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Body Art for Men: Trends for 2020

Body Art for Men: Trends for 2020

Body modification and body art is nothing new; men and women alike have been adorning themselves with piercings, tattoos and other forms of body expression for years now. Trends come and go, though, while a few old classics have managed to stand the test of time. 

    Below, we’ve compiled a list of the current most popular trends and men’s styles in body modification and art for both piercings and tattoos in 2020. Do you see yours on the list? 

Photo Credit: Vitoria Santos


Piercings will never go out of style. With so many different types to choose from, and so many different varieties of body jewelry, you’ll never get bored with your piercings. 

Back in the late 1990s, when piercing hit a fever pitch, it was all about the tongue ring and the eyebrow ring. Those are still around, but they’ve fallen a little out of trend, in favor of other, newer piercing styles. While not new, labret piercings (in the chin), philtrum piercings (just under the nose/top lip), and septum piercings (under the nose as opposed to the side/nostril) are all hugely popular at the moment, and for good reason: all of them look really cool. All three styles are relatively easy to care for and don’t pose a lot of risk for infection as long as you take care of them. 

Classic piercing locations that have stood the test of time are the lip piercing, the side nose ring, nipple piercings and the ever-traditional ear piercing (both earlobe and helix, which is higher up on the ear). All of these classic styles look great on any guy (or gal), and are easy to care for, with a huge variety of jewelry options available. 

Then there’s some of the more avantgarde piercing styles, such as corset piercing and dimple piercing. 

If you’re interested in making an appointment for men ear piercing, or any other type of body piercing, contact your local piercer or body studio to make an appointment. Many tattoo shops also do piercings. 


Tattoos are also nothing new, but the technology that tattoo artists are using is always changing and just gets cooler and cooler. These days, tattoos are more than just your usual blocky design or quick-to-fade ink. Tattoos can be done in watercolor, in white ink or invisible ink, 3D style tattoos, and so much more. 

In recent years, popular trends have waned from the usual blocky lettering or tribal tattoos of the past, with body art enthusiasts instead opting for lifelike portraits of loved ones, celebrities and even their own pets. These ultra-lifelike portraits are so detailed that you’d never guess they could be done on flesh, but they can. 

Many enterprising tattoo studios are also starting to offer cover-up tattoos at lower or discounted costs for victims of abuse who may have scars, which is a really empathetic and creative way to give back to the community. And you’d be surprised at how amazing these tattoos look!

Tattoos used to have such a stigma attached but these days, almost everyone has at least one. So what are you waiting for? 

Whether you’re interested in a piercing, a tattoo, or both, 2020 is a great time to take advantage of a hot new trend and get some body art that looks totally awesome. 

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Japanese Samurai Portrait Tattoos: An Artistic Statement

Japanese Samurai Portrait Tattoos: An Artistic Statement

Some people who have always wanted a tattoo, just like the look of it. They like the fact it makes them look different from the average person walking around. It may not mean much to them, as getting a tattoo to them, may be purely for aesthetic reasons. For some people, however, tattoos are a thing of art. Body art has exploded among the Millennial generation. Many more people are now getting unique tattoos that have a personal meaning to them. There are some places around the world that have inspired tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike. One of the best tattoo styles to take inspiration from, are those that have inking, in their culture. The Japanese samurais of past centuries tattooed themselves for many reasons. Those reasons have drifted down into the present day, and many people align themselves with them.

Image by – Utagawa Yoshiiku

The meaning

Samurai swordsman used tattoos as a means of declaring allegiance to their feudal masters. Their masters paid them a wage, gave them a room to stay in, and after long years of service, gave them land and property. The relationship between soldier and commander was much closer than other cultures of the same time period. Respect, honor, and loyalty were the key aspects of a samurai’s life. However, the tattoos they gave each other, weren’t lines or shapes, but rather, portraits of scenes and important figures in their lifestyle. Honorable samurais who died in battle, masters who were kind to their subjects, and maidens who blessed them before battle, were the most popular styles of the day.

Photo source – Felix_Broennimann

When bringing it to life

Japanese portrait art’s main colors are green, red, black and blue. You can bring your own inks to the tattoo artist you’ve chosen, so you can get the most authentic look possible. The best tattoo inks are hard to come by, so choosing the highest quality kinds will take a little research. Safe tattoo ink must also be FDA approved for safety and be low in toxicity. The best ingredient will either be arsenic or lead, but they should feature in the ink, in moderate quantities. The brighter, the better, because as the body art ages, the sun will gradually fade the ink away; therefore get it as bright as you can so it lasts a long time.

