Flatter Abs Quick. Tips in Action:

By Mady G – Guest Blogger

Flatter Abs Quick. Tips in Action:

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard and with a few quick tips you can enjoy flatter abs as well. With the summer months approaching we all feel that we have to start to fear how we are going to look in less clothing. There is no need to fear. When it comes to getting flatter abs its a lot easier that you would think, you just have give it 10 minutes every day.
I personally use my 4 step rule of 30 method.

Step 1: Sits up (High and mid abs)
 – Feet flat on the floor (Together)
 – Arms crossed over your chest
 – Come all the way up
 -Stop 75% of the way down and come back up
 – Only need to do one set of 30 daily

Step 2: Modified Russian Twist (Obliques)
 – Feet apart on the floor, Flat
 – Finger tips touching your head
 – Do a sit up
 -Once you reach the top twist to the one side
    (Stay to the ONE SIDE for all 30)
 – Switch sides and repeat

Step 3: Bicycle Crunch (Mid and lower abs + obliques)
 – Legs 6 inches off the floor
 – Shoulders off the floor
 – Finger tips at your head
 -Bring one knee in with the other leg straight
 -Bring the opposite elbow to meet it
 – Repeat with other leg and elbow
 -This is a double count
(ex: hit, hit 1. hit, hit 2)

Step 4: Side Plank
(lower abs + obliques)
 – Elbow and forearm on the floor
 – Feet stacked on one another
 -Raise hips to be level with the angle of your legs
 – Hold for 30 seconds
 – Come down SLOWLY
 -Switch sides

See! Simple, easy and done in 10 minutes! If you want to learn more, Click MG Health an Beauty

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By Tia Cristy