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Tips For An Independent Woman

Tips For An Independent Woman

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You’ve got natural beauty, the brains but it can be tough sometimes to see yourself as a strong independent woman. 

There is definitely more to be an independent woman than just having your career on track and owning possessions. Independence is not to do with having certain tangible items, it is to do with how to cope in situations and sense of the person you are individually. 

If you were to ask your friends what independence means to them you would receive all sorts of answers from practical skills such as knowing how to change a tire or organising towing. Whilst others would suggest independence is about not being accountable to someone else and being able to choose what you are doing and when, such as going out. 

So how can all this be learnt, along with considering mental and emotional independence as well. Here are some tips on how independence can be leant.

Learn Who You Are

Before you can go off and be an independent super start, you need to dig deep and know more about who you actually are. You can’t gain independence unless you know your imperfections and shortcomings and are able to address them. So be honest and dig deep. By leaning more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, you will become more confident within yourself and be able to assert yourself in situations. 

Embrace Alone Time

It can be daunting being alone if you are a social butterfly or find yourself being more comfortable and confident as part of a group. You possibly find that being alone is a little scary being alone with your thoughts and having that time to learn about yourself. However, you need to be able to embrace being with no one but yourself in order to be independent. It is essential that you know in your core that you are enough and you don’t need to rely on others for your individual happiness. 

Have A Handle On Your Finances

Knowing your money is vital. You are no longer reliant upon others to support you and therefore it is key that you know where money is coming from and how much you are spending. Whether you are a spender or a saver, money makes the world go round. Now is the time to dig out your pay slip and review your bills and understand what is coming in and going. It is smart. In the future you may marry and have shared income and outgoings, so learn this skill now and when circumstances change you will have a good understanding around what is happening. 

Change How You View Yourself

There is a lot to be said about mindfulness, positive thinking and manifesting your goals to the world and universe. You will never be able to make change unless you believe it is doable. This links back to your confidence. So don’t think about yourself in a negative way. No more ‘I can’t’. Think about yourself with a positive mindset. What will you learn, how will you grow. 

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Empowering Women with LadyBug Music Festival


provided by https://theladybugfestival.com/

It’s time for the annual Ladybug Music Festival! So it’s kind of a big deal when I can say I’m on the same bill with dozens of incredibly talented artists and influential women from all different walks of life. Big names and big voices from around the country are able to come together to stream this year’s 2-day festival for the entire world to see!

The Ladybug Music Festival Line Up

Award-winning vocal artist, Keri Hilson. Photo provided by https://theladybugfestival.com/2020-lineup

Hosted by Jamila Mustafa. Keri Hilson, KT Tunstall, Vanessa Carlton, Larkin Poe, Mary Lambert… are just a few of the names gracing the stream screen for this historic event. Check more of the line up here.

Cost for Such Greatness

The show is only $20usd for the 2-day virtual admission. Buy Tickets through gopassage.com

Don’t Forget…

Tia Cristy, TIpsfromTia.com Photo Provided by https://theladybugfestival.com/2020-lineup

I’ll be there too! …streaming some good lifestyle tips!

The Show Benefits…

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and Downtown Visions

Thanks To…

Thanks to Gable Music Ventures, in Delaware, for putting this together and inviting me into this star-studded lineup.  Jet Phynx Films for the stream. Also, thanks to the numerous sponsors.

Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me! Be sure to Like and share on Facebook or Follow on Twitter or Instagram.

Wrapping Your Head Around Live Stream TV Apps

Wrapping Your Head Around Live Stream TV Apps

By Tia Cristy

What is live streaming TV apps?

Not to be confused with what cable companies, Netflix, or its competitors offer, which are on-Demand TV… Live streaming apps are exactly what they claim. They’re Live videos! Forget the high-quality film or the endless cuts and edits, live TV is footage, on the spot, with mistakes and all.

What’s on live streaming?

