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Why You Should Make the Move from Cigarettes to Vaping Straight Away

Why You Should Make the Move from Cigarettes to Vaping Straight Away

So you’ve seen all the adverts that tell you to quit smoking, you’ve heard all the horror stories about how smoking gives you cancer, and somehow you just can’t give it up. Well, it isn’t your fault, smoking is addictive and can take years to get over truly. There is something you can do though, step away from the tobacco and give vaping a try. Tips for a Vape Lifestyle Brand: And here is a list of reason why it isn’t just the latest trend, and it is for you.

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1) First of all, quitting smoking is hard. If you’ve ever tried to stop, you’ll know that it is almost impossible. So instead of completely quitting cold turkey, it’s nice to have something that takes the attention away from the fact that you’re not smoking anymore. If you try vaping instead, you’ll be focused on the new thing that you’re trying rather than the old thing you’re leaving behind. Vaping does replace the smoking, so you’ll honestly hardly notice.

2) With vaping, there is a lot more choice than there is with just smoking cigarettes. If you vape, there are so many more flavours and different types of vapes you can use! There are also so many reviews of them all, like Vapor Vanity. Which is great as it means that you can always read about the new models and flavours before you try them, it is something that you can immerse yourself in and get a lot of enjoyment out of it!

3) When making the switch to vaping, it has been scientifically proven to give you significant health benefits straight away (if you were smoking cigarettes before hand). As well as it lessening the risks that smoking brings you in the long run as well. This is because 91% of people who have switched to vaping tried to only quit smoking before but couldn’t manage it. Then when they tried vaping instead, as a replacement, they were able to stop smoking the cigarettes.

4) Cigarettes have a horrible way of making you look older than you are. Which is funny because we would spend hundreds on face products and eye cream that claim to make us look younger and reduce the appearance of wrinkles but smoking one of the things that ages you the most in the world. It is horrible for you skin, it dried it out and hardened it. You don’t get these side effects from vaping, however!

5) There are a lot of other reasons that vaping is better as well!

  • Vaping is cheaper than smoking
  • There are so many different flavours to try!
  • You aren’t supporting the massive tobacco industry
  • You won’t go around smelling of tobacco smoke anymore!

Once you’ve taken all of this into consideration, there really should be no question on whether you should quit smoking or not! It is so easy and so much better for you as well! So next time you head out to buy a pack of cigarettes, tack a different turn and pick up a new vape, at least give it a go! You’ll never know unless you try!

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