How to Clean the Toaster. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: How to Clean the Toaster. burnt

It’s quite simple, your toaster is smelling burnt or you haven’t used it in awhile, so how do you clean a toaster? Cleaning products aren’t really the way to go, they can get the electric wet, leave a residue or just make your bread taste funny.

The easiest way to clean the toaster is to first, unplug it. Over the sink or trash can, shake all the crumbs out. Plug it back in, put it to the highest setting, and push the button down. If it’s a regular toaster, let it pop up on it’s own. If it’s a toaster over put the timer on for a couple minutes. Repeat process if necessary.

It’s the same concept of the oven or grill cleaning it’s self by burning off the grime.
Don’t forget to readjust the heat setting when done, so you have wonderfully toasted bread later.

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