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Organise a Wedding That Will Live Long in the Memory

Organise a Wedding That Will Live Long in the Memory

Weddings are always special. Weddings are always magical. They’re a joyous occasion that are unrivalled by any other celebration of life, save the birth of a child. They are a joy to behold. They are also, however, a general activity in life. And like with other general activities in life, they can fall from the memory. Now, of course, for the bride and groom the memory of the wedding day will never fade — for better or worse depending on how the marriage turns out. But for the guests, especially those that have a bit too much to drink on the day, the event can become a bit hazy. ‘I thought that was Harry and Sally’s wedding? Or was it Bill and Sue’s? Oh, I don’t know,’ is something you may have said in the past. There’s nothing wrong with this. Weddings are generally the same and it can be hard for guests to remember specific details about the ones they’ve attended. But if you’re planning a wedding, or plan to plan one in the future, you want yours to be memorable, right? There are ways to make a wedding live long in the memory of those that attend it. A few of them can be found below.

Creative and Alternative Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland
Creative and Alternative Wedding Photographers Northern Ireland

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There are many ways to make your wedding more memorable but the most popular way to do so today is to have the ceremony abroad. If you’re in your late twenties and early thirties you can probably attest that there is seemingly a wedding abroad every couple of months. This is growing trend because of a few things. One is that, generally, it means the ceremony is taking place in the most beautiful of places. Another is that it will make the wedding memorable. In the future, when guests are having a hard time differentiating between weddings that they’ve been to they can just think back to where it took place. If Harry and Sally’s took place on the picturesque Amalfi Coast, then guests will remember this. If Bill and Sue’s took place in Rome, then this will be remembered also. If Bob and Janet’s took place in their hometown, however, then their wedding may fall short when it comes to living long in the memory. Having a wedding in a certain place, and making this the focal point of the ceremony, is a great way to make a wedding memorable because it geographically place marks it. If you want to take this venture then like Harry and Sally, and Bill and Sue, look no further than the beautiful country of Italy.

Another way to make a wedding live long in the memory is to ensure that there is an extensive amount of evidence that it took place. Not only this, but the evidence should be a symbol of that specific wedding and the bride and groom. For instance, this not only means that a plethora of photographs, both professional and amateur, should be taken. It means that the photos that are taken represent the personality and lives of the couple. If you and your significant other half love cars, why not pose for your wedding photos in your favourite motor? If you have a pet in your family that you are synonymous for owning, then why not have it be in the photos with you? There’s nothing wrong with bending the rules when it comes to ‘traditional’ photographs in order to have snaps taken of you that represent you and your other half. And the snaps that are taken, no matter what they represent, will last a lifetime both in albums and online. Because of this everything should be perfect — from the bride’s dress to her teeth. When it comes to the former it’s easy to forget that the dress is snapped even before it is put on. Because of this you should ensure that it is hanging on something that looks nice and pretty and not a wire hanger. When it comes to the latter, the bride’s teeth, she should have them tended to before the wedding if she wants them perfect for the photos. Whether it be teeth whitening that a bride is after or procedures on her teeth, she should learn about MyDentalBrush.com. They offer an extensive amount of services and procedures that can give any bride a smile she’s happy to flash in the most important photographs she’ll ever have taken of her.

A final bit of advice when it comes to making a wedding memorable is to simply break some rules with yours. As mentioned, weddings, as special as they are, are generally the same. They take place in the same kind of places. They follow the same sort of timeline. So if you want your wedding to stand out, why not have it take place in a different kind of place? Why not have it take place outdoors? There are plenty of pros to having a wedding outdoors. One is that little to no decor would be needed. Another is that there is more of a wide and open space available. The biggest one, however, is that it would be memorable. If you want your wedding to stand out in the memory, then why not make it ‘that one that took place outside’. The one big con with an outdoor wedding is, of course, the weather. You can’t control the weather, so you could find yourself in the midst of rainfall just as you are about to say ‘I do’. But, to be honest, this would probably make the wedding memorable as well!

