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Making Your House Look As Fresh As It Once Did

Making Your House Look As Fresh As It Once Did

Houses become worn out over time. It’s unavoidable. Even if you take good care of your humble abode, your paint will start to fade and bathroom tiles will become cracked or broken. Still, that doesn’t mean you should shrug your shoulders and allow your household to fall into disrepair. You can do something about it. Let’s talk about how you could start making your house look as fresh as it once did.

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Tidy up the place.

Firstly, you should tidy up the place. And we’re talking about more than just putting clothes in drawers or neatly arranging books on shelves. We’re talking about making your home look spacious and welcoming. A minimalistic home can be created by simply decluttering, and it doesn’t have to involve stripping your household of the possessions that you love. The goal is to get rid of things you no longer need in your life. If it holds no sentimental or practical value, then you can sell it or throw it away. As you slowly declutter your house, you’ll notice that rooms start to feel bigger and more inviting. This will help you to create a much tidier and fresher abode.

Redo your kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. So, if you want to make your house look as fresh as it once did, you should redo your kitchen. A makeover doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. You just need to know what changes will benefit this important room. You might even want to get help from home renovation specialists who can create a well-designed kitchen for you. They could give your household the makeover it truly needs. Improving certain things, such as kitchen worktops, could transform the design of this room and your home as a whole.

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Spruce up the outdoor area.

Don’t forget about the exterior design of your house if you want to improve its overall appearance. Obviously, the interior of your home is important, but first impressions really do affect our perception of things. If you’re uninspired by the outer appearance of your household, then this will affect your impression of the entire property. Make the front of your house look good, firstly. Some flowers in your front yard and a fresh coat of paint of your front door are both things that could make your home look more welcoming.

Whilst your back garden might not be immediately visible as you approach your home, it still affects the overall aesthetic of your household. You can probably see it from your kitchen or bedroom window. It affects the way you feel inside your home. Perhaps you could take a DIY approach when fixing up your garden. You could create some crate shelves on your walls to serve as storage for your plant pots. That would help to make your garden look neat and tidy. Perhaps you could also create a comfortable patio area to enjoy with your family. You just need to breathe a little life into this outdoor space.

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Crane Hire For Home Projects

Crane Hire For Home Projects

More and more companies are opting to hire a crane rather than buy one. There are many reasons why this is the case. The most obvious reason is the fact that it is a lot cheaper and businesses obviously want to keep their costs as low as possible. 


However, it is not just businesses who require crane hire. There are a lot of homeowners and DIY enthusiasts around the country who need to hire a crane for projects that they are carrying out. After all, not all cranes are like those huge massive cranes that you see on building sites. You also have small crawler cranes and self-erecting cranes, which are designed for very small spaces and indoor use. Tools like this can make your DIY projects a lot easier and safer too, so long as you choose the right crane for the job. 

Nevertheless, in order to benefit from all of the gains associated with crane hire you need to make sure you choose the best company for the job in your area. Read on to discover what you should be looking for when seeking crane hire… 

Crane selection

The first thing you need to do is have a look at the range of cranes the company has on offer. Different cranes are suited to different tasks. If you were going to use the same piece of machinery for every task then you would be better off buying a crane. A good company will have everything from mini crawlers to tower cranes. They will be able to provide you with the best piece of machinery in order to deal with the task you are looking to complete. No demand is too big; whether you are working indoors or in an enclosed area. It is unlikely you are going to want a tower crane for a home project. However, the company is likely to serve the industrial and commercial markets as well. A website like Franna Crane Hire can give you a good idea regarding what you should expect when it comes to a crane hire company and the different options they have available. 


It is always recommended to go for a crane hire company with experience to boast. You need to be safe in the knowledge that they have provided their service successfully many times before. They have spent the years gaining their experience, they have perfected their craft and they know what makes their customers happy. If you go for a business that has only been hiring out cranes for a couple of years then you leave yourself at risk of being somewhat of a practise project. Furthermore, it is very unlikely that a new business will have a good selection of cranes. 

