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One Good Reason to Eat Bacon. Tips on Triggers:

Eating the skin of fried poultry or indulging in more than just the smell of cured bacon, actually has a health benefit that can help those without cholesterol problems. These greasy foods can be a natural anti-aging benefit to aging skin. These foods, contain a high amount of the amino acid, Hydroxyproline, which helps in rebuilding collagen. 

So when eating that fried chicken, be sure to eat the skin to get the actual healthy benefit for your skin.

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7 Tips for Home Renovations this Year

7 Tips for Home Renovations this Year

Renovating your home can be a time-consuming and expensive process.  That’s why it is important to plan for this before you start the process.  So how do you renovate with success?  This blog post will provide seven tips that will help make sure your renovation is successful.

Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

1) Plan Ahead

The first step in any renovation project is to plan ahead.  This means creating a budget and timeline for the project.  It’s also important to decide what you want your finished product to look like.  By taking the time to plan, you can avoid costly mistakes and make sure that your renovation goes as smoothly as possible.  Another thing to consider when planning your renovation is the weather.  If you’re renovating during winter, make sure you have enough insulation and heating to keep your home warm.  And if you’re renovating during summer, be prepared for the heat by installing air conditioning.

2) Set a Budget

The most important part of planning your renovation is making sure you have the funds to complete it.  This means creating a budget and sticking to it.  A good way to save money when renovating is by doing as much work as possible yourself.  If you’re not experienced in construction or landscaping, take some time at home improvement stores like Home Depot (HD).  This will give you an idea of what materials are needed for your project and how much they cost so that you can plan accordingly.  Another thing that many people don’t think about is getting quotes from multiple contractors before starting the renovations. 

3) Choose the Right Contractor

One of the most important steps in any renovation project is choosing the right contractor such as a window replacement service.  This means doing your research and asking for referrals from friends and family.  Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s important to interview each contractor and get a written estimate.  Make sure that you understand what is included in the estimate before signing anything.  It’s also important to be aware of scams when hiring contractors.  One common scam is when a contractor asks for money upfront and then never returns to complete the job.  If this happens, report it to your local police department immediately.

4) Work with Trusted Professionals

When renovating your home, it’s important to work with professionals in each field.  This means working with only licensed and insured contractors and hiring a good architect or designer when you want something custom-made.  In addition, if possible, use materials that have been tested for safety by an independent lab, such as the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).  By following these tips when choosing professionals for your project, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that all necessary precautions have been taken during construction.  Working with reputable professionals also makes things easier because they already know what is required under local building codes. 

5) Choose a style and stick to it. 

Choosing a style and sticking to it is important when renovating your home.  This will help create a cohesive look throughout your home.  If you’re not sure what style you want to go with, browse through magazines or online galleries for inspiration.  Once you’ve chosen a style, make sure all of the renovation decisions you make are in line with that style.  For example, if you’re going for a rustic look, choose materials like wood and stone instead of modern materials like metal and glass.  And be sure to use colors and textures that complement each other well.

6) Try to use recycled items 

Another way to save money when renovating is by using recycled items.  While it’s not possible to use all of your renovation materials in this manner, you can try repurposing things like doors and sinks.  It also helps to reuse lumber if the existing structure isn’t too damaged.  If a piece doesn’t need replacing, consider trying an “upcycling” project such as building furniture instead.  This will allow you to create custom-made pieces that suit your style perfectly while saving significant amounts of space and money over buying new goods off the shelf.

7) Warn the neighbors in advance 

When it comes to renovations, many people don’t think about warning the neighbors in advance.  This means letting them know what you’re planning on doing and asking for their cooperation when it’s time to do construction work.  In particular, if your renovation involves a lot of loud noise or dirt going into the street utility lines, let them know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly

In conclusion, renovating your home is a great way to improve the value of your property and give it new life.  However, in order to do this successfully without running into problems, you need to be prepared. 

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Making Your Home Energy-Efficient

Making Your Home Energy-Efficient

We hear the terms energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and sustainable a lot when it comes to our homes. The truth is, unless you are looking at a new build, the house that you’re in might not be any of those things. 

And it might be down to you to make sure that your home has all of the necessary technology or structural changes to ensure that it is energy-efficient.

