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What’s Stopping You From Wearing Shorts This Summer?

What’s Stopping You From Wearing Shorts This Summer?

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Winter has been long and unforgiving this year and, if you’re anything like most, you’re pleased to see that March is at least bringing some sunny days along with it right now. After what seems like forever, you can finally put those chunky jumpers away and start looking towards the season of salads and shorts. And, it couldn’t come soon enough.

The only trouble is that shorts are looking a little daunting now you’ve been able to cover your legs all winter long. The idea of bearing it all is pretty petrifying right now. By the end of last summer, you were wearing shorts loud and proud. Now, though, you’ve lost your nerve. And the chances are there are reasons why.

Shorts are just one of those items which can be tough to pull off. At the very least, you have to be confident in your body to make these work. While they can look fantastic when worn right, they can also become a fashion disaster. That’s especially the case if you make one of many short faux pas when wearing them.

But, what exactly are these faux pas, and are they behind your short-based fear this year?

Thunder thighs

After all those winter carbs, it’s possible that your thighs aren’t exactly streamlined right now. Who can blame you? Anything to get through the colder months. The trouble is that thunder thighs and shorts don’t go hand in hand. Before you know, you’ll be sweating it out in jeans through the warmest weather. Don’t let it happen. Instead, turn your attention to thigh fat now to ensure you slim down before summer hits. Something simple like bike riding or squats can make a difference here. Pair these with a more summer-based diet, and you could be bossing shorts before you know.

Trashy tattoos

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Some short-based worries are a little trickier to address. Take, for instance, people who have unflattering tattoos on their legs or ankles. It may be that you got a terrible tattoo when you were young, or that you thought it’d be romantic to get a partner’s name. For whatever reason, you can’t stand showing that mark to the world. Perhaps you broke up with your partner during winter or grew up a bit. Either way, embarrassed doesn’t even begin to cover your feelings about it now. Admittedly, the cure for this isn’t as easy as exercising, but there are ways to work around this for short success. First, ask questions like ‘how does laser removal work?’ and ‘how much will it cost me?’. Once you know these basics, you can book up for a removal procedure well before the hottest weather hits. As simple as that, you’ll be able to reach for shorts without thought.

Shaving rashes

Shaving rashes are another common reason for worry when wearing shorts. No one wants to leave their chicken legs on display, after all. The trouble is that, if you aren’t careful, it’s all too easy to fall foul to this issue. This is especially the case if you’ve gotten lax with shaving during the winter. Suddenly shaving off that long hair could lead to all manner of problems. At least, it can if you don’t take care. As a general rule, though, there are things you can do to avoid this issue. Using high-end sharp razors can be a huge help in itself here. You should also aim to exfoliate and moisturize after every shaving session. And, if you haven’t done so in a while, it’s worth starting shaving now. That way, you can address any issues which arise in the initial aftermath of your first shave of the year.

What about height?

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Sometimes, short aversions come about due to little more than height issues. People who are either tall or short may feel self-conscious with this choice as it can highlight your legs, and thus your height. Of course, there isn’t much you can do to address your height on the whole. What you can do, though, is consider different types of shorts. For taller people, extended options like Bermuda shorts could be the thing to even your legs out a little. For shorter ladies, low-rise shorts are sure to serve better. They can really lengthen the appearance of your legs.

If you’ve been shuddering at the idea of wearing shorts this year, it’s past time you addressed these issues. With a bit of luck, you’ll be wearing a pair loud and proud by the time the sun starts shining.

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What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet? By Amanda K.

What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet?

Provided by guest blogger.
Provided by guest blogger.

If you are overweight, losing weight is essential for a healthy lifestyle and an increased lifespan. This is medically proven and backed by many scientific studies. While we all know how important weight loss can be, sometimes finding the best diet to facilitate this feels frustrating and overwhelming. This article will help you to analyze some of the best programs out there, as well as key components that make up a healthy weight reduction plan.

Weight Watchers

One of the best diets for trimming down as evaluated by experts is Weight Watchers. This is a plan that has been around for years, and it is well developed and proven. The plan requires you to track your eating and exercise, as well as attend weekly meetings for weigh-ins and support. The key that makes this diet top the list of best diet plans for losing weight is that it combines the need for food modification, additional exercise and emotional support in order to successfully shed the pounds and keep them off.

Biggest Loser

In addition to Weight Watchers, the Biggest Loser Diet also rates high among weight loss plans. This plan focuses heavily on exercise and the way in which high levels of exercise help individuals to lose weight. If there is a con to this diet, it is only that the amount of exercise required may be more than some severely obese individuals are able to successfully undertake immediately. Still, this plan figures high when experts consider the best program for most individuals.
When evaluating these two plans, as well as others that have proven effective when one embarks on a weight loss journey, there are a few elements that they have in common. First, sensible eating is key to both of these plans, as well as many others that have proven track records. Sensible eating means eating three meals and two snacks a day, and it also means consuming healthy foods such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. It means reducing processed, sugar filled foods and watching portions carefully.

Physical Activity Essential

In addition, both of these plans and others that top the list of best weight loss diet plans also have an exercise element to them. Remember that physical activity at some level is key to losing weight. While weight loss can be achieved without it, scientific studies show that weight comes off at an increased speed when exercise is added, and individuals have an easier time sustaining a healthy weight. Moderate exercise of at least thirty minutes, three times a week, is key if you hope to lower your body mass in a healthy way and keep in shape.

When it comes to selecting the most suitable systemic approach to lowering your bodyweight you have many options. While some programs might be more individually suited to you than others, they all offer the opportunity for success if you follow them closely and maintain a level of support that promotes success. The most important thing to do is stay on track, and do so in a safe manner that doesn’t damage your health.

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