Health and safety 

You need to make sure the company upholds their responsibility to provide optimum levels of health and safety. They should carry out stringent tests on all of their equipment. It is the company’s responsibility – not yours – to make sure that everything is working safely and effectively at all time. A good crane hire company will highlight this on their website for all to see. 

Price quote

Last but not least, you should be given full knowledge of hire price before agreeing to hire a crane. You need to make sure you are covered and that there will be no hidden costs entailed. Nevertheless, you also need to be mindful of how much you pay too. Everyone wants a bargain, however going for the cheapest hire price you find is not recommended. This could indicate a significant lack of quality and that’s not what you want when hiring such an important piece of machinery.

If you take into account the four points mentioned in this article and you consider them carefully you will be able to find the best crane hire company for you. Remember; crane selection, price, experience and health and safety are all determining factors. Don’t be afraid to ask the company for a bit of advice too if you are feeling unsure regarding what sort of crane is going to be right for the specific home project that you are carrying out.

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Always Invest In These 4 Areas When Renovating Your Home

Always Invest In These 4 Areas When Renovating Your Home

When it comes to renovating your home, cost will always be an issue. After all, unless you are working with an unlimited budget, you will always have to be careful that the amount you spend doesn’t get out of hand. However, it is crucial to remember that things that are cheap now aren’t always the best option in the long run. In fact, there are also things you should always invest in, no matter how small your budget. Read on to find out more. 

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It makes sense to invest in a good roof when renovating your home. After all, it needs to be as sturdy as possible, so it is not a safety risk for those living inside the property. 

Additionally, poorly installed roofs often leak, and this can be a real nightmare for any homeowner. The reason being that when water comes in, it can easily damage your possessions, as well as the structure and decoration of the home. Something that will cost you a fortune to repair.

To that end, ensuring your roof is secure, watertight, and installed by quality contractors is something you always need to invest in when renovating a home. 


Next, when it comes to renovating, flooring isn’t something that you should ever try and cut corners on to save money. Yes, it can be tempting as a cheap lino option can seem a smart way to save a few bucks. However, what you need to remember is the floor is the part of the room that will get more use and wear than any other. 

What that means is it’s well worth your money and time to install a more heavy-duty solution. The good news here is that you can now get residential epoxy flooring in some pretty luxe finishes. Something that will allow you to achieve an opulent, but incredibly hard-wearing look that should last for years. 


Windows are nearly always expensive, and it’s not just the frames you have to pay for, but the glass and fitting as well. However, scrimping on the cost of the windows for your home renovation can be disastrous. The reason being that poorly fitting or performing windows will let out too much heat. Therefore you will have to spend more money on heating and cooling your home daily to ensure that it is livable. 

Of course, this isn’t just bad for you pocket long term, but terrible for the environment as well. Something that means investing in the best quality and fitting for your windows in the first place will save you money and energy in the long run.


Finally, if you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom, or even a utility room, you will likely want to install worktops. You will, of course, find some super cheap MDF options, that are coated with plastic that seem like a great idea. 

Sadly, they rarely last over the long term and can be hard to maintain and keep clean as well. Something that means worktops made from stone or solid wood are often a much smarter investment choice for your renovation. 

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Unique and Chic Ways to Crank Your Home Up a Notch

Unique and Chic Ways to Crank Your Home Up a Notch

With summer well and truly underway you are starting to arrange more and more social gatherings in your home. As the sun starts to shine and the evenings become longer, there is nothing quite like hosting for a group of your favourite people. As the hostess, you always want to make sure your home is impeccably presented from top to toe. Perhaps you are hoping to transform your home from organised chaos to calm or you simply want to introduce a touch of class to your décor. There are so many unique and chic ways to crank your home up a notch and get people talking about your amazing abode. Consider some of the innovative ideas below and you will soon be able to get started with your terrific home touch ups.


