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Three Top Tips To Help You Move House Like A Ninja

Three Top Tips To Help You Move House Like A Ninja

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It’s one of the largest and most stressful undertakings many of us will have in our lives – and if you’ve decided that you can’t learn to love your current home, or improve it through building work, then moving house is the only option left to you. The process is full of challenges – from first finding a new home to love, to getting an offer accepted, dealing with conveyancing solicitors and negotiating the particulars of the sale with the vendor. And when all of that is safely out the way? You still have the upheaval of the move itself. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks which can make moving house a lot easier – some which you may not have known, especially if it’s your first time pulling off a house move.

But First, Declutter

If you’ve ever had ambitions to do a complete KonMari Method declutter on your life, then now is most definitely the time. Weeks ahead of the move, start tackling the process of getting rid of everything you no longer need, want or use in your life. Even those of us who consider themselves fairly minimalist are generally shocked at the amount of possessions they actually own when all of them have to be wrapped up and packed for a house move. The less you own, the less there is to pack – which frees up your time, money and precious headspace. It’s time to get ruthless. Approach your decluttering systematically, Rather than leaping in haphazardly or trying to do it all at once, tackle areas in sequence. Start with somewhere relatively streamlined and easy to get your momentum up, before moving on to traditional clutter hot spots such as your wardrobe or that junk cupboard under the stairs.

Make Special Arrangements For Valuables

People who have moved house a few times generally have some horror stories about priceless heirlooms or irreplaceable sentimental items getting lost or damaged in the rush. It’s much better to pull a separate box or bag together containing these items, and either give it to a friend or relative for safekeeping during the move, or ensure that it travels with you personally (rather than in a moving van) on the day. Think about other special arrangements you may need to make – are there pets that would be better off staying with someone for a weekend while you get moved in? Do you need to book a specialist mover such as CTI Logistics Interstate to get your vehicles moved to your new home? Don’t leave anything to chance – developing a plan and a schedule for moving house will combat any last minute panics that end up costing a lot of stress and extra money to sort out at short notice.

Flatpack What You Can Ahead Of Time

Dismantling things is a more time-consuming process than you may assume. You might picture yourself spending half an hour with an allen key, but the reality is that dismantling furniture takes time, so allow for it by starting early. Work out what temporary arrangements you can make work –  could you use a blow up air mattress for a week so the bedframe can be taken apart? Could your clothes be pre-packed into suitcases so you can take down a wardrobe? Doing it gradually is much less stressful that trying to pack down when you have a bunch of paid-hourly removals staff waiting around and a new occupant ready to move into your old house.

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Fantastic Features That Homebuyers Love

Fantastic Features That Homebuyers Love

Your home has served you well, but you’re ready to move on to pastures new- and you’re probably already dreaming about how you’re going to make the fresh, blank canvas your own. But there’s one rather large obstacle to overcome first, and that’s getting rid of the old property. Not only selling it but for a good, fair price can be a frustrating process. You’re relying on a sale to go through before you can start your new life, and for many people, this just can’t come quick enough. The housing market is always going to fluctuate, but there are things you can do to motivate buyers and get things moving along as quickly as possible. Here are a few features that homebuyers love, so consider

Neutral Décor

Modern homeware trends are all about very neutral, calming and serene spaces. They’re inoffensive, and allow homebuyers to see the property to it’s full potential without being distracted or put off. Get rid of any fussy patterned wallpaper and bold colours. You might love them (and can have them again in your new place), but they’ll do nothing but turn off prospective buyers. Fix up the walls so that they’re nice and smooth- you should be able to do this will filler for minor dings and sandpaper if the walls are good. If they’re worse for wear, you may need to have them skimmed by a plasterer. Give everywhere a coat of paint- you can’t go far wrong with plain white. It will transform the home into a blank canvas and make it look brighter and more spacious. It’s very important to make sure any cracks are addressed, even minor cosmetic cracks could put off buyers if they think it’s structural. Having a home inspection done will rule out any issues, and you’re able to use the certificate to give buyers peace of mind too. Ceilings and woodwork such as doors and skirting boards should all be painted brilliant white. This will bring a fresh and clean look to the property that homebuyers love.

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A Nice Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and also the room that’s the most expensive to renovate. So many buyers will be looking for a property with a kitchen that they can use without having to completely rip out and start again. If they feel that this is the case, they will want the house price to reflect this meaning you could lose out on thousands. Giving your kitchen a spruce up might cost you up to a thousand dollars, but could earn you ten thousand. Having new tiling or a backsplash putting up if it needs it will solve the problem of outdated tiles or grubby grout. Replacing old-fashioned cupboard doors with modern ones can give the appearance of a new kitchen for far less money. Old, cracked or outdated floor tiles could be covered over with vinyl- professionally fitted this can look very smart and again totally change the look of the kitchen.

A Tidy Garden

As well as the house, the garden and exterior is of course a big deciding factor when it comes to buying a home. Whether yours is large or small, it’s important to make the most of it and have it looking its best for viewings. Mowing the lawn, and filling in sparse areas with grass seed will get it up to scratch. Pull out weeds and tidy up shrubs and plants, you could go a step further and add some bedding plants to pots or borders to bring in some colour and make the space look well cared for.

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