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Working at Home: When the Going Gets Tough, What Do You Do?

Working at Home: When the Going Gets Tough, What Do You Do?

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

In the middle of a global health crisis and social unrest in most parts of the globe, the admittedly overused quote reminds you to persevere and find ways to come out stronger. That is particularly challenging when you’ve been stuck at home for months to prevent getting infected by the coronavirus.

Working from home might have doubled your coffee consumption to stay alert for Zoom calls and all-nighters. You might be lathering on an extra pump of hair loss shampoo to make up for all the times you frustratingly pull on your own hair throughout the day because of seemingly never-ending tasks.

It’s a tough situation. But it won’t go away by deciding to toughen up your exterior and focus on what you need to do. You might find it even more stressful when you keep blinders on and disregard self-care.

The lines of work-life balance might be blurred now that you’re working at home for an extended period. And the best way you can reconstruct and sharpen those lines is by being strict with yourself.

Take a look at these ways to make space between your work and personal lives at home.

Set a work schedule and stick to it.        

One of the best things about working at the office is that you’re free once your eight hours are done. When you work from home, on the other hand, it might feel like your workday never ends.

Observe your work patterns to determine your most productive hours. Work during those hours, shut down your computer when your shift is done, and turn it into a routine. Stick to this schedule to maintain that same level of freedom that you used to feel in the office whenever you clock out.

Stay connected but limit social media.   

Social isolation is one of the worst enemies when you work at home, especially now that the coronavirus situation is forcing us to stay at home and away from social gatherings.

It’s easy to lose energy and enthusiasm when you feel alone, so make time for regular video calls or text messaging with your closest family and friends. Just be mindful of social media usage. Too much time online tends to make you lose focus on your work.

Never sacrifice your sleep hours.

You might think it’s okay to stay up late every night because you don’t have to get up extra early to prepare for work. But the next thing you know, it’s 3 AM, and your shift starts in five hours.

Irregular sleep patterns affect your concentration and productivity throughout the day. You might not feel it, but your body is struggling to keep you moving, and your mind is working overtime to keep you awake. So be mindful of those sleep hours and be strict with bedtime.

The novelty of working from home wore out a couple of months ago. Now you’re faced with stressors like the lack of structure, blurred boundaries between work and leisure hours, and social isolation. These tips help you manage the stress of working at home. Be strict with yourself to be productive.

So when the going gets tough, don’t hesitate to toughen up.

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Back to school- few ideas to “borrow” from teenagers. By Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

By Guest Blogger, Daniel R.


Back to school- few ideas to “borrow” from teenagers

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

Years ago you were a cheerful teenager with passion for energy and party time, and now when you’re an adult version of yourself with lovely family and comfy house, you sometimes find yourself longing for good old times of constant fun and nonchalant lifestyle. It’s not that your “totally family man” life is less interesting and enjoying, but it’s about seeing your teenage kids living the life to the fullest and you being nostalgic about the time when you looked on the world through the pink eyeglasses. Well, if this looks like something going through your head these days, it is perfect time to evoke your high school memories by trying again cool teenage adventures:

Stay young at heart

While you’re relaxing in your comfy backyard armchair, go back to the times when you and your friends had a high school rock band and every weekend was only about gathering together, playing good old rock n’ roll hits and having hilarious party time. Instead of being lethargic and dejected, why wouldn’t you give a buzz to couple of your high-school mates and suggest them re-establishing of your old rock band. Wipe the dust from your old-school guitar, agree weekend “rocking sessions” and feel how the adrenalin warms up your blood again. Even after you’ve become a parent, don’t forget to keep your inner child as well.

Buy an old-timer cabriolet

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Daniel R.

Well, yes, you’ll invest a bit more money into this “teen-spirited” project, but when you sit into your laid-back -style cabriolet, turn the music on and feel the breeze in your hair, you won’t regret a single penny you spent on it. Give yourself 5 minutes of high-school fame, recall irresistible teenage vibe and hit the roads, Jack!

Camp beside the lake

Gather your friends and organize relishing weekend camping beside the lake, just like you did during your high-school summer holidays, with campfire, barbequing and swimming included. It’s never late to remind your wife on how she felt in love with you, and long walks alongside the lake, lovely moments beneath stunning sunset are just perfect opportunities for that.

Brighten up your life

Instead of letting your days pass in monotony and routine, better enter more light into your life and feel the charms of afternoon sun by spending more time outside. You can let the sun embrace your living space even when you’re inside, so while considering replacing the windows with retrofit double glazing in order to get more light and refreshed ambient, think like an adult, not a teenager.

Forget about worries

Worries are only causing you to get older faster, so forget about them for a while and live just for the moment. Why wouldn’t you do the first silly thing which comes to your mind? Paragliding – why not? If you think out, it’s better to pay for adventure which will realize your dreams and bring the joy into your life, than gambling the money in the casino – although even that has certain charms, as long as you’re not overdoing it.

Even though it was said so many times before, but regardless how many years you have- remember that life is short and it’s never too late to live it to the fullest even if it means reviving your teenage self.

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