Fogging car windows, Help to clear. Quickies:

By Tia Cristy

Quickies: Fogging car windows, Help to clear. Fog

It’s very common this time of year, with the weather being as temperamental as is has been. It’s hotter inside than outside or it’s a hotter outside than inside the car, can cause a large cover of fog over your windows. The wipers only help it go away for a few seconds, and it’s dangerous.

So, if you’re driving in the car and the windows have completely fogged over, but no matter how high the defrost is on the windows won’t clear. Try putting down your visor on both driver and passenger sides, Put/leave the defrost on high and let the defrost circulate in the space you just created.

The visor will help push the air back down and towards the window to hit directly, to help clear it up quicker.

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