Those Little Things the Make Valentine’s Day. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Best of Love Week!

Tips in Action: Those Little Things the Make Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget to do the little gestures for your partner everyday; not just Valentine’s Day. But, if romance isn’t your everyday thing, here’s some tips to give a little attention to romance this week.

Write a love letter. A full page or so, of what your partner means to you. You don’t have to be poetic or have a writing ability to do this, just write what you feel.

Want more of an “in your face approach”, grab a lipstick and write on the mirror so they see it first thing. (Guys if your grabbing your woman’s lipstick to do this, grab an old one that looks dusty, not her brand new favorite, just a warning for you.)

If your partner is taking or making dinner for you, you should try to do the breakfast for them. Even just a cup of their most enjoyed morning beverage, is a great big way to say, “your appreciated”.

And, a gesture or hint to let your partner know, what they are in for later that day, is a good way to build the anticipation of the evening. Both of you will be almost, promised a good day while you await your reuniting.

Little things, do go a long way, try to remember that, everyday.

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By Tia Cristy