Holiday Hair. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: Holiday Hair.

Holiday parties are a lot of prep, trying to prep the food, house etc. while getting yourself ready, may leave you feeling flush and rushed.

A good tip in action is to clean your hair the night before or early in the day. Allowing time to for your hair to settle, lose any chance of frizz or allow nice natural oils to give a shine is beneficial to helping style your do.

Going for an updo? Give yourself plenty of time to get it the way you want it. Uncleaned hair holds better than, freshly cleaned.

If you want beach waves, pull your hair up into a high twist while hair is slightly damp, after several hours of party prep, your hair will be nice and wavy when you pull down the twist. 

Looking to get it straight, but need to pull it back out of your face for the time being? Use a loose cloth covered holder or fabric to tie it back. This will help from bending the hair and leaving creases. Make sure it’s been thermal protected, before you use a straightening iron or curling iron.

Tia, and  is trying to keep you looking good and
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By Tia Cristy