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How to Upgrade Your Period Property

How to Upgrade Your Period Property

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We all dream of a period property. Living somewhere with a sense of history, gorgeous original features, and high, airy ceilings is many people’s ideal home situation. But period properties can be difficult to upgrade. You want to make the most out of your home – as with any other big investment – while at the same time ensuring that you maintain and look after the features that made you fall in love with it in the first place. If you’re looking for some ways to make your period property more efficient and practical for you and your family’s lifestyle then read on.

1.       Windows

You lose 20% of your home’s heating through poor-quality glass which is badly insulated. But the windows of a period property are one of its most enticing features, so how do you keep the glorious aesthetic of your home and at the same time improve your energy efficiency? Try looking for Replacement Windows that are in keeping with the look of your home and, at the same time, can provide you with eco-friendly and durable windows that are exactly designed to meet your specifications. Work with experts in window-fitting and you won’t regret upgrading your windows for both the look and feel of your home.

2.       Electricity

There are some clear signs that it might be time to replace your home’s electrical wiring. In all likelihood, it was built in a time before electricity was commonplace, which means that the wiring will have been installed over time and so might not be of the best quality. Not only is bad or faulty wiring frustrating, but it can also be dangerous and cause fires or shocks. Contact an electrician is you think you have an old-fashioned fuse box – you can tell if it has a wooden back. Cast iron switches are also a clear indicator that it’s time for an upgrade. Not only will this enhance the safety of your electrics, but a modern fuse box will also up the value of your home.

3.       Decide on your aesthetic

There are lots of options when adding on to a period home. You might find that there just isn’t as much space as you’d like, or the shape of the rooms doesn’t quite fit with your lifestyle. If that’s the case, then it’s worth considering an extension. But how? An obvious option is to go up, take advantage of high roofing and expand into the loft. You can gain two or three additional rooms by simply building upwards, and you’re less likely to run into planning regulation difficulties.

Another possibility is to extend onto the back of the property. When you’re buying, find out how much surrounding land you own and so you’re aware of how far you can build out, adding onto the back or side of your property. If you’re meeting with an architect, decide how you want your property to look. Although it can be tempting to try and make extensions fit in with the property, remember they’ll never look exactly the same so you might decide instead to make a feature of the new.

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Get That Tech! Three Ways To Modernise Your Home

Get That Tech! Three Ways To Modernise Your Home

Update Your Technology

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If it’s been a while since you last updated your technology, now might just be the time to do it – after all, it’s still the start of a brand new year, so why not try out a brand new you? If you still have some of your Christmas bonus left over, then you’re probably thinking about what exactly you could do with it. Now could be the right time to upgrade your laptop to the latest model. If you’re not entirely sure which one would be the best for you, write down exactly what you need from your laptop. The requirements of a serious gamer would be very different from someone who just likes to send some emails and browse the internet from time to time! Talk to a shop assistant about what exactly you need. You could also add some speakers to your front room, especially if you really enjoy watching TV in the evenings, as surround sound will really improve the experience.

Go For A Smart Home

coffee-cup-kitchen-coffee-machineImage source

If you’re really into technology and thinking about new innovations, then chances are you’re already looking into smart living and the possibility of home automation. This works by connecting the appliances in your house to the internet so you can access them and control them no matter where you are – for instance, you could turn all your lights on or off without being at home. It could help you save money, improve your home security, improve your home entertainment system, and help improve your health by decreasing your stress and improving your sleep. If you’re really looking for a home that belongs in the future, home automation really is it. You can even use voice commands to tell your kettle to boil its water so you can make a cup of tea! Look online to learn more about home automation.

Use Different Energy

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If you’ve been lagging behind the rest of the world in the environmental revolution, now is your chance to change the way you think so you can reduce both your greenhouse emissions and your energy bills. If you’re in a part of the world where the sun shines, why not go for solar energy? Not only is this fully sustainable but it just involves the one time cost of installing the panels on your home, meaning that in the future your energy bills will be far lower. The same would be true if you replace your traditional light bulbs with LED lights. They last for longer and use far less energy. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are way up over the winter, there are also a few practical solutions. Firstly, check your windows and doors for draughts, and use draught excluders to keep the cold air out. Secondly, add more insulation to your attic. You can buy lagging at any good hardware store. Heat escapes through your roof just like it escapes through your head – you need to put a hat on your house by adding more insulation to the roof to keep it nice and warm.

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From Optimism To Success Via Dread: The Five Stages Of Home Renovation 

From Optimism To Success Via Dread: The Five Stages Of Home Renovation

Renovating a home is something we all find ourselves doing, eventually. We know it has to happen, and yet few things can prepare you for the mood swings that are to come. Between deciding to do it, and sitting back down in your renovated home, you’ll experience highs and lows that will leave you with whiplash.

Maybe it’s an old house you’ve just bought, and you’re fixing it up, or it’s one you’ve lived in for so long you didn’t see how old it was looking. One way or the other, you know that it needs to be done and it’s time to get on with it. But be aware there is nothing you can do to interfere with the Five Stages Of Home Renovation…

Stage One, Optimism:

“I Think We Can Have This Done In A Few Days”

Much as you may tell yourself to be realistic, you need to bring some optimism to the party or you’ll never get started on a renovation. So you will budget time, and even if you know it’s likely to take longer, this is the time you’ll quote to other people. “Yes, we’re hoping to be done by March!” you smile, masking the fact that inside you’ve already begun…

directory-466935_960_720[ Image File ]

Stage Two, Dread:

“Why Did I Talk Myself Into This?”