We are talking about making sure that your home doesn’t use and therefore waste the energy your family needs. This could be running the tap for too long, but it could equally be having the thermostat up a little bit too high. 

It is essential to keep in mind that some of these changes could cost more than others. For example, having things like solar panels, replacing windows, and ProVia entry doors installed. But the overall saving is typically a lot more than the initial cost.

Now let’s take a look at some of how you can save cash and make your home energy efficient.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash


Before you start making any other changes to how you use the energy around your home, you should ensure that it is well insulated. One of the ways that you could tell that you have good insulation is that you will not have a steep cost rise over the winter months.

If you find that your heating bill rises dramatically over the months, there could be a lot of heat leaving through your roof. 

Some insulation techniques are better than others but it is essential to have somebody look and see if you are as insulated as possible. Some of the critical areas you should look for are the crawl space, basement, attic, ceilings, windows, and doors.


If you still have old bulbs in your home, you’re going to be using a lot more energy than the average. Older bulbs have a much shorter lifespan, and when you switch them out to fluorescent bulbs or perhaps even LEDs, you will notice that they could last up to 12 times longer than a regular incandescent bulb.

You do not need to switch all of your light bulbs in one go as this can feel rather expensive. You can mix and match your light bulbs around your home while slowly switching out to energy-efficient models.


If you are looking for new appliances for your home, you must look for appliances with a B or A grade in terms of efficiency and energy star certification. Where appliances have the energy star certification, they are proven to use less energy and cost less in the long run.

Of course, when things have better technology, inside tend a little bit more money upfront. But you can compare this to the amount of money you will save over time from running at the energy-efficient appliance.

Solar panels

Solar panels are an investment, but you will only need to make them once. Solar panels help produce your energy costs over bright and sunny days. Solar panels turn solar energy into energy to run your home. 

This means once you have these fitted, things like running washing machines, dryers, and any other electrical appliances during the day will cost almost nothing.

It is also not uncommon to notice that you contribute energy to the energy grid after having your solar panels fitted for a short while. 


Only you know how much you spend on energy in any given month – and what is or is not usual. It is essential to go back over bank statements or bills for the power you have used in the last few years. You will be able to see any dramatic changes that you may not have considered before. 

Of course, there should be some expected rises as energy prices also rise, but anything dramatic might point to the fact that you have some lapses in your insulation that you are turning up your heating too high.

It can also be that some of your appliances are using power unnecessarily when they are not in use.

One of the most significant power users is that most of us do not turn electronics off correctly at the switch. Instead, we will leave them in a standby mode all this time, but they are still using power when you don’t need to use it. 

All of these small changes combined will have led to a healthy improvement and how much are you spending on your energy per month and year. For even more money-saving tips at checkout at this blog post, Is your home as energy efficient as you think? 

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How To Cope With Unexpected Property Damage

How To Cope With Unexpected Property Damage

Pexels – CC0 License

It’s always tough seeing property you care for damaged, be that in the wake of a tough fire, or flooding, or just general mismanagement over the years. It might be that you’re a landlord and your prior tenants were all-too-happy to cause damage before they left, or it might be that your home was unfortunately in the wake of wildfires that seem to be more commonplace. Whatever the reason, figuring out a way to restore what you have could be an essential component of recuperating its value, but also settling this emotionally turbulent time and finding some closure – which no one could blame you for seeking.

But how can we cope and rebuild following unexpected property damage? Surely, we just need to write off the loss and try not to think about it too much? Well, that may not be the best option going forward. In this post, then, we’ll discuss a few measures you can use to recuperate this value, to take responsibility, and to possibly soothe the worries you’ve been experiencing, be that related to a home or business.

Identify The Scope Of The Damage

It’s important to identify the scope of the damage first and foremost. The recuperative strategies required against flood damage are much different to that of fire damage, and namely, a fire damage restoration service will require some basic information to know what the scope of the job is. To the degree that you can, outline this carefully, but be careful not to enter the property or put yourself in harm’s way at all in order to do so – let the experts handle it.

