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Finally Want To Make A Change To Your Health This Year?

Finally Want To Make A Change To Your Health This Year?

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We all want to be healthy – it’s ingrained in our very nature. After all, it’s the key to survival. But it’s about more than that. It’s about living a happy life. Still, finding the motivation to improve your lifestyle can be tough. You might observe others who live healthy lives and feel that their kind of lifestyles would be difficult for you to maintain. However, there are plenty of different ways to take care of your body and your mind. If you finally want to make a change to your health this year then the suggestions in this post should provide you with the guidance that you need.

Improve your eating habits.

If you finally want to make a change to your health this year then you should start by improving your eating habits. It can be hard to develop a healthy diet because there are so many food options in the modern world but it isn’t always clear which options are actually good for you. You should aim to avoid refined sugars and saturated fats. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid all treats, but you should have a moderated and balanced diet. You should consume more water than sugary soft drinks. Your goal is to maintain a healthy weight. Fill your diet with natural foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Those food groups will give you the nutrients you need.

Put a stop to unhealthy behaviour.

You also need to put a stop to unhealthy behaviour if you finally want to make a change to your health this year. The healthy habits you adopt won’t have the positive impact you desire if you keep up bad habits that negatively impact your mental and physical wellbeing. For instance, we talked about maintaining a healthy diet by reducing your intake of bad food as well as eating more greens. The same goes for things such as excessive alcohol consumption; many people consume vices in moderation, but you need to know when the occasional treat (such as a glass of wine in the evening) has become a little too frequent. If you’re trying to self-medicate because of physical pain then you might want to check out SHIPS Med. They can provide treatment for migraines and even chronic pain. You could put a stop to unhealthy behaviour by finding healthier ways to work through your struggles.

Take the importance of sleep seriously.

So few people fail to appreciate the importance of sleeping properly. However, this is the most important part of your day; it’s the time your body needs in order to restore its energy and get everything back in working order. Like a phone that reduces its functionality as it starts to run out of battery, your body and mind both fail to work at their optimal levels if you don’t get enough rest. Everybody knows this. You can feel the depletion in your energy levels as you try to face the day after a bad night’s sleep. But you might try to solve that with some caffeine or a cold shower.

Nevertheless, sleep deprivation can lead to other health problems that can’t be fixed with copious amounts of coffee. It can make you prone to colds and illnesses because it weakens your immune system. It can even slow your metabolism; so, your healthy diet might not have the effect you desire. Start sleeping properly and you’ll see an improvement in your overall wellbeing.

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Four Ways To Show Your Heart Some Love

Four Ways To Show Your Heart Some Love



Valentine’s Day is gone, but it’s still a great analogy for the heart. On the 14th of Feb, we give out heart-shaped cards and boxes of chocolates to show people how much we care. But, we don’t do the same for our bodies. The heart is one of the two most important organs in the body, yet most people treat it with zero respect. Remember that you only get one in a lifetime and there is no turning back. To be good to ourselves, we have to take a leaf out of the handbook of Robin S and ‘Show Me Love.’


These are four tips to take to heart.


Work It Out


About 25% of Americans don’t get enough physical exercise per week. One third is a huge percentage which shows how little people care about their heart. Don’t worry if you are part of this minority because it is possible to turn things around. All anyone has to do is start exercising on a regular basis. No one expects unfit and unhealthy people to compete with marathon runners so don’t attempt too much too soon. Instead, try walking and jogging at a slow pace and work up to a strenuous weekly plan.


Switch Allegiances


The USA is a nation of meat-eaters and meat-lovers according to recent research. An average person will consume 270 pounds per year, which is an extraordinary amount. Why is this a problem? Well, apart from the environmental issues, there’s the health factor to consider as red meat contains cacogenics. Plus, meat that isn’t lean is high in salt and saturated fats which increase cholesterol and put a strain on the heart. A solution is to switch sides and become a vegetarian. Eating leafy greens strengthens the muscle because they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Another option is to turn vegan, which is gaining in popularity even in the States.




Check Up On It


All seems fine yet there is no way of knowing unless you take a look under the hood. After all, some symptoms only start to show once an illness is in full swing. Without the right qualifications, you shouldn’t try a complicated invasive procedure at home. So, a heart doctor is an excellent person to have on speed dial, yet lots of Americans are skeptical because they don’t want to waste time. This attitude is a killer, which is why scheduling a monthly appointment is vital.




