How to Relieve Pressure from a Painful Welt-like Pimple.

By Tia Cristy

How to Relieve Pressure from a Painful Welt-like Pimple.


When I get nervous about something coming up, like finals, I get a pimple. But, it’s the almost like a welt. It’s so embarrassing and annoying! I’ve used creams and face washes, but it still happens! Is there a quick fix for this, because not only does it look bad, it kinda hurts too.  C, 18

Tip from Tia:

I understand, it’s not just the look of it, it has pressure behind it. You are not alone, this actually happens to a lot of people when they get nervous or their systems change.

It’s a quick buildup of oil and histamine, in a small pore that is closed for numerous reasons. That’s where the pressure comes in. There is no escape for the oil as it builds and the pore expands beyond its normal capacity and this causes pain.

Keeping your skin clean and exfoliated is important. The sooner
you start taking care of your skin the longer it will stay fresh and healthy.

So that’s a great start. Good news is, clean is not the culprit of this issue, the nervous system is. Trying to stay stress-free will help reduce these breakouts.

When one happens, here’s a quick tip for some relief on the situation.
I recommend doing this process at night before bed.

Don’t squeeze or pick at it; that will just make it throb more. First take an anti-histamine if you can; anti-histamines can cause drowsiness, so be sure to follow directions on medication label and by your doctor.

Next, grab the toothpaste. Recommended is the white paste kind; it is more effective than the gel. Dab a little on your finger, and apply to the welt with a small amount of pressure. You should feel a slight burn or tingle. This is a good sign that the toothpaste has made it into the pore.

Now, leave it on there to do it’s work for about 20 minutes. Toothpaste is a drying agent, this helps drying out the oils
in the pores naturally. You may even notice the paste will look runny by the time you rinse it off with warm water and blot dry.

After you have rinsed your skin, grab a couple ice cubes, wrap it in a towel and hold on the blemish for about 10 minutes. This will calm the skin, which maybe red, because white blood cells rush to the aid of your skin, to fight off any bacteria the oil has built up.

By morning, the welt should be diminished and the pressure should be less. Apply a small amount of over the counter hydrocortizone on area before applying makeup.

Repeat the process the next night if necessary. A side note, rinse off immediately if your skin starts to really feel a burn. Flush your skin with cool water until you feel relief. If the burning continues, contact a physician, you may have a more serious condition.

Tia, and  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me