New Windows and Doors

It is very easy to forget about the windows and doors in your home; they serve their purpose, but you never really see them as a key design feature. You could take your home to the next level by introducing a whole range of new chic styles with a reputable siding company. Replace your worn and cracked windows with fabulous frosted glass or try a more modern style for your front door. Once you have made these changes you will be impressed with the sophisticated appearance of your home.

Magic Minimalism

The trend of minimalism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Clearing away your unnecessary clutter and embracing the space you have around your home is a very simple and effective way to uplift the vibe in your home. Try to be a little bit ruthless when you are disposing of the excess junk in your home. This is the only way that you will be able to declutter the space and make the most out of the magic minimalism method.

Cool Color Palettes

There is something quite exciting about changing up the color scheme of your home. Switching from dark tones to lighter shades during the summer can complement the warmer weather and make your home feel more welcoming. Opt for neutral tones such as beige, cream or light pastels; these colors can act as a blank canvas so you can experiment with accessories as much as you like. A cream wall always looks fabulous with a brightly colored couch or patterned chair, so find your interior style and go as bold as you like!

Fabulous Soft Furnishings

Adding sophisticated soft furnishings to your home couldn’t be easier, from quirky cushions to patterned rugs. This is where you can really inject your own personal style into your dreamy dwelling and find the pieces that suit the vibe of your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune on soft furnishings to really make an impact. A couple of complimentary cushions on your sofa and a pair of matching curtains are bound to do the trick in making your home even more eye-catching.

Gorgeous Garden Additions

When you’re updating your home for the summer, you can’t forget about your outdoor space too. There are so many benefits to having decking installed in your garden, as it can be used in a multitude of ways. Decking is the perfect spot to keep your garden furniture for those much anticipated summer barbecues. Choose a timeless, wooden style that will never go out of date and you will have a beautiful addition to your backyard. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to your back garden too, from perfect peonies to colorful chrysanthemums, flowers can truly transform your back garden from bland to brilliant.

You have always been a house proud person who wants to make the most of your space. When you adopt some of these unique and chic ideas, your house will be quickly transformed from tired to terrific in a flash. Use your creative flair to find your own personal touches and uplift your home for a sensational summer. Whether you’re hosting a summer soiree in your backyard or you’re planning an intimate dinner party, there are so many ways to get your home ready for a bunch of glorious guests. Remember to work with the space that you have and make the most of each unique area of your home. From wonderful windows to a glorious garden, you can be sure that your humble abode is dazzling and dreamy for the upcoming heat wave.

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Mini Cranes For Small Spaces

Mini Cranes For Small Spaces


When working in construction there is a huge selection of different tools you will need to utilise on a daily basis. This ranges from those as small as a hammer to something as huge as a crane.

When it comes to big and expensive equipment, most companies tend to hire these out rather than buying them for themselves. After all, the cost of purchasing a crane would be monumental. And there is not just one mere crane to suit all purposes. There is a huge selection of various cranes; differing in size, the weight they can lift, and the environment they are suited to. Bearing all of this in mind, hiring seems to be the only solution! However, it’s not. A lot of people overlook the option of going to auction. Look for an auction firm near me and you will find a different option for you.

When hiring or buying a crane a lot of people find difficulty when they are working in small spaces. They need a crane for their business that’s flexible and can operate in tight areas. If this sounds like the sort of thing you need then you should be looking for a mini crane. A mini crane is a lot smaller in size. It has the ability to operate in multi areas. Because of this, it can handle an array of what would otherwise be tricky tasks. You see this type of crane used in the likes of refurbishment a lot. This is because it is great for lifting things inside of buildings. After all, not all cranes soar into the sky and possess that domineering figure people so often seen when they are driving along the road or the motorway. There are actually scaled down cranes, such as this one, that are more suited to specific work.

