Find Your Perfect Bra

By Tia Cristy

Find Your Perfect Bra

One common gripe you’ll hear amongst most women is the invention of the bra. Memes and jokes about shedding the bra once at home have existed for a long time. Bras in general aren’t the enemy… But the particular bra you’re wearing could be. Here’s how to find the perfect bra for you.

This bra is too big

When your bra is too big, it gives a false sense of security. Things can shift inside and straps can fall. This can result in bad posture, which can lead to back and other muscle pain. Trying to work out in a bra that’s too big can result in rubbing and poking from the material. This can leave a discomfort and irritation to the skin.

This bra is too small

When your bra is too small, it can be dangerous on many levels. First, this can cause back pain, resulting in that need to shed the bra as quickly as possible. But the more dangerous things that can happen are not only internal cysts, but fungal or bacterial infections on the skin. If you end up with a rash under your breasts, try otc cortisone. See if the rash clears in a day or two. If not, go see the doctor– the doc will be able to tell if it’s fungal or bacterial and provide you with an appropriate script.

This bra is just right

Not everyone is the same size or shape, which means not everyone can shop at the same place for bras. And, not every sized-bra is a one size fits all. Hence, the reason there are so many manufactures out there. I’m not saying you’ll get it right with every bra, but sizing yourself for a standard bra is a pretty simple if you have a sewing tape measure.

First, find your band size by wrapping the tape measure around your body, just under your breasts.
Example: 32 inches

Next, move the tape measure up to include your breasts fitting loosely around the nipple.
Example: 34

Finally, you’ll subtract the two numbers. The number left over determines your cup size.


So with our example… Minus 34 by 32 and you are left with -2. That means your bra size is 32B.

Bras have advantages

Although, it’s easy to complain about a bra, they do have some advantages. If you remember their true purpose… bras can give support. Some women and professionals believe that sleeping in a bra can keep the muscles from sagging. Personally, I’m not for or opposed of such practices.

I have found that wearing the right kind of bra on a daily, can change your overall mood. Whether you buy a bra like Knix for comfort and protection or a lacy thing that makes you feel like a bombshell, bras have the ability to adjust your mental state. Hence, this is why women will spend gobs of money on their undergarments… not to show them off, but to feel the best that they can feel. And, like most powers of the mind, that self-esteem will certainly show on the outside.

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