Having Fun in the Snow with a Cast

By Tia Cristy

Having Fun in the Snow with a Cast.

So, a dear friend of mine has a child with a broken arm. The first major snow day came across the US this weekend. The sad child just wanted to play in the snow. So, I made a suggestion.

First, put a hat on the hand. Then, put a trash bag on the arm up to the shoulder, and tape loosely to secure the bag. Finally, wrestle on their jacket. If it’s too tight to get on, then, spare one of your coats. This will allow the child to get a little play time in, with the snow, without hurting the durability of the cast.

If it’s a broken leg, use the same concept with the trash bag up the leg. The hat will get wet before the cast if the bag should break. Tell your child to let you know if the hat gets wet. If desired, double up the trash bag, so no little holes will let water get in.

This a a good tip for any age that has a cast, yet needs to deal with the snow day. Remember, don’t work or play too hard for too long, the cold may cause pain in the limb later that day.

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By Tia Cristy