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Love Your Home, Hate The Location?

Love Your Home, Hate The Location?

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You can change a home, but you can’t change its location. As a result, a bad location can often be a reason for moving. But what if you love every other aspect of your home? This can put many people in a dilemma. Below are just a few tips on some of the ways you may be able to deal with a bad location without having to move to a new home. 

Noise levels

If you live near a busy road, an airport or another source of noise, you could find that the noise levels start to make life quite uncomfortable (especially if the noise continues throughout the night). A solution to this could be to find ways of soundproofing your home – replacing doors, replacing windows and insulating your home can all make a big difference. This guide to soundproofing a home offers a few great tips. 

High crime rate

If you live in a high crime area, you need to weigh up whether you or your family truly feel safe – moving could be the best option if you have kids. Alternatively, you could consider investing in stringent security measures. Security cameras, anti-climb fencing and ‘beware of the dog’ signs (regardless of whether you’ve got a dog) are some of the best deterrents. A home security system could also be worth installing in case someone still attempts a break-in. A home security audit could be worth arranging to work out exactly which improvements your home could benefit from. 

Nightmare neighbors

Nightmare neighbors can be a common motive for moving – you may otherwise like the area, in which case you may be able to hire a local moving company and relocate somewhere else within the same area. However, if you really don’t want to move, it may be a case of complaining to your local council or negotiating directly with your neighbors until changes are made. There are solicitors that specialize in neighbor disputes – consider whether it’s worth getting their support. 

Natural disaster

Some locations can be prone to natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and sinkholes. There may be structural improvements that you can invest in to protect your home from these natural disasters such flood-proofing or seismic upgrades. This could be a better option than potentially having to make a long-distance move. 

Things you can’t change…

There are some aspects of your location that you may not be able to change such as ugly surroundings, poor parking or limited local opportunities (such as limited work, school or shopping options). You may be able to work with your local council to make improvements to the area and possibly petition for/against future projects. However, without a lot of influence, there may be only so much you can achieve. Decide whether you can truly live with these issues – having to fight for parking spaces might be a mild inconvenience, while not being able to find work locally might be more of a major location issue.

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“Sweet” Back In “Home Sweet Home”

“Sweet” Back In “Home Sweet Home”

Most us of have something we don’t like about our home. Maybe it’s the bathroom door that never stops squeaking, no matter how much you grease the hinges. Perhaps it’s the fact that you never have enough space for all your stuff. Or maybe you’ve promised yourself a new kitchen for years, but it’s never arrived because of one thing or another.


We all have gripes. But that doesn’t mean we’re powerless to put things right. Here’s how to put the “sweet” back in “home sweet home.”

Fill Those Spots You Loathe With Stuff You Love

There’s a place in all of our homes that it would be fair to say that we hated. Perhaps for you, it’s the utility room, complete with all its mechanical ugliness. Or maybe it’s a drab hallway, with skid marks along the skirting. Here’s a pro tip for all you haters out there: fill those spaces with stuff you love. One idea is to hang pictures of pets or family next to the spaces that you hate. Another is to place trinkets and knick-knacks to cover up problem areas. Whatever it takes, make sure that you reclaim your home as your own.

Fix A Damp Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than having a damp bathroom. The thought that all those mould spores going everywhere: it’s enough to make you sick. More often than not, the problem is coming from your shower unit. But it’s not an issue you can’t resolve. Shower pods are fully contained units, from floor to ceiling, let a wet room. And, as a result, they’re almost certainly more hygienic than the bog-standard shower you’re using at the moment.

Design Your Home Around Conversation

If you can’t do anything about your home, you might as well design it to suit your family life. Don’t just have all the furniture in the room facing the TV. Instead, think of ways to design the space that will draw everybody into a conversation. Who knows, with a close-knit family, you might not need to move after all.

Get Your Bedding Right

One of the main reasons people hate their homes is because they’re a permanent mess. A little bit of tidying is usually all that’s required to make a world of difference. But the problem is that too many people start off on the wrong foot. People who have spotless houses also tend to be those who make their beds in the morning. So make yours, and don’t start the day on the wrong foot.

Focus On All The Stuff That’s Good About Your Home

Marriage advisors will often tell couples who are having difficulties to focus on the best aspects of the relationship. The same goes for our homes. We can get so bogged down in all the negatives that we fail to see the ways in which our homes are great. If you don’t have a dishwasher, just think about how hand washing is better for your kids. If you can’t afford a great TV, regret not. Just reflect on how much more time you get to talk to your family.

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