Cut Back


Sorry, but cigarettes and alcohol are not healthy. Take the example of Pennsylvania. Heart disease is the biggest killer in PA by quite a margin, and 18.1% of adults are smokers. That isn’t a coincidence as the chemicals in cigarettes weaken heart muscles. The same goes for drinking too much alcohol, also. Quitting is a long-term goal, but in the meantime try reducing the number you smoke and drink per day. Your heart will thank you for it as you age.


How do you like to show your heart that you care?

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9 Ways to Improve Your Brain Function

9 Ways to Improve Your Brain Function

Part of staying as young as possible for as long as possible is keeping your brain functioning well. Whether you need a brain boost because you’re a mother of four with a full-time job and just staying awake is a challenge or because you’re trying your best to climb the career ladder and you need to constantly be on top form, you’ll need to give your brain a fighting chance. Here are some ways you can give your brain a boost.




Play Games

Playing mentally stimulating games is a way of exercising your brain so it stays alert and ready. Your brain needs to be exercised, just like every other muscle in the body. You can play games like chess, word and picture puzzles, trivia games and many more. The great thing about this way of boosting your brain’s function is, it’s fun. You don’t have to look at it as a chore you have to complete to keep your brain young because it’s something the whole family can get involved in.



Have you ever noticed how much more motivated you are after exercise? It’s as if the world opens up and you can see things brighter and clearer. That’s the benefit exercise has on your brain. It increases the amount of blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to the brain. It also lowers blood pressure and reduces mental stress. It’s ideal for anyone that feels their job is stressful. We can’t always avoid stress at work, but exercising can go a long way to relieving your tension. Going for an early morning run is one of the best ways of setting yourself and your brain up for the day.


What Are You Eating?

Your diet has a direct effect on how your brain is functioning. It’s best to stay away from saturated fats, which means the less take-aways you eat, the better. B vitamins and folic acid are ideal for brain function and you’ll find plenty of those in leafy green vegetables. If you’re worried that you’re not getting your fill of the vitamins you need, you may want to take a supplement. You can get everything you need from brain function support nootropic. To ensure you get a good range of vitamins in your diet, why not try making smoothies for your breakfast?




Blood Pressure

Did you know that high blood pressure can lead to cognitive decline in old age? It’s also worth knowing that there are many things you can do to easily lower your blood pressure when you need to. Studies have found that stroking dogs can significantly lower a human’s blood pressure. That’s because most people become totally relaxed around dogs, especially puppies. You can also lower blood pressure by lowering the amount of alcohol you drink per week. For women, it should be no more than a glass of wine per day. For men, no more than 2 pints of beer per day.



Bad cholesterol has been linked to dementia in older age. It’s important to improve your cholesterol as soon as possible. You can do so by adjusting your diet and getting regular exercise. If you’re a smoker you may want to think about cutting down or giving up altogether. Here are some ways you can reduce your bad cholesterol and get more of the good.


Mental Health

We’re all affected by mental health at some point in our lives. Whether you go through a difficult time in your life, like a divorce or you’re clinically diagnosed with a mental health issue, it’s important to do what you can to look after your mental health. It goes without saying that the more pressure we have on our mind, the more likely our brains will need help to function in the future. If you feel like you need help to get through a particularly tough time in your life, counselling can be a fantastic way to take care of yourself.


Use Protective Equipment

It’s only as we get older that we realise that the things we did when we were younger do have consequences. If you think you can get away with riding a bike without a helmet, think again. Every fall, every hit, every accident; it’s all absorbed by our bodies. Even if we believe we’ve walked away without major injury and recover with no issues, the aches and pains may come back to haunt us. So, if you want your brain to function as well as possible in older age, you’ll need to protect is. Wear a helmet on a bike, wear protective gear when walking through a construction site and don’t take your body for granted.



Stay in the Game

Retirement doesn’t have to mean that you’re stuck at home watching re-runs of The Golden Girls. To keep your brain active, you need to be around other people. So, as you approach retirement, start to join clubs and groups where you can talk to like-minded people. One of the biggest complaints from retirees is loneliness. And, loneliness is no good for our brains. Of course, there will be days when you just want to be at home and relax, but staying connected to the community is a big key in keeping your brain active.



There’s nothing that broadens the mind quite as much as travel. It’s wonderful to see how other people live. Experiencing other cultures is the best way to awaken your brain. Travelling allows you to see new sights, taste new foods and speak different languages. It’s also the perfect excuse to totally relax. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or exploring the wonders of the country you’re in, you’ll surely have forgotten about all the stresses and responsibilities of home. Take a look at some of the top travel destinations for over 50’s.


Keeping your brain functioning well isn’t hard when you know how. All you need is zest for life, a balanced diet and some good exercise for your mind to be in tip top shape.


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