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Preparing For The Worst With The Best

Preparing For The Worst With The Best

You hope that the worst case scenario should never happen and of course, for most of us it that will not, but every so often the unexpected can and will happen in life and that’s why being prepared for these unexpected situations is necessary for wherever you are.

You might suddenly find yourself facing a long term illness or in the middle of a situation where you require some professional advice, for example a legal dispute with an employee over employment terms or with a neighbour over land ownership. With any of these situations you want advice from the best and you want to make sure your money is going as far as it can for great results.

That’s why you’ll find everything you need in this guide on how to get the very best in legal advice when you need it most and what to look for when hiring a lawyer, whether that’s for something for work or for when you’re in need of a divorce lawyer. We take a look at what makes the best legal representation for your very individual situation and and some of the pitfalls you’ll need to avoid. Whatever your legal needs are you’ll find the lowdown on hiring right here.

Word Of Mouth

Who’s on the grapevine as being the best in the business? Once you start looking for someone to represent you, you soon start hearing from everyone, from the local postman to the receptionist at the gym about someone they’ve used or heard about from a friend. Take a note of these names, if one or two keep cropping up then it may be worth getting in touch for an initial consultation.

Ask your friends, family and fellow professionals for some recommendations too, having a personal introduction can help oil the wheels and make the process of appointing someone a whole lot easier.

Read reviews online and find out their success rate, which should be a matter of public record. You’ll also want to make sure that the lawyer is someone who specialises in your particular issue, rather than a general practitioner.

Interview widely

Take your time in in finding the very best in advice and in finding someone you feel can handle your case and all the complexities that go with it. You may need to talk to one or two or even more lawyers before you decide on appointing someone, and depending on the size of your case they may be able to handle it solo or need some help from someone else in their firm. Make sure you know all the details of how this will work before you sign up.

If you’re worried about wasting your time and money on initial consultations that don’t lead anywhere, most lawyers will give you enough time to explain their case, around 15-30 minutes, before they start charging by the hour, so make sure to go in fully prepared with the facts of your case and any questions you might have.

Search online

As mentioned up post if you’re interested in one particular firm, then you should be able to find out a fair amount about them from the public record. You will be able to see the success rate of the individual lawyer and how well they are rated by individual clients.

If the practice has several lawyers, find out which one seems to have more experience in your particular type of case and ask to meet with them first rather than someone you just find yourself assigned to. You need to know that your case will be taken seriously and if you are going to be able to strike up good communication with whoever is taking it on.


You’re going to need someone experienced and yet hungry to make a win. If you feel that your lawyer is too laid back or gives the impression that they’ve seen it all, failing to reassure you then avoid this lawyer.

Similarly, avoid anyone that promises you a big win. Instead find someone who is measured and calm and who you feel can be honest with you about how the case will run and what the chances are of it going the way you want. Find that right mix of determination and level-headedness and you’ll have someone fighting your corner who stands every chance of winning your case for you. If the worst does happen and you do lose, then with the right lawyer you’ll know they tried their best and that the loss wasn’t through lack of trying.


The one thing we would say is that lawyers don’t come cheap so whether the matter is personal or professional you’ll want to have a very realistic picture of how much this service is going to cost you overall.

A lawyer usually charges clients by the hour though you may find some will offer a flat fee or even be happy to wait until the end of the case and collect a percentage of any damages and their legal fees if paid by the opposition. Make sure you are very clear with your legal representative on how the fee charging process will work and even let them know your top end of the budget.

You may well have room to compromise with something like an upfront payment to start out with and then the rest coming in the form of a successful pay out. This will depend on how confident your lawyer is of the case going in your favour. You might also want to explore the possibility of legal aid and legal loans to cover the ongoing expenses.

The money can very quickly disappear so keep on top of your billing as you move through the consultation to trial proceedings.

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The Importance Of Teaching Young Kids About Healthy Relationships

The Importance Of Teaching Young Kids About Healthy Relationships

When raising our children, it’s all too tempting to think of them in a vacuum. They are, after all, the center of your universe and it’s hard to envisage a world where they’re not at your side/ However, we can’t escape the fact that before we know it, they’ll be out in the real world paying bills, getting stuck in traffic, doing their laundry (hopefully) and, yes, getting into relationships. Relationships may not seem like a priority subject to address with young kids. You have so much on your plate, logistically that it seems appropriate to deal with issues as and when they arise. Nonetheless, there’s never a bad time to start teaching kids about healthy relationships. Even young kids understand relationships on a surface level. You’ll see them holding hands with other kids on the playground and playing house. But while this dramatic play shows a surface level understanding of what a relationship is, it’s up to us as parents to explain the more meaningful aspects of what a relationship is and should be…



Play Doll’s House Old Dolls Houses Toys

Image by MaxPixel


It starts with you


Never forget that their children will base their expectations for their future relationships on you and the relationship you have with your co-parent or significant other. Thus, it’s important not only to talk the talk but to walk the walk, too. Take every opportunity you can to model positive relationships with your partner. Be forthcoming in your affections as well as keeping your head in times of conflict. This will help them to find healthy ways forms of conflict resolution in their adult life.


Keep their expectations realistic


While no parent relishes the prospect of their son or daughter having to find a divorce attorney, it’s important that kids grow up with a realistic understanding of what relationships can be, what they should be, and that not every relationship is for life. While a separation is a heartbreak that we’d rather we didn’t see them go through, it’s infinitely preferable to watching them spend years or even decades settling for someone you (and they) know that they aren’t truly happy with. Not everyone they encounter with will be “the one” and by keeping their expectations realistic and teaching them that every relationship has a shelf life, you’ll reduce the risk of them settling for less than they deserve.




Every meaningful relationship has to be built on a foundation of mutual respect. Many parents show their kids the value of giving respect to their peers, to their authority figures, and of course to their parents. It’s equally important, however, to teach kids to expect respect for themselves. Far too many of us fall into unhealthy relationships because we don’t respect ourselves or don’t know how to identify when we aren’t being treated with the proper respect. It’s really important that you define the parameters of what respect actually means with your kids. Respect is not adoration or adulation, nor is it being showered with gifts. It’s being heard, understood, appreciated and valued. If your kids have self respect and know how to respect others they’ll enter the world of dating and relationships with confidence.

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