Remove Recoverable Belongings

It may be that some recoverable belongings exist within the property, but it’s important to make sure those have been verified as safe. For instance, certain business equipment may be able to be restored through bringing it to a proper mechanics workshop or having it pressure washed and repaired. Gutting a property like this and safely disposing of its internal elements, where they haven’t been managed by the given service you’ve hired, can save you money, potentially help you recuperate your losses, while also emptying the building so that further work can be done.

Restore What You Can

It’s important to note that property restoration is not always a given outcome, that sometimes, the structural integrity of a home has been damaged so much that careful disassembly and demolition is key. That said, there may be some elements you can preserve, such as parts of the foundation, the architectural blueprint for further development, parts of the exterior and more. Keeping your expectations measured but also making what you do have workable can potentially help you see an opportunity and a future in your own property, as opposed to writing off the entire approach. A worthwhile property inspector and architect can be vital to hire after the restorative work is done, for these reasons.

With this advice, you’re certain to properly cope with unexpected property damage.

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Preparing Your Home For Adverse Weather In Three Simple Steps

Preparing Your Home For Adverse Weather In Three Simple Steps

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Adverse weather hits a number of different places at a range of different times. It’s never possible to know for 100% sure when you are going to need to protect your home, but there are times where you can get a good idea. For example, in certain places there will be seasons where you need to secure your home more than you would normally. Or, if there has been a weather warning on the news, this is a clue that it’s time to ensure everything is in order as well. In this article, we’re going to be looking at three things that you should do to prepare your home for this, so keep reading to find out more.

Secure The Roof

The first thing that you are going to need to do is make sure that you are securing the roof. The very last thing that you need is your roof falling apart or coming apart. It’s one of the most vital elements in protecting your home from the weather, which means it should be a top priority. Head up on your roof and double check that there is no sign of leaks, or potential issues that could be aggravated by poor weather conditions. If you think that there could be something wrong, we recommend that you call a professional roofer and let them take a look. It’s always better to be safe than sorry with this, so if in doubt, take action.

Get The Right Windows

If you know that you live in an area that is particularly prone to adverse weather such as hurricanes, you can look into getting hurricane windows. These are special windows that are made to withstand the force of such winds without shattering like some glass panes will. You can take a look at how much hurricane windows cost before making a choice, but it’s better to know that you have done everything possible to avoid your home getting damaged.

Secure Your Fences Outside

Another thing that you need to do is make sure that your fences are secured outside your property. Some of the damage that happens to houses comes from the outside problems such as fences. Of course, the fact that the fence has been knocked down is a problem in itself, but it then has the potential to cause more damage as it flies around if the wind is particularly bad. Make sure that you have secured them as much as you possibly can to avoid this happening to you.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do in order to prepare your home for adverse weather. It’s important that you take these precautions with plenty of time to spare, as the last thing that you want is for your home to be battered in the poor weather. We wish you the very best of luck, and hope that everything stays intact and well throughout this time.

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Increase the Value of Your Home in 7 Simple Steps

Increase the Value of Your Home in 7 Simple Steps

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A home is one of the investments with the best-assured returns one can have. However, this investment can go down the drain quickly if it is not improved regularly.

A well-maintained house can appreciate faster than its actual market value. Many homeowners apply different methods to keep improving the value of their homes.

Have you thought of ways you can increase the value of your home without breaking the bank? These easy steps should guide you to enhance your home to ensure you’re getting the best price on the market:

Improve The Front Yard

The first thing that is noticeable about a home is the front yard. If you have a lawn, consider improving it by laying new sod. 

You can also spruce up the lawn by seeding any empty patches. A full-appearing lawn gives the impression that the property is well maintained and instantly raises the value of your home.

Regularly mowing your lawn is a good way to maintain the appearance of your home. Ensure that it is watered as well to keep a fresh look. 

Besides, poor landscaping can also reduce the value of a property by up to 30%. You want to pay extra attention to how your front yard looks.

Change The Windows

New windows can give an ordinary-looking house a dramatic improvement. Consider the aesthetic appeal and factors like improved natural lighting and air circulation that new windows can bring about.

The advantage of choosing windows/doors is you do not have to re-do all the rooms, and you can select one room you wish to change, like the sitting room or the master bedroom. You can also find window and door replacement experts here to help you with the services. You want to take advantage of this improvement to make sure it is noticeable and adds value to your property.

