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Organise a Wedding That Will Live Long in the Memory

Organise a Wedding That Will Live Long in the Memory

Weddings are always special. Weddings are always magical. They’re a joyous occasion that are unrivalled by any other celebration of life, save the birth of a child. They are a joy to behold. They are also, however, a general activity in life. And like with other general activities in life, they can fall from the memory. Now, of course, for the bride and groom the memory of the wedding day will never fade — for better or worse depending on how the marriage turns out. But for the guests, especially those that have a bit too much to drink on the day, the event can become a bit hazy. ‘I thought that was Harry and Sally’s wedding? Or was it Bill and Sue’s? Oh, I don’t know,’ is something you may have said in the past. There’s nothing wrong with this. Weddings are generally the same and it can be hard for guests to remember specific details about the ones they’ve attended. But if you’re planning a wedding, or plan to plan one in the future, you want yours to be memorable, right? There are ways to make a wedding live long in the memory of those that attend it. A few of them can be found below.

Creative and Alternative Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland
Creative and Alternative Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland

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There are many ways to make your wedding more memorable but the most popular way to do so today is to have the ceremony abroad. If you’re in your late twenties and early thirties you can probably attest that there is seemingly a wedding abroad every couple of months. This is growing trend because of a few things. One is that, generally, it means the ceremony is taking place in the most beautiful of places. Another is that it will make the wedding memorable. In the future, when guests are having a hard time differentiating between weddings that they’ve been to they can just think back to where it took place. If Harry and Sally’s took place on the picturesque Amalfi Coast, then guests will remember this. If Bill and Sue’s took place in Rome, then this will be remembered also. If Bob and Janet’s took place in their hometown, however, then their wedding may fall short when it comes to living long in the memory. Having a wedding in a certain place, and making this the focal point of the ceremony, is a great way to make a wedding memorable because it geographically place marks it. If you want to take this venture then like Harry and Sally, and Bill and Sue, look no further than the beautiful country of Italy.

Another way to make a wedding live long in the memory is to ensure that there is an extensive amount of evidence that it took place. Not only this, but the evidence should be a symbol of that specific wedding and the bride and groom. For instance, this not only means that a plethora of photographs, both professional and amateur, should be taken. It means that the photos that are taken represent the personality and lives of the couple. If you and your significant other half love cars, why not pose for your wedding photos in your favourite motor? If you have a pet in your family that you are synonymous for owning, then why not have it be in the photos with you? There’s nothing wrong with bending the rules when it comes to ‘traditional’ photographs in order to have snaps taken of you that represent you and your other half. And the snaps that are taken, no matter what they represent, will last a lifetime both in albums and online. Because of this everything should be perfect — from the bride’s dress to her teeth. When it comes to the former it’s easy to forget that the dress is snapped even before it is put on. Because of this you should ensure that it is hanging on something that looks nice and pretty and not a wire hanger. When it comes to the latter, the bride’s teeth, she should have them tended to before the wedding if she wants them perfect for the photos. Whether it be teeth whitening that a bride is after or procedures on her teeth, she should learn about MyDentalBrush.com. They offer an extensive amount of services and procedures that can give any bride a smile she’s happy to flash in the most important photographs she’ll ever have taken of her.

A final bit of advice when it comes to making a wedding memorable is to simply break some rules with yours. As mentioned, weddings, as special as they are, are generally the same. They take place in the same kind of places. They follow the same sort of timeline. So if you want your wedding to stand out, why not have it take place in a different kind of place? Why not have it take place outdoors? There are plenty of pros to having a wedding outdoors. One is that little to no decor would be needed. Another is that there is more of a wide and open space available. The biggest one, however, is that it would be memorable. If you want your wedding to stand out in the memory, then why not make it ‘that one that took place outside’. The one big con with an outdoor wedding is, of course, the weather. You can’t control the weather, so you could find yourself in the midst of rainfall just as you are about to say ‘I do’. But, to be honest, this would probably make the wedding memorable as well!

So, if you’re planning a wedding then why not do all you can to make it as memorable as possible for each and every one of your guests? Yes, the memories of it may last with you and your fiancé a lifetime regardless. But to make this the case for your guests you have to go above and beyond. You have to go the extra mile and further to ensure that every little detail lives long in the memory.

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Be a Blushing Bride- Not a Self Conscious One!

Be a Blushing Bride- Not a Self Conscious One!

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your entire life- and when all eyes are on you, it’s natural to want to look your best. The last thing you want to do is spend the day feeling self-conscious, or look back at your wedding photos in a few years and regret the fact that you didn’t like how you looked. Here are a few of the ways you can make sure you’re the perfect blushing bride on your big day.


A huge proportion of brides lose some weight before their big day. Reaching a weight you’re happy and comfortable at means you’re more likely to love how you look in your dress. Don’t aim for anything unrealistic, be aware that healthy weight loss is just one to two pounds a week. So if you have a lot of weight that you plan on losing, starting as early on as possible is your best bet. If you’re already at your target weight, toning up could be the way to go. Specifically, your arms, back, and shoulders since these will be on display in most wedding dresses. If you are at a healthy weight but have stubborn areas of fat that you just can’t get rid of, you could even consider a cosmetic procedure. It could be a non-invasive body contouring technique such as fat freezing, or traditional liposuction. Make sure you check out healing times so you know you’ll be healed in plenty of time for the big day. A professional surgeon such as board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Zemplenyi would be able to give you the advice you needed.


Of course, it’s important to take care of your skin at all times, but especially so in the run up to your wedding. Gorgeous, healthy and glowy skin will make you look like the most stunning bride. Consider booking in for a facial a few months before the wedding. There they will be able to diagnose your skin type and recommend products that work perfectly for you. Sticking to a good regime each day, and including weekly face masks that are targeted to your skin type will help to get it looking its very best. If you’re self-conscious about fine lines, treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion can help. Again just be aware of any healing time you’ll need after any procedures, so you’re ready in time for your wedding.



On your wedding day, you’re sure to be grinning from ear to ear, after all- it’s one of the happiest days of your life! So a sparkling smile is one of your best accessories on the big day. You could consider veneers or teeth whitening treatments. These include trays from the dentist, laser teeth whitening or even over the counter teeth whitening kits that you can buy. Depending on how your teeth currently look and what vision you have in mind for your smile. Consider booking a dentist appointment in advance who will be able to give you advice.


Your hair is your crowning glory, and having lovely shining hair is a surefire way to look incredible on your wedding day. Having it cut and colored by a professional is your best option. Then you can go about maintaining it at home with oils and deep conditioning treatments. If you’ve always wanted long hair but struggle to grow yours, you could consider getting extensions.

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