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Secure your home before going for a trip

Secure your home before going for a trip


Before going for your much-awaited vacation, you will definitely want to protect your home from break-ins, vandalism, etc. There are several ways that will help you prevent a burglar from breaking into your house. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to not post about your vacation on social media while you are away. Burglars will look for status updates and photos of any vacation that would tell them when you will not be there at your place. You can post the photos after returning home. Follow some strategies to secure your home while you are away on a vacation: 

Do not make it obvious that you are not at home:

You can ask your trustworthy neighbor, family member, or a friend to come to your house every day for collecting your mail, or you can stop the delivery of newspapers at your place during the time of your vacation. If this is not done, the burglar will realize that your house is empty and nobody is stopping by. It is better if the person receiving the mail or newspaper vary his or her time of coming to your house. If your home is being cased, an intruder will be least likely to break-in as he or she will not know when your friend or family will come to collect the mail and newspapers.

You can even put monitored lights on the timers so that they can turn on and off implying the presence of people at home. You can even install a home automation system that will allow you to control the lights while you are on your vacation, using your smartphone. Lights turning on and off at different times without being in the same pattern will imply that someone is at home.

Install monitored house security system:

It has been found out that about 60% of convicted burglars have avoided houses that had security systems. If any home security system keypad could be noticed inside a window sticker, the door, or a yard sign, they used to move to some other home that did not have any security system.

Keep all the valuables away from your windows:

When intruders wish to get inside your home, they will be more interested if the valuables are seen through the windows. This will help them plan their task quickly. They will first target your bedroom because all valuables including jewelry, money, etc. are kept there. No matter how secure the doors and windows are, valuables should be kept away from outside view. If you do not have a safe, then hide the valuables in places like the soil of any artificial plant, inside the books, etc.

Keep away your spare key:

Do not ever leave the spare keys in places like under mats, under rocks, or in flower pots. If someone comes to your house to take care of things, give them the spare key. If you have installed a home security system, then give them the password in case the security alarm gets accidentally triggered. But share the code or give the spare key only to trustworthy people.

Ask someone to take care of your property:

If you go for a summer vacation, then hire somebody to look after your lawn. If you go for a winter vacation, then hire somebody to shovel snow. Don’t keep your property neglected as it is a sign that your home is empty, giving an opportunity for potential intruders to break-in. Ask somebody to throw the trash from your house.

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Ways To Make The Home Secure This Weekend

Ways To Make The Home Secure This Weekend



Securing the home is something we should all take that extra time to do once in a while. It will allow us to have the peace of mind that the family is safe from robbers, and will also mean that all of our belongings are safe and sound in the home. If you want to quickly secure your home this weekend, here are some simple ways you can do it.


  1. Secure the doors


The doors are the entryways to the home, and because of this you must make sure that you make sure the doors are as secure as they can be. Make sure that your frames are strong and sound, that the hinges aren’t rusty and also that tur door is not hollow. If it is, find a solid door which will give you better protection. You can also make sure that if you have a mail slot, that no one can slide their hand through to try and unlock the door. You can buy door and window sensor units which will work alongside your home security and will go off if someone does try to break in.

  1. Lock the windows


Your i cows are the next main entry way for burglars, and as long as you already have strong windows with a secure frame there is only one thing you need to make sure to do: lock them. It is ok to have the windows open during the day when you are in the house, however after this you will need to make sure you lock the windows up to prevent burglars seeing this weakness and taking advantage.


  1. Get a security system


There are tons of amazing home security systems you can buy these days. Some will simply allow you to set alarms when you leave the house, some will integrate with your phone so that you can see through your own cameras. Choose a home security system which is good for you, and make sure you do invest a decent amount of money in making sure it is the best option.


  1. Get to know your neighbours


It pays to get to know who you live with because these will be the people who you trust to look after your home while you go away on holiday. Make some time to get to know your neighbours and even invite them round for a cup of tea to gain their trust and friendship. This will not only be great for safety, but it will also make your area a much happier place to live.

  1. Do a drill


Get one of the friends to come to the house and pretend to rob you. Get them to walk around the house looking for anything which is not secure and any easily reachable valuables. For example if you have all of your electrical equipment in the lounge, is it all in plain sight or hidden in a unit? These things will help you work out exactly what you need to change to keep your home secure and safe in the future.

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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Front Door

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Front Door

Every season brings many changes to our surroundings. No matter whether you live in a house with a yard or in an apartment on the 3rd floor, there are certain spaces that can be decorated and freshened-up.

Nature itself will always complement the look of your house, especially if you own a yard, but when decorating our front doors with something creative and unique, we’re bringing a whole new look to our living area.

Here are a few creative ideas on how to decorate and refresh your front doors without necessarily copying your neighbors’ ideas, or without getting stuck with uninspiring decor examples from arts & crafts magazines.

DIY Decor

The main entrance to your home can reveal much more about you than you’d ever think, so why choose universal decor ideas when you can get creative with the DIY approach? Express yourself by going for the inspiring front door decor designs and you’ll be surprised to see how many creative solutions will emerge in the process.

If you want to pay homage to your family name, the DIY monogram letters are a great solution for such front door decor. Use a pattern to cut the shape of the letter and cover it with moss, twine, fabric, or buttons. Even led lights can do the trick and they will light up your front door at night.

Freshen up your front door with flowers, umbrellas, rainboots, and watering cans. Place some faux flowers in an old umbrella and use a hammer and a nail to hang it on the front door. Or put the flowers in a pair of rainboots and place them at the center of the front door.

Don’t go for the common wreath decor. Take a watering can, fill it up with plants and secure it with a ribbon to make an adorable decorative solution.

Use a custom-made chalkboard as a front door decor by painting the interior of a frame or tray with chalkboard paint. Write some welcoming and heartwarming words to welcome your guests in a creative way. This solution is helpful when you need a few hours of peace and quiet because it takes a second to write the messages like ”On vacation!” or “Shhhh… a lunch break!”. Also, you’ll certainly be surprised from time to time when you discover cute messages that were written by your friends and loving neighbors.

Safety First

Our working and living areas should be secured with high-security measures, no matter whether you’re a homeowner looking for a safe solution, or a business owner who’s after a high-performing security system for your company. There are a few smart and creative solutions for securing the front doors, you can always turn to a professional locksmith in Parramatta whose superior customer services will get your house back on track by providing it with safety and security.

Opting for the old-school security measures will only bring the vintage looks to the doors, so turn those classic chain locks and padlocks into a door decor rather than the security solution. The multiple-point locking systems are great for the indoors and main door security, as well as the double locks with built-in alarm systems. No one wants to see their beautifully decorated front door scratched and damaged in the burglar’s attempt to break in. Always secure your home since the aesthetics are conditioned by the safety.

These ideas will help you look beyond the wreaths and padlocks and have your creative flow going. Choose your favorite idea and start decorating!

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