Calm Fight or Flight. Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Calm Fight or Flight. peace

Fight or flight is a response, many have experienced in their life time. The kids are making too much noise, your spouse has been neglectful or hurtful to your feelings, your boss could give you a hard time for not meeting a deadline at work or the family and the holidays are feeling to be too much too bear, could all be reasons to feel fight or flight.

The positive response is to remain calm, and approach situations in a refine matter. Yet, fight or flight can cause an up rise in your voice or tears in your eyes. There is a trigger point to help calm a fight or flight response, so you have enough time to approach the situation accordingly.

At the instant you feel that feeling come on, rub the tip of your thumb with a good amount of pressure. Rubbing thumb to thumb is very effective. Take several deep breaths, while rubbing the thumb. This should ease the quick response, and give you a calmness to handle the mood appropriately.

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