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Health Tips For People That Work From Home

Health Tips For People That Work From Home

More people than ever now work from home, and it really can be a dream situation. No long commute, no annoying colleagues and even less sick days where you’re exposed to less people’s germs. But there are some downsides, and there are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to looking after your mental and physical health. Here are some examples. 

Get a proper desk and computer chair

When you work from home, it’s tempting to sit on your bed typing away or slouched on the sofa. But this isn’t good for your posture, especially over the long term. Set yourself up with a proper office space, buy a desk and a chair that allows you to sit comfortably for many hours and provides your back and neck with support. If you’re already experiencing pain, consider a chiropractor for lower back pain or look into massage therapy. Once you’re recovered, take steps to prevent pain from occurring again by sitting properly to do your work. 

Get outside every day

When you work outside of your home, you of course have to leave the house to get to your workplace. However, when your work is also where you live, it’s easy to fall into a routine where most days you don’t even go out. This can be bad for both mental and physical health and is definitely something to be aware of if you work from home. Something as simple as taking your dog for a walk every lunchtime or getting out to the gym, pool or park a few times a week can be really useful. Combining exercise with getting out of the house kills two birds with one stone, you’re looking after both your mental and physical health. 


When you have a traditional workplace such as an office or shop, you’re surrounded by work colleagues each day. Even if these aren’t your closest friends, you’re still interacting with people on a daily basis which is good for your brain. Working from home generally means working alone which can be a little lonely over time. Make an effort to meet with friends, say yes to social opportunities when they come up and if you have the chance to socialise- take it. It’s even more important to do so when you’ve spent most of your week by yourself.

How do you you take care of your health as a home based worker?

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What Does ‘Being Healthy’ Really Mean?

What Does ‘Being Healthy’ Really Mean?

What ‘health’ is, mainly depends on who you ask. For some people, it’s about being a certain weight or the number on their scale. Others might describe it as being a certain level of fitness. The truth is, health is incredibly complex. It refers to the mind, body, and soul and is about thriving rather than just surviving. There are lots of different factors to take into consideration to understand what well-being and ‘health’ really is. Here are just a few of them.

Maintaining a Healthy Body

Three things that contribute towards a healthy body are regular exercise, good nutrition and getting enough sleep. Regarding the physical body, a healthy balance between fat and muscle based on your age and gender will allow you to function at optimal levels. Using a BMI calculator is a quick and easy way to check where you need to be and what your health risks are based on your weight. For example, a low BMI can result in a low immune system, anemia, muscle wasting and lead to osteoporosis. A high BMI is linked to preventative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and stroke. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the best way to give your body all of the nourishment it needs, although adding vitamins and supplements is a good insurance policy. Plenty of water helps to keep you hydrated, improve the function of your organs, improve skin and many other benefits. Drinking alkaline water which you can gain with the use of an alkaline jug is even more beneficial. If you’re wondering what is alkaline water good for, it can provide your body with an important antioxidant which protects against cancer-causing free radicals. It also helps to oxygenate the body preventing diseases from thriving.

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Looking After Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

The connection between mental and physical health is now widely accepted by health professionals. And so a healthy mind (both cognitively and emotionally) is crucial for physical health and vice versa. There are number of ways you can improve your mental health. One of them includes practicing mindfulness which is being aware of the present moment, rather than feeling of anxious of the future, or feeling regret and guilt about the past. Giving back to others is a great way to boost your mental health. Volunteering allows you to help others which can give you a sense of satisfaction. If you are suffering from a mental health problem and it’s affecting your life and happiness, it’s a good idea to speak to a doctor.

Staying Social and Keeping Connected

As social creatures, humans can quickly feel lonely and isolated without a good support network. This means that staying social is important for good health. You can improve your social wellbeing by connecting with others, maintaining your friendships. Join classes where you might meet others, socialize and mix with other people when you can. Rather than turn down that invitation to a family dinner or a day out with friends, say yes! It’s all more important than you probably think!

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Keep Sickness At Bay With These Basic Steps

Keep Sickness At Bay With These Basic Steps

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We all want to be as healthy as possible, yet achieving this is often easier said than done. One of the major concerns for most people is avoiding illness. Of course, illness can strike at any time, and there is only a limited amount you can do about it. Preventing it is often a matter of luck above anything else. Still, it is wise to do everything in your power to prevent yourself getting sick in the first place. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the basic steps you can take to keep sickness at bay. Let’s take a look now.

Keep Up With The Basics

While there are certain illnesses which just crop up anyway, there is also plenty that can be done to prevent them. One of the most essential steps you can take is to keep up with your basic health care. This is something which can be surprisingly easy to forget about. Partly it is a testament to the way that we live our lives in the modern world. We are often so rushed off our feet that we fail to properly take care of ourselves. Still, it is important, and we should be doing it as best as we can. If you have found yourself failing to look after yourself recently, then start today to make that change. Make an effort to get as much exercise as your schedule allows. Remember the basic importance of eating a balanced diet. And make sure that you get a decent night’s sleep every night. Just these three things will go a long way towards keeping you healthy and away from illness.

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Get To Know Your Body

One of the most important things in relation to sickness is being able to spot it early. And this is remarkably easier the better you know your body. If you understand your own body well, then you are much more likely to notice when something goes wrong. And the earlier you notice, the easier it usually is to fix the problem or the illness. So spend some time learning your own unique body as well as you can. This could make all the difference.

Know When To See The Doctor

Many people fail to properly understand when it is that they should see the doctor and when they should not. If anything is worrying you or has been persisting, then of course you should see your doctor. However, it might not always be necessary to go to your local medical practice. Sometimes, you can discover the answer you need just by using a Dr App or online service. Knowing when to see the doctor and when not to is important both for yourself and for the health service that you would be using.

Cut Out Bad Habits

Finally, you may as well do everything you can to cut out those bad habits which lead to illness. Things like smoking and excessive drinking are top of the list here. These habits are particularly dangerous, and it is wise to stop them as soon as you can.

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