Re-do The Bathroom

Bathrooms are hard to miss when deciding on whether a house is worth it or not. You can choose to change anything about the bathroom, and its value will improve.

Add floor-length mirrors to create the illusion of a large bathroom. Go for glass partitions instead of walls to give the bathroom a modern look and spacious.

The trick is to choose one noticeable feature and improve on it dramatically. A well-finished bathroom is an attractive quality in any home and one of the keys to increasing the overall value.

Make Creative Use of Space

Cluttered homes appear small and unappealing to most people. Make creative use of space to add more room for storage and leave the floors free from clutter.

Areas like the space under staircases make for a good storage area. Create shelves in strategic places for additional storage space.

New Appliances 

No one wants to buy a home with old, malfunctioning appliances. Choose an instrument you consider essential in the house and replace it with a better, modern version.

A new washer and drier or a modern kitchen stove adds value to the home. You could also invest in a more efficient home heating/cooling system depending on what you think needs the most improvement and is likely to get noticed.

Change The Kitchen 

The kitchen is one of the high-ranking areas of value in the home. You do not have to re-do the whole kitchen to increase its value.

Noticeable areas in the kitchen are the floor and storage space. Re-doing the floor to a more efficient and safe design will increase the value of your home.

If the kitchen is spacious, adding an island that serves as an eating area and storage space is a creative way to spruce the kitchen. Additional modern features that offer convenience, like a garbage drainer, make it more attractive and valuable.

Repaint The Outside

The general view of the house from outside gives a first glance of how your home looks. A new paint coat is an excellent way to increase the value of your home.

A new repaint will make your house stand out from other houses in the neighbourhood. Consider doing this at least once every two years.


One of the easiest ways to improve the value of your house is to decorate tastefully. Adding features like quality artwork will make the home appealing.

Decorations like art appreciate with time. Consider it a worthwhile addition to your house that complements its value.

Furnishings like chandeliers are also another way to make your house more attractive while improving the value at the same time. Whichever furnishings and decorations you choose to improve, go for timeless pieces.


As the housing market continues to rise in the USA, take advantage and position yourself to benefit from your investment. These simple steps should help you improve the value of your home in the market and put you in a better position financially.

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Plants are Companions

Plants are Companions

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

When I was little, I heard someone say, ‘Plants are companions’. My child-ears thought this was nuts, but as I grew into adulthood, I kind of understood what they actually meant. Plants are a living, breathing-thing that have the ability to grow and die. They need care and sustenance to survive.

Plants and Flowers are Kinda Just like You and Me

Think about it… plants and flowers need food and water, just like us. Also, they need sun, just like us. Our human bodies need minerals and vitamins to grow. A lot of those vitamins come from the ground. It’s the same with plants and flowers. If the soil is rich in vitamins and minerals, the better they will grow. Yes, we eat plants and even some flowers, but that’s part of the whole food chain lesson. Humans eat animals, too, but a large number of humans have animals as pets. So, what’s so odd about having plants as a foliage sort of pet?

Benefits of Being Friends with Flowers

Photo by Saliha from Pexels

Flowers are beautiful, aromatic and have the ability to change someone’s mood. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. It doesn’t just work on one of your senses, some plants and flowers have the ability to work on several of your five senses at the same time.

  • Taking care of a house plant can reduce stress and irritability.
  • House plants and flowers can produce cleaner air to breathe
  • House plants can help teach young-ones responsibilities
  • Colors of leaves and buds can help produce relaxing chemicals in the brain.
  • Flowers can produce an aroma therapy with fragrant scents in the office or home.

Give Yourself the Gift of Flowers

You don’t need someone to give you flowers. You are an independent human that can be in charge of your own happiness. So, why not! Decorate your home or office with some flowers and plants. Some cars even come with flower vases in the console! See flowers and plants have the power to bring happiness. So if you’re feeling like you need a boost, make daily or weekly trips to your local florist. I know it’s much easier if you’re in a big city like New York to hit best NYC florists like Plant Shed. You can check out Plant Shed New York City locations to see if you are nearby.