So, if you’re planning a wedding then why not do all you can to make it as memorable as possible for each and every one of your guests? Yes, the memories of it may last with you and your fiancé a lifetime regardless. But to make this the case for your guests you have to go above and beyond. You have to go the extra mile and further to ensure that every little detail lives long in the memory.

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Do I Want an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding and Reception?

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Do I Want an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding and Reception?


image-2-1It’s time to start planning your wedding, but before you start inviting your guests, you should think about the venues. Do you want to have your ceremony and reception in a restaurant, big wedding hall; or would you like it to be outside in the park, winery or at the mesmerizing Sydney beach? If you are having troubles deciding, then you should carefully list all the pros and cons of both options and see what best fits your budget and desires.

Indoor wedding

Pro: you don’t have to worry about the weather. Since you’re in a controlled environment, you don’t have to worry about sudden rain, snow or winds that could ruin your big day. You are basically safe to assume that both you and your guests will enjoy the wedding and reception in a comfortable and safe place.

Con: limited space. Every wedding venue has a maximum capacity, due to fire codes and other safety regulations. This may very well affect the number of guests you can invite. If you want a bigger reception, then you have to look for a bigger venue, which will be more expensive. Also, there might be some restrictions when it comes to decoration, which may alter the style of your wedding.

Pro: double purpose. Some venues have the capability to double both as a reception and ceremony venue. This can save you plenty of money if you are on a tight budget. Additionally, there are the benefits of being in a position to negotiate for lower package prices, catering services and even a free valet parking.

Con: higher demand. You should take into account the availability of the venues. If your wedding is during autumn or winter, then it will be harder to find available venues for your own wedding. During colder weather, the demand rises and you shouldn’t forget about that while planning your big day.

Outdoor wedding

image-4-3Pro: wide open space. Plenty of open space makes the whole wedding more family friendly. If there will be toddlers and children present who like to run around and move a lot, then it is easier to entertain them outdoors. Outdoor venues can accommodate many fun activities such as releasing birds, balloons, butterflies or paper lanterns and you can let the kids blow bubbles and enjoy. Also, if you have chosen to have a beach wedding, you can easily limit the open space with a few privacy screens from Sydney specialists and prevent any unwanted guests or letting your kids wander off.

Con: the weather. You can never know how the weather will turn out, so rain or snow could surprise you. Even though forecasts are close to predicting the weather, you cannot entirely plan it and the elements might end up ruining your big day. That’s why you should have a backup plan in case you are planning an outdoor wedding.

image-2-3Pro: little décor needed. The very nature is already you major wedding decoration. If you have chosen to have a reception at the park, you already have pretty flowers and plenty of greenery to complete the décor. If you are having a beach wedding, then there is nothing prettier than a mesmerizing landscape of a sunset or never-ending horizon. All you have to do is decorate the tables and chairs, and your wedding ceremony and reception are completely ready.

Con: restrooms. Even though many outdoor venues have restrooms nearby, it is probable that they are a bit further from the party. Decent walks may not be an issue for your guests, but it’s always good to ask about those facilities and their situation before booking an outdoor venue. It is beneficial to have a restroom nearby if some extreme or urgent situations do occur.

There you have it. The most common pros and cons people look at when deciding on their wedding venue. Sit together with your SO and see what fits your needs the best and have the most mesmerizing wedding day ever.

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Beauty Tips for Having an Amazing Wedding

By Guest blogger Diana S.

Beauty Tips for Having an Amazing Wedding

marriage-451596_960_720Organizing a wedding is a stressful enough endeavor as it is, and having to look your best doesn’t make it any easier. Even though your task as a bride will be to try to relax and focus on your beauty, most of the time, you will be stressed out. Nevertheless, with these handy tips at your disposal, you can make sure you will look astonishing on your wedding day.

Notice Any Blemishes

Proper skincare begins noticing blemishes and any other marks on your skin you don’t want to be seen during your perfect wedding. You probably already know it, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure what your skin type is. This will play a key role in deciding what kind of treatment you need, and whether or not some creams will help. Choosing the wrong product just before your big day might have really bad results, since some might cause more harm than good.

