Make Spreadable Chocolate.

by Tia Cristy

Make Spreadable Chocolate.

Whether you are wanting to be romantic or have a family fun project, there’s always a joy when it comes to chocolate. Chocolate dipped strawberries, pretzels or anything dipped in chocolate, makes a special occasion, out of an evening. But, the prep time can be messy and long. So, why not make it easy on yourself and make a spreadable chocolate, that you can go back to enjoying, time and time again, so you don’t over indulge in one sitting. Because, chocolate had many helpful properties, but too much, can just leave a person feeling sick.

Get the left over chocolates from the holiday, or a big bag of chocolate chips or your just a favorite bag of chocolate. Put into a sauce pan. Add a 1/2 cup cooking oil, whichever oil you prefer is fine, since different oils have certain tastes to them.

Turn on the heat and stir continuously, until the chocolate is melted. remove from heat into a glass or metal bowl, dip now to cover or let cool to use as a spread. To store, use a container with a lid to store for freshness. Refrigeration is not necessary. Chocolate made need to be microwaved for 25-30 seconds to soften, after a couple days of sitting out or after being in the refrigerator. Shelf life depends upon storage and room temp. Ours never last more than a few days because it gets eaten. But, be sure to discard, if the chocolate has a whitish look or oil separates from chocolate.

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By Tia Cristy