Allergies Making Sunburn Worse.

By Tia Cristy

Allergies Making Sunburn Worse. Man ready for fun at sunny tropical beach

Problem: I put on sunburn relief gel and it made my burn worse. My mom said I could be allergic to something in it.

Tip from Tia:

Absolutely! Anytime you put a chemical on your body and it starts to burn, sting or itch intensively, get it off right away. That is a sure sign your body doesn’t like it. Sometimes water doesn’t help in stopping the reaction, so have milk and vinegar close by, to neutralize it if necessary. And, be sure to try the milk first, if water makes it feel worse initially. Then, use the vinegar if the milk still hasn’t helped.

With sunburn relief gels, camphor could be the source of the allergy, but you may need to do a trial and error to find the exact source. Good news though, there are products out there without that in it, that work just as well.

I still stick with rubbing alcohol on sunburn. For bad burns, apply cornstarch once the alcohol dries, for burning relief. Take some over the counter pain relievers, if necessary. And, be sure to call your doctor immediately if you have and swelling, blisters or intense pain. Sun poisoning is a serious condition and can stop summer fun, to a screeching halt.

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By Tia Cristy