Learn How to Do Facial Cleansing at Home

image-5-2In order to start purifying your skin and making sure it will glow when the big day arrives, learn how to put together a good deep cleansing facial. Avoid going overboard because too much of it could have dire consequences and you might end up ruining your skin permanently. After all, keep in mind that looking beautiful takes time, which is why you should start with treatments well before your wedding week.

Watch Your Diet

image-2-1You can achieve much by watching what you eat, and how you prepare your meals. Some foods can be great for your skin, and will do miracles. However, you still need to make sure your diet is healthy and isn’t causing you any health issues, otherwise, your body could react in a strange way. On the other hand, you shouldn’t adopt a specific diet only for your wedding; make sure to follow it afterwards and you will have radiant skin many will be jealous of.

Make Sure to Get Enough Sleep

Even though it sounds impossible, especially when you have so many chores to get done before the wedding, it is imperative that you get plenty of sleep. If you feel exhausted and tired all the time, your skin will show it as well. Above all, get quality sleep, because if you sleep less than usually, resting up will do you a world of good. Your skin will look simply astounding and you will feel great.

Cut Back on Stress

Good planning is key to a successful and stress-free organization of your wedding. Try to get everything done on time to ensure that you won’t have any issues to deal with later on. One of the most important things to mail before it’s too late are your wedding invitations, otherwise, nobody will show up on the most joyful day of your life. It’s a good idea to hire a wedding planner, who will be able to handle all the tasks, on time and with maximum precision. This will significantly unburden you and give you enough time to prepare yourself.

image-1-2The wedding will be all about you, which is why you should make sure you look your absolute best. Also, every girl’s dream is to have a fairy-tale wedding. However, that can be difficult to pull off if the bride does not fit into the fairy-tale setting. Be sure to start preparations in time, to have all the blemishes on your skin handled, so that when you arrive before the altar, people are awestruck by your beauty.

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Choosing Your Wedding Colours: How Do You Go About It?

Choosing Your Wedding Colours: How Do You Go About It?

14662119245_28b757ae08_bLink: Flikr

Your wedding colors play a vital role in how your overall day will look. They’ll set the tone, show your personality and affect how everything comes together on the big day. If you’re unsure of how to go about it, here are some pointers which might help.

Speak To Your Bridesmaids

Your accent color will decide what color dresses your bridesmaids will be wearing on the day. Talk to them and ask them if there are any colors they are especially uncomfortable with wearing, which may help you to narrow down your choice. For example, certain shades (particularly very bright shades) like orange, green or yellow won’t be the most flattering with most people’s skin tones. Of course, it’s your big day, but try not to go too bridezilla! Your close friends as your bridesmaids will be up there with you too, and you don’t want them to feel insecure or self-conscious. It could be a good idea to have a few shades in mind for your wedding, and then go dress shopping with your bridesmaids first. Then if you manage to find the perfect gown, this is your main color choice to go for.

Draw Inspiration From Your Setting or Venue

Once you’ve decided on a venue, take a look around at the existing color scheme. If it’s a blank slate, you have free reign but anything with colored walls or carpets will look better with coordinating tones. For example, if your venue has orange carpets and you want mint green as your accent shade, it’s not going to look visually pleasing overall! If you have a charming, rustic looking venue, then a super modern and crisp color scheme may look out of place. So it can be worth spending some time thinking about how everything will look and all come together before finalizing your choice.

Think of Your Wedding Decorations

If you have a particular type of flower you have always wanted to use in your wedding, find out what colors these come in. Many flowers such as roses can be bought in lots of different colors, so you have more choice. But bear in mind that more unusual shades will be harder to locate, and cost more money. If for example, you’ve always loved lilacs or sweet pea flowers, it’s a clue that you should go down the purple/ lilac route. If you plan on using lilies, peonies or traditional roses, then pink is the best choice. Another thing to think about is your wedding stationery since this will also incorporate your colors. This is the first hint guests will get of your big day so you’ll want to get it right. You could order some wedding invitation samples before placing the full order so you can see how your colors and designs look together.