Talking to Your Plants

Believe it or not, there have been studies done on this for years. And it turns out, according to even the Royal Horticultural Society, founded in 1804, talking to plants will help them grow. Another fun fact they found out, plants seemed to respond faster to female voices. Go figure. But that’s not saying it doesn’t respond to a man.  So, either way, talking to the plants and flowers will help them grow.

Doesn’t that kind of prove that plants can be companions of sorts. It responds to your voice, it helps eliminate stress, it can help make you feel happier and better, as long as you’re not allergic to them. You don’t need a garden to get the benefits of plants and flowers. It is easy enough for some to visit the florist and for others, it is possible that you can order online and have delivery right to your door from some florists. So I guess I would have to say, the words I heard all those years ago, were wise words, indeed.

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Where’s my Hose at?

Where’s my Hose at?

Photo by Ashish from Pexels

It doesn’t matter if you are rolling up the hose for the winter or rolling it out for the summer. We all need a hose at any given time of the year. Practicing hose safety is important during anytime of the year.


Photo by Athena from Pexels

There may be a few more uses for the hose before you disconnect and pack it up for winter. However, the fall allows temps to drop below or close to freezing at night, so always remember to squeeze out the last bit of water from the hose if you don’t plan on disconnecting from the spigot just yet. Using a commercial grade hose reel can help push out that last bit of tricky water as you reel it in.


You have disconnected the hose, removed the nozzle, rolled up the hose tightly on the heavy duty hose reel, ( good to have so you can’t trip on it and break an ankle while getting holiday decorations out of the garage) and shut off the water to the spigot. All of this is very smart. But what happens if you need the hose for some kind of emergency? I recommend keeping the hose in close enough reach just in case you are found in a winter pinch.

One very cold Christmas, I came out to find my car bombarded with bird droppings. I guess they had a celebration of their own that day. After my surprise moved to frustration, I ran inside, turned the water back on in the house to the spigot and dug out the water hose reel. Being on a reel, it was easy enough to do. I hooked the hose up and washed my car while wearing a fur jacket and heels. Knowing the temperature was already close to freezing, I had to roll back up the hose, unhook from the spigot, and shut the water back off in the house before I could be on my merry way. Honestly, it wasn’t worth the risk. After all was said and done, it wasn’t that hard to do, it was just freezing!


Water Hose Reels | Eley Hose Reels

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a sprinkle of water reflecting off the warm spring sun. When it comes time to hook the hose back up, make sure that the temperatures at night no longer drop close to freezing. After that point, you can leave the hose connected for the duration of spring and summer without worry of pipes bursting in the house. Check the hose for any holes or leaks by simply running water through it. Check the integrity of the nozzle. If there are leaks, replace the head before you will need the hose more frequently. It will save you a future headache. Check the hose reel for easy use. If you don’t have a reel or are looking for a better one. Look at wall mount, free standing or cart options at Eley Hose Reels where you’ll find high quality hose reels worth the price.


Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

When the sun gives hardly any relief from the heat of the day, make sure you spray the hose away from you and anyone else nearby. As the sun and temps bake the inside of that coiled up hose, the first sprays of the day, or even throughout the day on really hot days, can cause boiling temperatures to the water. If you or someone else sprays the skin, it can cause major burns and scarring.

Hose safety is important in every season. It also important to have the hose handy in any season in the event you have a weird, once in a lifetime occurrence where a good amount of water is needed to clean up something.

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5 Ways To Make Your Home So Much More Of A Pleasant Experience

5 Ways To Make Your Home So Much More Of A Pleasant Experience


Your home is supposed to be something that puts you into a real comfort zone. You’re supposed to walk into the door and feel immediately more positive. There’s something beautiful about getting back to your abode after a hard day and being able to relax both your mind and body. Nobody wants to get home and still be put on edge like they were before. 

You have plenty of responsibilities in your life, and one of them is to make sure that your home is in order. If it’s good to go, then a lot of external issues can be handled adequately. They say that you need to handle problems that are closer to home, and this concept hammers home that idea perfectly. If you want to make your home a more loveable place for yourself, your family, and everyone who enters, then here are some ideas: 

Ensure Things Are Spacious

Nobody likes living in a home that makes you feel cramped and overwhelmed. There’s something about the need to make the home feel bigger that we can all get on board with. When a home is more spacious and free to breathe, you just feel a lot better each day. You feel like you aren’t in a prison of a home and that you are able to collect yourself in every room. 

