face use only fresh and organic ingredients. You can use 2-Ounce Shot Glass to measure easier the quantity of the products that you use to make your masks. If you prefer you can add a couple of drops of some essential oil which has calming effect. Lavender and camomile are perfect for this purpose. These DIY ingredients and ready products can be found in many online stores and companies which offer herbs and natural organic products. The restorative properties and the antioxidants in the grapes from which the champagne is made will make your skin shine.

Here is another recipe for a home-made detox facial mask. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, removing the toxins from the skin.

For making this mask you will need:
• a quarter cup of champagne
• 4 ounces of powdered clay
• 2 tablespoons of some heavy cream, half and half or yoghurt

To make this detoxifying face mask put the powdered clay in some bowl and slowly start to add the cream or yoghurt. If you use yoghurt or cream with high percent of fat use less amount of it. Mix well the cream and clay. While you stir and make the mixture even and smooth, add the champagne carefully. Your mask is ready. Right after you make it apply it on your face and neck before it becomes dry and firm. Leave it there for 20 minutes. After this time passes you should rinse it using warm water. Dry your face and neck with a face cloth.

Before you apply any mask on your face you need to provide proper cleaning of your face skin. Use some foaming or ex-exfoliating face cleaner. After cleaning and wiping your face and neck apply the mask. It is recommended that you use a moisturizer on your skin right after the mask. It will keep your facial skin clean, nourished and protected from getting dirty.

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