Co-Ordinate Colors By Season

Use the season you’re getting married in to help decide on your color palette. Pastel hues are typical in the spring- lilacs, powder blues, and pale dusky pinks are good choices. For summer you could go with something more vibrant- fuchsia, coral or teal could be a great option. Fall moves into warmer shades, burgundy, berry red, burnt orange, and golds. And winter works well with cool blue shades from light ice blue to navy to silvers and gray tones.

Pick Your Favourite Colours

While there’s more to choosing great wedding shades than simply picking your favorites, it’s a good place to start. These are your favorites for a reason, they inspire and draw you to them and so could be a good option for your wedding. If you’re not sure, there are an enormous amount of wedding pictures online to look through. Search somewhere like Pinterest and see which shots you’re most drawn to. From that, you should get a good idea as to what colors attract you most.

Search For Color Combinations That Work

For your accent color, you could pick two different shades of the same color- for example, pale blue and navy. Or you could choose contrasting yet complementing hues. This includes combinations such as blush pink and gray, mint and peach or red and black. That way once you’ve decided on your first shade, it’s easy to choose a second since you can narrow the search down to complementary shades.

Go With an Achromatic Color

Finally, if nothing seems quite right then an achromatic shade is a good way to add accent hue without going down the colorful route. Tones of gray/silver or black can look striking against white for a wedding. So if you’re not really into color, or just want to make a statement this is an excellent way to go.

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These Amazing Tips Can Stop You Becoming A Dreaded Bridezilla

These Amazing Tips Can Stop You Becoming A Dreaded Bridezilla

If you have been to a few weddings this summer, you may have encountered a dreaded bridezilla. I’m sure you know exactly the type of bride I’m talking about. They are the ones who take on way too much of the wedding preparation and get incredibly stressed out in their quest to organize the perfect day. No one wants to become a bridezilla. But unfortunately, it sometimes happens to women without them even noticing. So how do you prevent yourself from turning into a wedding control freak? Here are some useful tips.


Stay Within Budget

One of the best ways to keep stress at bay is to come up with a reasonable budget and stick to it. After all, there is no better way to get stressed than by getting yourself into debt. So before you even think about booking a venue or buying a dress, take a look at your finances. How much can you afford to spend on your big day? Once you have a figure, you can then start to look for venues, dresses and other wedding necessities that are within your price range. There are plenty of budgeting guides online like http://www.bridesmagazine.co.uk/planning/general/planning-service/2013/01/average-cost-of-wedding

Don’t Do Everything Yourself

Remember that it is perfectly okay to ask others for help. Your partner should by pulling his weight with your wedding organization and planning. If he isn’t, let him know that you could do with his help. You can also ask your parents and bridesmaids for some other bits of preparation help. There are also some companies that can take certain tasks off your hands. For instance, a wedding planner can help you decorate your venues. And you can also hire design firms that can personalize wedding invites for you including http://www.paperthemes.co.uk/wedding-stationery

Ask Someone To Keep Your Behavior In Check

You should ask your maid of honor to keep a check on your behavior and moods. If she thinks that you are suffering from bridezilla-style mood swings or are getting too stressed, she can take you to one side and have a word with you. You may not realize when you are starting to obsess over minor and pointless details. If you have someone keeping an eye on you, you can quickly put a stop on things when you slip into bridezilla territory.

Think About Your Priorities

Does it really matter what type of flowers you have on your reception tables? Or the type of pillows that your ring bearers carry the wedding rings on? At the end of the day, probably not. There is only one thing that truly matters. And that is that you and your partner can enjoy the day celebrating your love. So rather than fussing over the small details, change your priorities and look at the big picture instead.

Stick to all the points in this blog post, and you won’t have to worry about scaring everyone with bridezilla behavior!

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