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Tackle These Jobs Outdoors To Protect Your Home Over Festive Season

Tackle These Jobs Outdoors To Protect Your Home Over Festive Season

The festive season to a burglar means plenty of free loot from houses which aren’t properly protected. Don’t let yourself fall victim, and have the Christmas you have worked so hard for be cruelly snatched away. Unfortunately, break-ins are common over the festive season, and so it’s more important than ever to address your home’s security. Here are some of the things you should be tackling this November ready for the season ahead.

Tidy Your Garden/ Lock Up Your Tool Shed

Unless you’re a hardcore gardener, chances are you’re finished in the garden for the year now. But after you have completed your final odd jobs, be sure that all of your tools are put away correctly, and locked up. There is a whole range of things that burglars would love to get their hands on in your tool shed- not just to steal and sell but to gain access into your home. Things like ladders, hammers, even ropes are all going to make their job so much easier, and so this is one area you should ensure is tackled.

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Replace Company Security Systems With Generic Ones

Hopefully, you already have a burglar alarm fitted. Professional brands such as ADT home security systems are one of the most efficient ways to keep burglars out. But displaying security stickers which show the company you have installed allow burglars to bypass the system. Instead, replace these with generic security stickers instead. Such as ‘this home is alarmed’ or ‘monitored alarm system’ provide a deterrent without giving thieves clues. If you have company stickers on your windows, switch them out.

Add Lighting or Replace Bulbs

Outdoor lighting is an efficient way to put off passing burglars. A house that looks quiet and dark is going to be far more appealing than one that lights up when they walk down the path. A motion light is a good choice, install these by your front and back door, on any outbuildings and down entryways. If you already have lighting fitted, make sure the bulbs are in full working order and that the settings are correct. Once the light is activated, it should stay lit for a number of minutes afterward to prevent people being able to sneak around them.

Cut Back Bushes and Trees

Along with darkness, burglars also appreciate having tall bushes and trees to hide behind. This gives them cover from the street and allows them time to be able to make their break in. Cut back any tall shrubs to below waist height to prevent them from being able to do this.

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Install CCTV

Finally, a good CCTV system is a worthwhile investment. This helps to monitor your home, as well as any vehicles you have on the property. Do your research to work out the best place to mount them, and again putting security stickers warning that CCTV is being used may put off a passing, opportunistic thief.

Have you made sure your home is safe and secure ready for the festive season?

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5 Secrets to Getting the Most from Your Home Security System. By Guest Blogger, Ani O.

By Guest Blogger, Ani O.


5 Secrets to Getting the Most from Your Home Security System

Photo provided by guest blogger, Ani O.
Photo provided by guest blogger, Ani O.

When spending a large amount of money on a home security system, it is always important to make certain that the security system you purchase does everything you need it to do. When your security system is providing you with a high level of monitoring capabilities, the system makes it easy for you to know precisely what is going on around your home from any location. Here are five secrets to help you get the most out of your security system.

Improve the Use of Security Cameras

Camera placement can sometimes be tricky. This is especially true when you have a rather limited number of security cameras to work with and have to cover a large area. To get more out of your cameras, you must take the time to hook them up to rotators to give you a wider range of view. Adjusting their height will also give you an increase in viewing coverage. This is important when you are viewing your property and house by remote access from a smart device. You want the maximum field of view as you can possibly obtain from your equipment.

Recent advances in home security technology has also opened up the ability to remotely control and view security cameras from a smartphone, tablet or PC. This added feature allows more flexibility than ever to control your security system from a distance.

Look More Secure

If you cannot afford a lot of costly security cameras, then it is certainly okay to put up a few fake cameras. A burglar will most likely not be able to tell the difference from afar. Fake cameras with a flashing red light will make a potential intruder think twice. Sometimes giving the impression that your home is being more heavily monitored than it really is can be enough of a deterrent to most criminals.

Using Timers to Turn Things on When You Are Not Home

According to Lifehacker.com, one of the ways to enhance your home security system is to give the impression that someone is home by setting a timer to turn on a television. This is an important tool during the times of day when break-ins occur most often. The idea is to keep a potential intruder on their toes with a little misinformation of your own.

Use Hybrid Motion Sensors

Hybrid motion sensors detect motion using more than one detection method. More than a single detection method tends to ensure that there will not be any false readings. With this increased level of accuracy, it will be much harder for an intruder to bypass your security measures.

Call a Professional Security Company for Help

If you really want the inside scoop on some of the best security secrets in the industry, then it would be smart to research using sources like NorthStar home security reviews and those of competitors. You may come up with many clever ideas on your own, but a professional who deals with security systems every day will tend to know all the secrets and tricks behind effective home security system setup and maintenance.

When it comes to the secrets behind setting up your home security system to get the best results, it is important to recognize that every situation is different. With a little research and thought, you will be able to figure out some of the most innovative methods for maximizing the proper use of your home security system. This will help to ensure that you keep the intruders out of your home, and keep your family safe and secure in the process.

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