Work On The Behaviours Of Yourself And Everyone Else

It’s not just about the house itself and the kinds of things you put in it. You have to make sure that your home has the right attitude and behaviors. You have to be kind to yourself and you have to live with people who will be more positive towards things. Nobody deserves to live in a home with a toxic attitude – getting up every single morning would be so difficult. You have to make the most of this life and you can’t do it with pessimism everywhere. 

Focus On The Atmosphere 

The feel and the atmosphere of your home play a huge part in how everyone feels. If it’s freezing cold, smelling bad, or just giving you an awkward aura, you’ll have to do something about it. Make sure you have good air con installations at the ready. Be sure to install the right kinds of air fresheners and purifiers, too. 

Prioritise Safety Highly 

If your home is safe, then you’re obviously going to have a much more pleasant experience. As an adult, you probably will keep yourself safe from any kind of hazard, but you never know what you might walk into. This is more directed towards ensuring you have a child-proofed home as it’s heartbreaking knowing that your home has hurt your little one. 

Create A Theme And Stick To It 

We all like consistency. We all want to walk into a home and know that we’re going to be pretty pleased with what we see. Odd colors and a change in décor halfway through the home can be quite unsettling.

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The Health and Safety of Your Home

The Health and Safety of Your Home

We all want the best for our homes, but sometimes we don’t think about what that means in terms of health and safety. There are many things to consider when thinking about your home’s health and safety, including the type of flooring you have, insulation levels in your walls, how well-ventilated it is, whether or not you have a fireplace or woodstove, pets in the house (and if they’re allowed inside), types of cleaning products being used – these are just some examples. 

Via Pexels


Many health hazards can be found in your home. One of the most common is mold, which often happens when water is damaged in a building. Mold is not visible until it starts growing and is difficult to remove once discovered. It’s essential for homeowners who see signs of water damage or mold growth to contact professional cleaners to remove the mold so that it doesn’t cause more problems.

Make Your Home Allergy Free

Allergens are another health risk for your home, especially if you have pets or children. Symptoms of allergies include sneezing, coughing, and red eyes. If you or someone in your family is experiencing these symptoms regularly, there may be an allergen causing them.

You may not be able to eliminate the allergen, but you can work on reducing it, which will make your home less of a risk for allergy sufferers. Ensure no visible signs of an infestation such as nests or droppings, and remove carpets if possible because these are often where allergens will accumulate.

Your home should always be clean and free of clutter. This keeps the air fresh and healthy for everyone inside, especially if they have respiratory problems like asthma or allergies. Having a house that is too cluttered will cause stress and irritability, which can harm your family.

Blocked Drains and Pipes

If your home has a blocked drain or pipe, this can cause serious health problems and damage to the environment. Blocked drains and pipes result in water not being able to flow away from your house, leaving stagnant pools of water that can create an ideal breeding ground for disease-carrying insects and rodents. For example, mosquitos spread many nasty diseases such as malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and Zika.

Make sure your drains are regularly maintained to avoid the build-up of grease, which can lead to a blocked drainpipe. Oil should be wiped away with hot soapy water instead of rinsed away with water from the kitchen sink.

Heating And Cooling Systems Are In Working Condition

A house should be a comfortable environment for you and your family. A critical aspect of this is the heating and cooling systems inside it. If these are not in working condition, then your house won’t feel like home. Repairing or replacing such equipment if damaged will help ensure that everyone in your house stays healthy all year round.

There are house smells that can be dangerous. If your house smells like burning plastic, it might signal a fire hazard or an equipment malfunction. If you sense something burning, it might mean that there’s already fire in your house! It is essential to get these checked out by a professional immediately.

Hazardous Materials

In addition to being clean, you should also be sure to keep the house free from any hazardous materials. This includes cleaning supplies like oven cleaner or bleach and anything flammable such as gasoline, paint thinner, or furnace oil.

Having a clean and healthy home is very important for your family’s health. It can be hard to find the time, money, or motivation to keep things up-to-date, but by following these tips, you will have a much healthier home in no time!

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