Living Happily In A House Together

Living Happily In A House Together

Living happily in a house together often means you have to get along with every other occupant, but that doesn’t always work out. When it comes to it, we often hide away in our spaces to try and avoid contact, and that just doesn’t work out for a healthy mindset either! Are you the kind of person who wants to move out of your current place, but have no means of doing so? Does that mean you’re stuck at home with invasive siblings and parents who still need you to pay rent every month? Maybe you’re the head of your household and just can’t keep up with the mess and the noise. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of people in the same situation as you. Here’s some tips for you to make yourself a more harmonious environment.




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Look, we know that you’re not always going to get on with every person you come across, but surely you should get along with the people you live with? Well before you try to end anything in a cooperative divorce, remember that it’s alright to have those downtimes between the people who are meant to be close to you. You’re not always going to be in the right frame of mind with each other, no matter how much you love them!


You can tolerate the people around you when you they get annoying, and then take some time to yourself with a closed door (and maybe a lock, which you can easily install yourself!).


Try to Spend More Time Together


Yes this one is going to take a lot of effort when all you want to do is walk away from the other person, but sometimes sticking together is what you need the most. Trying to foster a more healthy relationship between the two of you is dependent on it after all!


So have family nights, go out together on day trips, maybe even take the older ones out for a good night every now and then. When you can do something nice together, you’re going to have a much better time at getting something nice back. You don’t have to do this constantly of course, you don’t have the money or energy for that, but try to schedule them in every couple of weeks or so.


Live for You


When it comes to living in a household you feel is overstuffed and full of some pretty negative vibes, it’s time to learn to live for yourself, if you don’t already. Make sure you know how to stay calm under the face of pressure, and try to burn off any uncomfortable or angry steam in other ways. Head to the gym, which means some productive time away from home, or simply just get and about. When you’re experiencing new things for yourself, and getting the shopping done as soon as you can, you’re doing a pretty good job.


Living harmoniously doesn’t have to mean sacrificing happiness!

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