By now, you’ve walked around with a pad and pen writing down all the jobs that need doing. It’s more than a little basic maintenance. “A few days” was always a little joke. Now, a few weeks looks optimistic. It’s not too late to call it off, is it? Well, you’ve already ordered the new couch. You’re in it now and if you turn back, you’ll just have to do it later.

bridge-990100_960_720[ Image File ]

Onto the next…

Stage Three, Renewed Enthusiasm:

“The Sooner We Get Started, Sooner We’re Finished!”

The glazed smile on your face may be unsettling to some, but you mean it. What’s the point in sitting around getting glum? You’ve called the likes of Bay Wide Hauling for help, and now you need to pull out the things they’ll be taking away.

This early on, a lot of what you will be doing is removing the bad parts other people put in. It’s fun, and you get to hit things with a hammer.

sky-414199_960_720[ Image File ]

But put that hammer down, it’s time for…

Stage Four, The Inevitable Delay

“It’s Going To Take HOW MUCH Longer?”

When you budget time for a home renovation, a good idea is to take the time it SHOULD take to do each job, and potentially double it. Why? Because things can go wrong. Unless this is something you do for a living, mistakes happen. The wrong paint is bought – and you only realize after finishing a room and a half. Or you knock through a wall – not with a hammer, but with your face when a ladder topples.

It will need to be put right, and this is going to take time. But you get stuck in, and you pull yourself through it, because you’re nearly there now. You paint walls. You lay flooring. You fit new appliances and an updated boiler. Things fall into place, with the main bulk work behind you.

hand-1837240_960_720[ Image File ]

You smile, because it’s time for…

Stage Five, Success

“Now Let’s Not Do That Again For About Fifteen Years”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. With the finishing touches, like new surfaces in the kitchen and artwork on the walls, you’re there. Time to enjoy the house you’ve spent weeks and months overhauling.

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7 Easy Ways to Improve your Home with Technology. By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

By Guest Blogger, Marie N.

7 Easy Ways to Improve your Home with Technology


Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.

As we’re making progress every day in terms of technology and inventions, it would be a shame not letting it ease our living and improve the comfort of our home. This could involve pleasure items such as home cinema set or an intelligent TV, or some more practical elements in the bathroom and the kitchen area. These are some of my favourite easy but effective upgrades for your well-earned enjoyment.

1. Smart TV

If your old cathode TV doesn’t cut it anymore with its channel offers and image quality, it’s high time you step up with the new-age flat screen model. You know about smartphones, but what about smart TVs? Apart from being an economical merge of a monitor and a TV function in one, it provides a range of options from browsing the internet to serving as a great panel for design or programming, among others.

2. Home cinema

And where should we put our newly bought smart TV? This versatile device act as a perfect complementary element to an awesome home cinema setting. If you look into the home theatre Sydney area market, you’d find some excellent customization offers. Your movie or gaming experience can be placed into the modest or vast spaces alike, adhering to your possibilities. Take a seat and get transported into your very own media dimension.

3. Controlled illumination

Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger, Marie N.

If I only had a penny every time I forgot to turn off main lights once snuggled in my blankets with a good book. Thankfully, the problem is now history with the invention of remote control lights. This nifty gadget doesn’t only help you control the lights while you’re at the premises, but also while you’re outside the house. Your phone and special app is all you need.

4. Robotic cleaner

On one of those days when you just want to chill and forget all the worries in the world, a handy machine to clean up the house would be most welcome. A semi-autonomous quick-sensing vacuum machine has been with us for a while, but the newest series include an extra mopping mode. All it takes is to pick up the touchphone and set it into motion. Tempted yet?

5. Eco dishwasher

On to some other practical upgrades around the house. Manual dishwashing just may be the least favourite home chore, and a common machine has been taking care of this task for quite some time. However, with the rise of green agenda, it’s advisable we minimise the water consumption. High-tech models now reuse some previous-cycle water in the next pre-rinse which lowers the water usage by a third!

6. Tiles and other bathroom surfaces

Bathroom is known as one of the most hazardous places when presence of bacteria is the matter. I have discovered a pretty futuristic novelty in the tiling business. These titanium-dioxide coated tiles aid us in diminishment of pollutants and bacterial cultures. To seal the protective cover, exploit the benefits of hydrophobic sprays that repel dirt for the between-the-tile grout regions. Showers are eligible too.

7. Toilet makeover

In the spirit of sustainable living, there a few more things we can do for our bathroom with the assistance of technological advancements. For instance, double-flush systems can successfully preserve water by providing two levels of flush. Alternatively, utilise toilet bags as water conservers that improve the conventional (wasteful) systems with untouched flushing efficiency.

Your home can be turned into a well-oiled productive setting without some massive alterations. Create an enjoyable atmosphere with technological devices that boost the living experience in the whole house.

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