Push Through the Pain. Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: Push Through the Pain.

This tip is true and false. Pushing through the pain of working out can help you build strength and gain muscle. But, pushing through that pain, where something feels over stretched can cause a long-term problem. Men tend to do this more than women, but anyone who does a physical activity should know this.

If you are playing a sport or doing a new workout, and you feel a tightness starting to kick in it’s best to pause and see if the pain subsides. Not all of us have a coach or trainer helping us on a daily basis. But, speaking with one before starting out could also be a great benefit in helping you in understanding your body.

A great example, stretching you legs; to gain more flexibility you stretch the leg until you feel the burn. Then you pause, and the burn subsides. The next stretch you do with that leg, you will have gained a bit more flexibility. Now, if you were to bounce the leg to make it stretch further too quickly, you could cause harm to the muscle, ligaments and tendons.

Getting a cramp when working out or running is a sign of dehydration, pausing to drink water or electrolytes can restore your body’s water supply.

Pushing yourself the little extra distance can boost strength and endurance. But, pushing yourself too far, too fast can effect you for a lifetime. Be smart and know your body when doing any physical activities.

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By Tia Cristy