The best answer… Just about anything. From the silliest of videos to the professionals, live stream is a newer media outlet for all. Back in 2015, millennials around the world shed a silent tear when Twitter shelved the beloved video-looping app, Vine, just as it was becoming a household name. This made way for live streaming apps to hit the market. The coolest thing about live tv streaming is there wasn’t the same time restraints that Vine had. App subscribers could broadcast an hour or more of then sharing their talents. Talents that included gaming, magic tricks, singing, gargling, sleeping and ranting. It became an outlet for anyone brave enough to take a video of themselves on their phone.

How to find ‘the goods’ on live stream?

As Andy Warhol once said, ‘In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes’. Live streaming is full of a ton of videos. I know, it kinda sounds like finding real talent and entrainment could be like finding a needle in a haystack. (Forgive the cliché) So how do you find ‘the goods’? Finding out which are the hot streaming apps will lead you to the best entertainment. It’s not as difficult to find as one might think. But if you don’t pay attention to the trends you might end up wasting some precious time.

What are the hot apps?

The best apps are the ones that you’ll catch wind of. Just like our late Vine, word of mouth and advertising catapulted Vine and its stars to becoming a household name… almost. The app was brought to the attention of baby boomers and Gen X’ers when Vine star, Hayes Grier, appeared on season 21 of Dancing with the Stars. Sadly, shortly after his appearance was the shelving of Vine, but good news, it didn’t stop Hayes from his TV days. So, just like that… good apps will be talked about. Most are free, with options to pay for VIP memberships or in-app purchases. But free or paying apps don’t determine great entertainment. Great entertainers will get the word out on where you can actually find them. They will use their social media profiles to help sway their following to join them on their app channels.

For example, a lot of big-name female broadcasters are leaving their current streaming apps and moving to the female driven app, Sensestar. This app has just undergone a serious scrub to clean out the junk and revamp its SEO. Their goals are bringing back true elite professionalism and actual entertainment by women to live TV, instead of being oversaturated with raw nonsense. Amateur female artists are always welcome on this app, but this company believes in the vetting process to find and showcase real deal talent to the world along with the message of women empowering women. This is a huge plus for incredible, talented women who want to share their gifts and message without being dimmed by the stigma of the backroom ‘cam-girl’ movement. The goal of Sensestar is to create the greatest show, as a whole, for viewers.

Live streaming is the future

Humans are a visual bunch. That being said, it was a huge surprise back in the early 2000’s when radio stations started with webcams in studio. Yes, we want to be entertained audibly, but to gain another sense and see what happens behind the scenes was ground-breaking. Eventually, it started taking off. In 2011, Dish Nation, the reality show of the best radio clips, tested and was a hit!

Fast forward to today… Social media offers live TV that benefits companies and individuals to share their products and stories with friends and followers alike.

Live streaming apps take it to another level of consistent entertainment that can make you laugh or cry, learn or teach, or simply discover a new form of communicating and interacting. It is more than a social media story that will disappear. Live streaming can be found for replay, but like podcasts, followers can find specific times to watch their favorite streamers.

Interactive TV

The coolest bonus of live stream is the ability of interacting with the talent. If you haven’t seen a live steam party on Facebook, people can type in questions or comments and the streamer can answer immediately. Gaining knowledge is the greatest gift of live streaming TV, unlike reality TV, which doesn’t seem to lack in most cases. Live tv is reality tv, one on one.

Live streaming isn’t difficult to watch or learn how to use, once you are able to wrap your head around the basic concept. Gamers have been using this process for years to play one another around the world. Yet, it has grown so much that other individuals will watch gaming tv streams to learn how to level up on their favorite games. What an amazing use of live streaming TV! The learning possibilities are endless.

It’s time for us all to level up and understand this is the future, now, of internet communication and entertainment.

We are all beautiful, gifted creatures. The purpose of a successful life is to help others. Are you interested in contributing more to the planet? Do you have a skill you want to share? Do you have the desire to teach people something? Sensestar is currently looking for talent to submit ideas and material. If you are a female that feels you have an amazing talent you should share with the world, go to Sensestar for more information.

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