Aside from being able to work in small spaces, another advantage associated with a mini crane is the fact that they are dual powered. This means that you can operate them via electricity, diesel and sometimes even gas too. This is a great feature because you can choose to power the crane based on the work you are doing. For instance, if you are working indoors then the electric option is beneficial because little sound is created. Not only this, but it is also worth noting how easy these cranes are to move around too. They are small in size and therefore it is easy for them to be transported from site to site. This is in direct contrast to the bigger and bulkier cranes most people are used to.

You can hire or buy mini cranes via an array of different companies. If you are still unsure regarding whether the mini crane is the solution for you, then simply talk to a representative from one of these hire companies and they will be able to point you in the right direction. Nonetheless, if you are looking to work indoors or in small spaces, then this is likely to be the solution for you. Mini cranes have the ability to get into areas that all other cranes find impossible and their dual power feature allows them to work in all environments too – meaning the possibilities are vast.

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Luxury Living: High End Home Improvements

Luxury Living: High End Home Improvements

Have you purchased a property that’s in need of some work, or just want to modernize your current home? We all want to live in the best property we can, and there are plenty of upgrades and renovations you can do to achieve a really high-end finish. If you have the cash to splash, here are just a few of the ways you can add a touch of luxury to your home.


Structure and Layout

Renovating isn’t the most glamorous work, and living on a building site can be stressful. However, it means you’re able to completely strip back your property and start from scratch, so there are endless opportunities. You don’t just have to ‘make do’ and work around what’s already there, and instead, you can completely make it your own. You can carefully choose each element, ensure that the layout is perfect and check that everything from the floor to the ceiling is of the highest spec. The doors and woodwork will be perfect, the walls will be smooth, and everything will look exactly as you want it. Be sure to do plenty of planning here, you will want to consider everything from how thick any internal wall are to where your plug sockets will be placed. Working with an architect or a renovation company can be useful here if you’ve never done it before. Renovating can add some serious value to your property and allows it to be fully customized to your life and what you want.

Add New Flooring

The flooring you choose will have an enormous impact on how the room looks. You want something that’s going to last well, as well as go with any décor changes over the years/

There are a broad range of luxury flooring options you could consider if you want to add a high-end finish to your home. Granite, marble and natural stone all make great hard wearing options for a downstairs space while looking fabulous. Wood is an easy choice, hardwood will be the most expensive although engineered wood can also be a good option in some cases. You can always warm up the feel by adding underfloor heating (but check that it’s compatible with the floor covering you have chosen) and plenty of thick rugs.  For bedrooms and cozier spaces a soft, thick carpet will feel fantastic underfoot. Wool is the most luxurious choice. It is the only natural fiber used in carpet making, and has the benefit of a beautifully soft and expensive feel.


Choose The Right Light Fittings

Lighting makes all the difference in properties. It’s not something to be overlooked or left as an afterthought. If your planning is done correctly, you will have chosen your light fittings early on. Especially as if you are having any rewiring done, as you don’t want this to be done after plastering or painting has been completed. Your lighting will not only be practical but is also an important design feature in the home. Decide on the theme you’re going for. Want a glamorous feel? You could have a custom chandelier made. Modern industrial? Cool exposed bulbs and other chic fittings work well with this theme. You could even go for spotlights set into the ceiling. Decide on what another lighting you want to add to the home as well. It could be under cupboard lighting in the kitchen or lights integrated into fitted furniture in bedrooms. You could even have lights added to your pantry and any other cupboards in the home, so there’s no digging around in the dark at night! Another important lighting element to consider for your home is outdoor lighting. Not only will they look attractive and make your home look complete on the outside, but they can also deter burglars too. You could hire an electrician to make sure everything is fitted safely and correctly. No matter how good you are at DIY, don’t touch with gas or electrics unless you’re qualified!

Upgrade Doors and Windows

High-quality windows are important in any luxury home. If you go for something like triple glazing, it will make your home more energy efficient and of course look nice too. In some cases you might be able to have small windows made bigger which will make the room feel brighter. Your front door is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s one of the first things people will see when they come to your home, and it can change the entire look of the outside of the house. Since the front door is the first thing anyone will see when they’re coming to your home, it’s not a feature to overlook. A beautiful door is an expensive purchase, but will most definitely add a touch of class and luxury to your home. And again, modern doors and locks are more secure against intruders so not only does it look great but is practical too. Finish the look with good quality house numbers, hanging baskets either side and a welcoming doormat.