The style

Whichever style you’re looking for, the Japanese portrait art tattoo culture is not for the faint hearted. The portrait tattoos are artistic endeavors, and they require a lengthy process to be completed. The design must be exquisite, but also practical. This won’t be just any body art you’re getting, the Japanese take their tattoo history very seriously. Out of respect, you should carefully plan the type of style you’re going to have. Study various periods of the culture, such as the Feudal Edo Period. Portraits always have a figure in the frame, so you must choose an entity or a person that once lived as the main character of your tattoo. They can be aggressive, loving, powerful, wealthy or giving a symbolic gesture.

A portrait will most likely go on your back, legs or ribs, because this kind of art style, needs more room than just symbols and decal-like designs. It carries with it, a long and powerful history, so it’s wise to learn up on this style before you delve into it. The portrait you choose should have some personal meaning to you, so it’s a symbolic gesture as well as a personal statement.

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Favourite Tattoo Styles In 2016. By Guest Blogger Diana S.

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Favourite Tattoo Styles In 2016

Photo provided by creativecommons
Photo provided by creativecommons

Trends come and go but…tattoos are forever? Yes, during the last couple of years we have witnessed all kinds of tattoo designs that have adorned the bodies of those artistic soles. While some past trends have managed to stay popular for yet another tattoo season, others were not so fortunate. Luckily, 2016 is bringing a lot of fresh and exciting trends that will simply urge you to welcome ink onto your skin at least once more.

They Are Back!

Sometimes conceived as grim and often associated with death and other not-so –pleasant occurrences, these tattoos actually hold much graver meaning than first thought. For ages now, skull tattoos have been a popular choice for both male and female audience and it seems like they are the new denim – they never go out of style. 2016 is welcoming this trend once more, only now with some new and fresh designs that are making these ghastly tattoos one of our absolute favourites. Flames, wings and roses are still popular motifs but a lot of attention has been put on combining skulls with floral and nature motifs and adding just a bit more colour and details.

Complete Blackout

image 4(3)A recent trend that has swiftly taken over the tattoo parlours is made for those ink lovers that are not afraid to step up their game and really go to the extremes. The blackout tattoos are designed to cover large areas of your body in black ink, of course connecting these parts with carefully and edgy lines and embellishing the body with bold and striking designs. The origin of black-work design dates back to Polynesian art but only now has it found its way to our present trends. And by the looks of it – it is here to stay.


image 3(2)For those who are still not fully committed to covering their bodies in massive amounts of black ink, there is another ever-growing trend that allows you to add a bit of colour into your world and opt for a let’s say – a more gentle alternative. Contrary to what you might think, watercolour tattoos are not another trend of body paint, but they are actually tattoo designs simply resembling the blurred and diluted styles of watercolour paintings. They include a variety of subtle colours making it a perfect choice for those who wish to embellish their bodies in more cheerful tones.


A genuine blast to the past can now be achieved through mimicking the fine art of crocheting right there on your body. The wonderful crocheted and knitted designs that our grandmas used to make are now a growing trend among those ink fans that are trying to add a vintage vibe to their personalities. A perfect blend of bright, vivid colours with x shaped designs represents a complete innovation in the tattoo design and it seems like the trend is catching on pretty fast.


Are you ready to become one with universe? More people are starting to embrace their spirituality by resorting to mandala tattoos, which represent a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions. These tattoos are focused on balanced structures with a variety of different complex designs that represent your spiritual journey. Whether you want it in colour or you have decided to resort to the sole minimalism of black and white tattoos, it is good to know that this style is observed as one of the best tattoos in Sydney.

image 1(5)Quite similar to fashion, tattoo trends have a tendency of switching with the seasons. From the popular tribal tattoos of the 90s we have managed to arrive here to welcome the latest innovations that 2016 has brought with it. Now all we can do is wait and see what the next season carries in the tattoo department.

Tia’s Note: Be sure to research the tattoo parlor that you plan on attending. It’s important to know and feel comfortable with their process on sterilization and safety.

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