How to stay warm on cold nights, Even in Halloween Costumes.

By Tia Cristy
A Special Tip Edition (Recap: Great Tip to Remember!)

So it’s Halloween once again, and who knows what the weather will be like. Lots of parties and functions happen the weekend before Halloween as
well, so I wanted to bring this tip to you especially today. October is always a patch of strange weather patterns. So who knows if your costume will suffice or you’ll be suffering in the cold until you walk out the door.

Lots of ladies love to take the opportunity to go sexy and wear a little less for this holiday, but sometime the weather is so bitter, a coat or sweater has to cover up the clever character because, you can’t stop the shivers. And how sexy do you feel when your shivering so bad you can’t function. And after paying a hefty price tag for that costume, just to cover it up, can real be disappointing. Men usually tend to appear okay with whatever the weather may be but kids too, have had to battle some cold nights to get that candy.

Here’s a quick tip to help keep you warm if the night isn’t so mild. Grab a cordless heat wrap from the pharmacy. They come in different sizes for a better fit. It’s a Velcro band that heats up in about 30 minutes. This can actually work for a bunch of costumes, even if your costume is tight and little, (ladies). All you have to do is get a larger size and wrap it closer to your behind; that little poof skirt should hide this warmer from being seen. The cotton strap that wraps around the body is quite comfortable. If it’s too hot against your skin put a layer (scarf or bandana) in between the wrap and your skin.

If you decide to use this on your kids make sure you definitely have a layer in between their skin and the wrap. Check their comfort regularly. You don’t want any burns. And, kids tend not to feel temperature differences as quickly as an older child or adult. There are several warnings on the package, so be sure to read all of them before using.

This is a great idea for men and women going to outdoor sporting events too. The heat wrap usually lasts up to 8 hours. So next time you’re about to go see that football game throw one on under your jersey. Being warm makes it easier to cheer.

Don’t forget it takes 30 minutes to heat up, so try it out before you leave the house to make sure the level of heat is comfortable.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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By Tia Cristy