Invest in Fixtures and Fittings

Your fixtures and fittings might seem small things compared to other areas in the home, but they can really help to tie everything together. The trick is to choose a metal and then keep this consistent throughout. Whether it’s copper, brushed steel, gunmetal or something else- make your decision and stick with it. From there you can choose door handles, drawer pulls, plug sockets, light switches and fittings, taps and curtain rails all in this material. It makes everything look cohesive and well thought out, and is a surefire way to make your home look more luxurious. Since nice fixtures can be pricey, it’s tempting to want to do this bit by bit, but you’re actually much better off buying everything at once. That way nothing gets discontinued or goes out of stock, and you’re not stuck with a project you can’t finish.


Don’t Forget The Garden and Outside Space

Finally, a beautiful home deserves a beautiful garden. There are plenty of luxurious features you could add to really bring the space to life. From a decked seating area to an outside kitchen to a beautiful pergola. You could even have a summer house or garden room installed. A swimming pool or even a hot tub is another fantastic feature to consider- they’re the perfect way to relax after a long day! These can be used all through the winter not just in the warmer months, so they definitely allow you to get your money’s worth from them.

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Is It Time for a Home Upgrade? 5 Reasons to Schedule Your Next Home Improvement Right Now

Is It Time for a Home Upgrade? 5 Reasons to Schedule Your Next Home Improvement Right Now

When was the last time you had a home improvement done? Was it a few weeks ago? Months? Years? Or perhaps you used up all your energy and effort to build your own home instead. Whether or not you’ve had a home improvement in the last couple of months, there’s never been a better time to get started and start planning your next big improvement?

Why, you ask? Simple! It’s that season of the year when we’re recovering from the cold weather, we’re using our heaters a little less often and businesses are starting to get back into their usual groove. Very few people plan their improvements for the spring season, but if you’re lucky you can start making outdoor and indoor improvements before the rain comes and before summer hits.

Here are five reasons why you should consider planning your home improvements right now!


  1. Prices are lower

It’s true! Many construction companies and contractors are free during this season because most of them have just come back from extended breaks over the holiday season. As a result, many contractors have open schedules and you can easily book a job as long as you plan it quickly. If you’re still concerned about pricing, then you could always check out personal loans for homeowners to fund your projects.

  1. Prepare for the summer

When the hot season arrives you’re going to need the right equipment and amenities to set up a party for your friends and family. Buff up the back yard and clear out all the frozen and dead plants before they cause more trouble and give your barbeque grill an upgrade before it starts to build up rust and make your food taste nasty.

  1. Get it done before the rain arrives

Spring is known for wet weather across the world. Humidity can be a major issue in certain parts of the world, so it’s best that you get these works done before the rain settles in and it becomes difficult to work on the outsides of your home. Most contractors will refuse jobs if it’s pouring down with rain or the forecast predicts issues in the coming weeks. If you want work done on the outside of your home, you better do it now!

  1. Finish works while the kids are at school

With the school season in full swing again, it’s a good time to get works done during the day when your kids are at school or visiting their friends. With a clear house, there’s less risk that your kids will injure themselves on tools or loose materials from the construction area, and they won’t complain about the noise or lack of things to do when their bedroom is being remodeled.

  1. Live up to the resolutions that you promised yourself

If one of your resolutions for the new year was to become more active, get involved with the home or set up an improvement, then now’s a good time to act. Most people don’t manage to meet their resolutions in the span of a year, but if you want to feel great about accomplishing a goal so early in the year, then start planning those renovations!

