From Optimism To Success Via Dread: The Five Stages Of Home Renovation 

From Optimism To Success Via Dread: The Five Stages Of Home Renovation

Renovating a home is something we all find ourselves doing, eventually. We know it has to happen, and yet few things can prepare you for the mood swings that are to come. Between deciding to do it, and sitting back down in your renovated home, you’ll experience highs and lows that will leave you with whiplash.

Maybe it’s an old house you’ve just bought, and you’re fixing it up, or it’s one you’ve lived in for so long you didn’t see how old it was looking. One way or the other, you know that it needs to be done and it’s time to get on with it. But be aware there is nothing you can do to interfere with the Five Stages Of Home Renovation…

Stage One, Optimism:

“I Think We Can Have This Done In A Few Days”

Much as you may tell yourself to be realistic, you need to bring some optimism to the party or you’ll never get started on a renovation. So you will budget time, and even if you know it’s likely to take longer, this is the time you’ll quote to other people. “Yes, we’re hoping to be done by March!” you smile, masking the fact that inside you’ve already begun…

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Stage Two, Dread:

“Why Did I Talk Myself Into This?”

By now, you’ve walked around with a pad and pen writing down all the jobs that need doing. It’s more than a little basic maintenance. “A few days” was always a little joke. Now, a few weeks looks optimistic. It’s not too late to call it off, is it? Well, you’ve already ordered the new couch. You’re in it now and if you turn back, you’ll just have to do it later.

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Onto the next…

Stage Three, Renewed Enthusiasm:

“The Sooner We Get Started, Sooner We’re Finished!”

The glazed smile on your face may be unsettling to some, but you mean it. What’s the point in sitting around getting glum? You’ve called the likes of Bay Wide Hauling for help, and now you need to pull out the things they’ll be taking away.

This early on, a lot of what you will be doing is removing the bad parts other people put in. It’s fun, and you get to hit things with a hammer.

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But put that hammer down, it’s time for…

Stage Four, The Inevitable Delay

“It’s Going To Take HOW MUCH Longer?”

When you budget time for a home renovation, a good idea is to take the time it SHOULD take to do each job, and potentially double it. Why? Because things can go wrong. Unless this is something you do for a living, mistakes happen. The wrong paint is bought – and you only realize after finishing a room and a half. Or you knock through a wall – not with a hammer, but with your face when a ladder topples.

It will need to be put right, and this is going to take time. But you get stuck in, and you pull yourself through it, because you’re nearly there now. You paint walls. You lay flooring. You fit new appliances and an updated boiler. Things fall into place, with the main bulk work behind you.

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You smile, because it’s time for…

Stage Five, Success

“Now Let’s Not Do That Again For About Fifteen Years”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. With the finishing touches, like new surfaces in the kitchen and artwork on the walls, you’re there. Time to enjoy the house you’ve spent weeks and months overhauling.

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