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The Luxurious Lifestyle Can Be More Affordable Than You Think

The Luxurious Lifestyle Can Be More Affordable Than You Think

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We all dream about living the good life. For most of us, though, the financial elements make it seem out of reach. The good news, however, is that you can enjoy life’s luxuries without being a millionaire.

As long as the right plans are in place, living the champagne lifestyle on a prosecco budget will no longer be a bad thing. Here are the key focal points for guaranteed success.

Buying The Luxury Home

A super stylish and modern home is the ultimate luxury. Building your dream property from scratch is an idea that takes those vibes to whole new levels. It can be a lot cheaper than you think too. Look for a fixed price home building contract to ensure that you understand the full financial picture. If you need to keep costs down, it’s always possible to use a blueprint that incorporates room for future extensions. Perhaps to satisfy your long-term goal of starting a family. Another option is to buy a fixer-upper on the cheap before renovating in style.

Make Vacations Cheaper

An Instagram feed packed with snaps from vacations instantly evokes feelings of envy. Trips don’t have to be expensive. Visiting exotic locations out of season can make a huge impact on the costs. Moreover, holiday rental properties can save you a lot of money on accommodation. Adventure holidays facilitated by driving a motorhome or RV can work wonders too. The vehicle will require an initial outlay but can become a fantastic investment over the years. Besides, you can’t put a price on the magical memories.

Take Care Of Your Health & Beauty

Attractive people lead better lifestyles whether we like it or not. Taking control of your fitness and beauty rituals will provide a foundation for success. Similarly, understanding your fashion choices and hairstyles can unlock a far better appearance. In turn, people will think you have your life under control and may assume that you are financially well off. It’s a weird sensation, but the human mind works in mysterious ways. Better still, looking and feeling better will unlock a far happier future.

Create Luxury With Side Hustles

A side hustle can improve your financial situation, which can aid your financial health. Meanwhile, you can use this as a way to do something luxurious. Manufacturing or sourcing exclusive goods may be your ticket to meeting famous people. Likewise, becoming an events manager or media person can achieve similar goals. Leading a luxurious lifestyle can mean experiencing things that other people do not get to do. This is the perfect example and could potentially open the door to quitting your main job too.

Stop The Need To Own

Society leads us to think that ownership is everything. However, there are many situations in which rentals and hire agreements are better. They allow your money to work harder in the short-term and save the financial issues linked to depreciation. Car leasing is probably the best example. Not least because you’ll want to change vehicles every few years to maintain the sense of luxury. However, there are many other situations that deserve this approach too.

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Making Your House As Cozy As Possible

Making Your House As Cozy As Possible

You’ve bought your new house and you’re understandably delighted! Now it’s time to make it officially yours by putting your own special touch on it. How can you do that I hear you ask? Well let me tell you.

The walls and floors are the main aspects to first sort out when decorating your house. This is going to be what your rooms are known for the foreseeable future so it’s a big decision. Your new house is going to bring the nosey neighbours or friends and family around so make sure they all leave with a positive outlook. What colour are you wanting the walls? Will you be using wallpaper or paint? It’s a decision that you can’t take lightly and one that could haunt you if you get it wrong. With flooring, the possibilities are endless and again you need to discuss with your loved one about the best type of material for each room whether they be made from wooden slats, marble or carpets. Each one can provide a different homely feel and it depends what you feel most comfortable with. Think of the whole outlook on the house before making a judgement. Does a farmhouse mix with marble? A bungalow go with wooden slats?

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Once all this has been done, then you’re at the stage where you can pick and choose your own furniture. Again take into account the room and the function of this room when you are decorating it. Are you a kitchen stool type of family? How many sofas and armchairs should there be in the living room and what material should they be made out of? Are bunk beds suitable for the kids or have they grown out of that stage now and deserve separate rooms? Already, you can see the number and variety of questions you will have to ask yourself in the process of making your house a home.

The fact that you’re never happy with your home is a common one. There’s always something to do, something that you want to achieve. Whether it be trying to extend the garden or clearing out the garage. So how about a conservatory? Yes, it will be more money out of your pocket and who really wants the builders in 24/7 but think about the end results. As quick as a flash, you’ll be able to sit in your new room and look outside at the beautiful sunrise and sunset from a room that wholly accepts the summer sun. Not only will it make it more well lit but also more airy, two  important aspects of a well loved home. If you want to include a welcome extra of underfloor heating in that dream too, then why the hell not. It will be a blessing during those cold winter months but at Christmas time, remember not to leave chocolate presents on the floor as it could get messy. Eventful memories indeed for this young writer. But happy ones.

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Impress The Guests: Create A Luxury Hotel-Style Room For Your Visitors

Impress The Guests: Create A Luxury Hotel-Style Room For Your Visitors
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Create a plush ‘staycation’ guest room for your visitors and impress them from the get-go with your fabulous hosting skills. Why is important to design a luxury living space for your guests? Because you love your friends and relatives and you want them to feel comfortable, secure and happy when they are staying over, of course! Read on to discover some of the best ways to impress your guests. And follow the click for more ideas for everything to do with your home.

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Sleeping In Luxury

Everyone loves the feeling of sinking into a sumptuous bed made up of Egyptian cotton bed sheets and the plumpest fluffiest pillows. Treat your guests to a super luxe hotel-style experience by investing in high-quality bedding and plush pillows. Choose neutral shades of soft light and dark gray to create an elegant room that will appeal to all. On the bedside cabinets leave a fresh bottle of water for each guest, favorite books and a couple of current magazines in case they want to read. Make sure that curtains or blinds have a black out feature so your guests are sure to get a sound night of sleep. And also be sure to invest in elegant bedside lamps and also a main light with a dimmer switch for added ambiance. Invest, as well, in an ornate full-length mirror so they can easily put on makeup and check out what they’re wearing before they leave the room!

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The Little Extras

For cute luxury hotel appeal, fashion your towels how they do when you’re on holiday. This towel animal folding guide will teach you how to make those delightful swans that exotic hotels always lay on the bed. A sweet touch! Also be sure to include enough hangers in the wardrobe for your guests’ clothes. And add an extra fluffy bathrobe and slippers for each guest so they can lounge around in comfort. Also use a deep wicker basket to store extra pillows and blankets in case your visitors are feeling the chill. Invest in some tall vases and have fresh cut flowers ready for when your visitors arrive. This is one of the sure-fire ways to make the guest room look fresh and chic. For a true boutique hotel style feel, leave out a pretty tray stashed with a teapot, teabags and coffee so your guest can treat themselves whenever they want. Then all they need to do is holler to their host if they need fresh milk or extra hot water.

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Plush Guest Bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have a guest bathroom, don’t forget to make this look super chic too. Have a bale of fresh fluffy white towels and flannels that your guests can use. And create a special travel pack which includes extras they may have forgotten. In here you can include toothpaste, a toothbrush, hand lotion and face wipes. Always make sure you are fully stocked with shower gel, bubble bath, and toilet roll too. Holding on to travel sizes you get from hotel stays is a great way of making your guest bathroom look like the ultimate swanky hotel.

And last but not least don’t forget to leave a spare set of keys on the bedside table for them. This way they’ll certainly feel like a luxury hotel guest. Hopefully, they’ll then make you breakfast in return for the board!

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