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From Optimism To Success Via Dread: The Five Stages Of Home Renovation 

From Optimism To Success Via Dread: The Five Stages Of Home Renovation

Renovating a home is something we all find ourselves doing, eventually. We know it has to happen, and yet few things can prepare you for the mood swings that are to come. Between deciding to do it, and sitting back down in your renovated home, you’ll experience highs and lows that will leave you with whiplash.

Maybe it’s an old house you’ve just bought, and you’re fixing it up, or it’s one you’ve lived in for so long you didn’t see how old it was looking. One way or the other, you know that it needs to be done and it’s time to get on with it. But be aware there is nothing you can do to interfere with the Five Stages Of Home Renovation…

Stage One, Optimism:

“I Think We Can Have This Done In A Few Days”

Much as you may tell yourself to be realistic, you need to bring some optimism to the party or you’ll never get started on a renovation. So you will budget time, and even if you know it’s likely to take longer, this is the time you’ll quote to other people. “Yes, we’re hoping to be done by March!” you smile, masking the fact that inside you’ve already begun…

directory-466935_960_720[ Image File ]

Stage Two, Dread:

“Why Did I Talk Myself Into This?”

By now, you’ve walked around with a pad and pen writing down all the jobs that need doing. It’s more than a little basic maintenance. “A few days” was always a little joke. Now, a few weeks looks optimistic. It’s not too late to call it off, is it? Well, you’ve already ordered the new couch. You’re in it now and if you turn back, you’ll just have to do it later.

bridge-990100_960_720[ Image File ]

Onto the next…

Stage Three, Renewed Enthusiasm:

“The Sooner We Get Started, Sooner We’re Finished!”

The glazed smile on your face may be unsettling to some, but you mean it. What’s the point in sitting around getting glum? You’ve called the likes of Bay Wide Hauling for help, and now you need to pull out the things they’ll be taking away.

This early on, a lot of what you will be doing is removing the bad parts other people put in. It’s fun, and you get to hit things with a hammer.

sky-414199_960_720[ Image File ]

But put that hammer down, it’s time for…

Stage Four, The Inevitable Delay

“It’s Going To Take HOW MUCH Longer?”

When you budget time for a home renovation, a good idea is to take the time it SHOULD take to do each job, and potentially double it. Why? Because things can go wrong. Unless this is something you do for a living, mistakes happen. The wrong paint is bought – and you only realize after finishing a room and a half. Or you knock through a wall – not with a hammer, but with your face when a ladder topples.

It will need to be put right, and this is going to take time. But you get stuck in, and you pull yourself through it, because you’re nearly there now. You paint walls. You lay flooring. You fit new appliances and an updated boiler. Things fall into place, with the main bulk work behind you.

hand-1837240_960_720[ Image File ]

You smile, because it’s time for…

Stage Five, Success

“Now Let’s Not Do That Again For About Fifteen Years”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. With the finishing touches, like new surfaces in the kitchen and artwork on the walls, you’re there. Time to enjoy the house you’ve spent weeks and months overhauling.

girl-1955797_960_720[ Image File ]

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Failing To Find Happiness At Home? You Need A Professional Touch

Failing To Find Happiness At Home? You Need A Professional Touch

When your home isn’t how you want it, it can be hard to feel good. You can put in all the effort you like, but you won’t be able to shake the feeling that something isn’t right. It’s no wonder. Your home plays a huge part in your well-being. It’s the one place you have complete control over in this world. If you don’t take time to make the space right, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. There are many things you can do to make your home your own, but sometimes the work needed is more drastic than that. If you can’t find satisfaction, no matter how many times you decorate, it’s time to call the professionals. If you’re unsure, we’ve got a list of things a professional can offer to your project that you can’t do alone!


The most important thing a professional can do is bring their knowledge to your project. Why ever you want to renovate, they’ll be able to give you some ideas. Remember, they do this for a living. They’re bound to know more than you do! Keep in mind your reasons for renovating, and make sure to tell them. That way, they can work towards a set idea. They’ll be able to use the experience they’ve gained during other projects to ensure they make a home you can be happy in! Knowledge is also necessary to ensure safety in a lot of cases. There are some jobs you just can’t do on your own, especially if they involve electrics or plumbing. Get an idea of which projects you shouldn’t attempt alone on sites like http://lifehacker.com.

