Sex and “Small” Infections. (MA)

By Tia Cristy

Sex and “Small” Infections. sex

Problem: A friend and I were talking about yeast infections and she said my boyfriend can get it from me, if I have one. Is that true? And is it a big deal?

Tip from Tia:

Truth be told, no transmitting infection should be considered small; any infection can flourish into a bigger problem. The “small” infections are known to be yeast infections or bacterial infections (BV). These infections can be transmitted sexually.

If you or your partner, is currently suffering from one of these “small” infections, it’s best not to engage in intercourse, until the infection has cleared.

Even engaging in protected sex, can still allow these infections to be transmitted, since they can infect the skin, topically.

If you think you’ve had sex, while having an infection, be sure to inform your partner. Like “they” say, if you’re responsible enough to have sex, you’re responsible enough to talk to your partner about sexual health.

Seek medical attention, if you have symptoms of itching, burning, odor and/or discharge.

A quick tip to remember is, if you have recently gotten over an infection and you have sex, wiping up with hydrogen peroxide after, can help both you and your partner from reinfection. But, be advised, don’t use too much peroxide, frequently, because this can cause changes in your body’s natural balance.

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