Hair Looks Thin, but is time to maintain color.

By Tia Cristy

Hair Looks Thin, but is Time to Maintain Color.

Baby's Ear

My hair is really thinning, and of course I’m freaked out, but it’s time to bleach it and I just don’t want to do anything to it, in fear of losing more hair. I want to know is there anything I can do? K, 28

Tips from Tia: Baby thin hair is only temporary for babies, and adults don’t look as cute with it, it’s just a fact. So first, do you know the reason your hair is thinning? Is it the change of season? Have you’ve been sick, are you sick, been on medicine or had a bad dye job previously?

There are many reasons you could be losing hair. Sometimes yeast could be blocking your follicles, which you would need a anti-fungal regimen for your scalp. A scalp problem could cause thinning. A vitamin deficiency could cause hair loss as well. If any of these things are going on, it maybe time to ask your doctor to check it out.

Now, you need to brighten up your color, whatever color it may be. You said bleach, so if you want to be blonde, say “no” to the bleach for now. Get the blondest light permanent you can find, the more nourishing probably the better. If you are trying to achieve the highlight effect, I recommend a cream color, which will allow you to foil it in as you would a bleach. You can do this foil effect with any color. Multi-tone hair colors are better for looking fuller, than having one solid color.

Color will plump the hair, instead of deplete it like a bleach will. So stay away from products that strip the hair (bleaches, relaxers, straighteners and perms), until you have rebuilt strength to your hair. You may want to add a protein enriched shampoo and conditioner to help strengthen the hair. And remember, before you dry your hair, let it air dry to a damp wet, and apply a thermal protector to your strands before applying the heat from the dryer. This will help protect the weak strands from breakage.

And, when in doubt, leave it to a professional. It’s better to pay a colorist, then pay for a mishap.

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