Signs and Symptoms of Ear Ache and Infections.

By Tia Cristy

Signs and Symptoms of Ear Ache and Infections. Little Boy Wearing Scarf and Red Earmuffs

“I want to know that What are the signs and symptoms of ear ache and infections?”

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An ear ache can start
radiating pain first, in your neck, face or gums. Ear aches have been
mistaken for toothaches in many cases. If you get the pain in your face,
there’s a good chance it’s turned into a sinus infection. Throbbing
means a blockage, which causes pain.

Most sinus infections are cause by
fungal overgrowth, yet doctors will treat with antibiotics to kill the
bacteria causing the swelling, which is part of the cause of the pain.
So, if you go the route or antibiotics I also recommend doing some
natural cures for fungal infections as well, this will help the body
re-balance quicker.

Natural anti-fungal’s are ingesting cloves, olive oil,
grapefruit seed extract, (ask pharmacist if it will cause interactions
with any of your medications before using). Putting olive oil drops in your ear can be very soothing, to inflamed ears. (warm a spoon with warm water from the faucet, put olive oil on the spoon, place oil carefully in painful ear.) Lay down when doing this, stay laying for a bit. Oil not needed will drain out.

If you get
crusty’s on the eyes, when feeling a bit under the weather, use the
natural ingesting anti-fungal’s to reduce your chances on getting an ear ache and/or
sinus infection.


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