100204-N-9584H-032 KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan (Feb. 4, 2010)  Builder Constructionman Manuel Renteria, from Dallas, Texas, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 22, cuts plywood for interior wall sheeting at a construction project at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ernesto Hernandez Fonte/Released)
KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan (Feb. 4, 2010) Builder Constructionman Manuel Renteria, from Dallas, Texas, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 22, cuts plywood for interior wall sheeting at a construction project at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ernesto Hernandez Fonte/Released)

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A professional will have access to equipment you couldn’t use otherwise. They’ll be able to ensure the project has that professional finish we all crave. They’ll even have access to finishing tools, such as those found at http://www.superficiamerica.com/. Machines such as these will ensure you’re as happy as possible with the look of your home. They also ensure that the space looks complete. DIY is all well and good, but it can sometimes look scruffy. And how can you find happiness in a home that doesn’t look complete?


Above all, having a professional on board will take the pressure off you. There are enough stresses in life, without adding a renovation project to the list. Hiring professionals you know you can trust means you won’t have to worry. After all, you’re doing this so you can be happier! Stressing out about it wouldn’t help you towards that goal. Renovation work is never nice and having builders in and out of your home can be unsettling. Even so, it’s better than taking a mammoth task on your shoulders. Not to mention that professionals will finish the job a lot quicker than you could. The less disruption you experience, the better. The faster the job’s done, the sooner you can get back on track for feeling good in every aspect of your life!

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What’s Your Style? The Pros And Cons Of New Builds And Doer-Uppers

What’s Your Style? The Pros And Cons Of New Builds And Doer-Uppers

We’re all different, and that’s what makes the world such an exciting place. When it comes to buying a new home, many of us have a preference. Some people prefer the charm and character of old homes while others love the crisp, clean feel of a new build. If you’re weighing up your options, here are some pros and cons to consider.

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New homes

The pros

If you buy a property from a new home builder, there’s a very low risk of building defects and structural issues. You’re unlikely to find problems like damp and leaking roofs in brand new homes. This saves you a lot of hassle, and also a lot of money. There’s also the advantage that you can move straight in. You don’t have to worry about where you’re going to live while you have work done. Your expenditure after the acquisition will also be minimal. You may want to make changes, but it’s likely these will be purely cosmetic. New homes may also offer you more space than older properties, and they may be a more practical solution for family life.

The cons

Many people love the design features of new homes, but for some, they lack personality. It’s also difficult to add value to a new build. There’s limited scope to make changes that will earn you money in the long-run.

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The pros

Buying a home that needs some TLC can pay dividends when it comes to unlocking potential and adding value. Sometimes, projects represent excellent value for money because asking prices are lower than market value to secure a quick sale. If you’re willing to oversee the work and be patient, you could add significant value. There’s also the opportunity to make your mark. When you’re in charge of the project, you can customise the design to suit your tastes. Older homes also tend to boast more character, and they often offer quirky features you don’t find in brand new properties.

The cons

Taking on major renovation work is not for the faint-hearted. It can be very stressful, especially if you run behind or hit hurdles along the way. You may have to wait months, even years until you can move in and start enjoying your new home. There’s also the issue of cost. You can save money by doing up an old or run down property. But you’ll need to keep a close eye on building costs. Make sure you get a number of quotes before you decide which firm to go with, and set aside a contingency budget.

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If you’re looking to get on the property ladder or make a move, you may be considering your options. There are lots of different types of properties out there, and it’s a good idea to have a good look around before you make a decision. You may think that you’re 100 percent sure that you want an old home but be swayed by the convenience of a modern house. You may struggle to find your dream house and find that a project gives you the freedom to create a unique home you love. Weigh up the pros and cons, and hopefully, you’ll make the right decision.

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